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River Analysis 2012 User Guide

River Analysis 2012 User Guide

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Published by Ricardo Flores

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Published by: Ricardo Flores on Jan 05, 2012
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The software allows you to specify up to 5,000 points per cross section. In addition,
the HEC-RAS analysis engine that is supplied with the software can handle 500 points
per cross section.


Autodesk Project River Analysis 2012 Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D and Map 3D

When attempting to perform a HEC-RAS simulation, the software will warn you if the
number of specified cross section points are over the allowable limit. If so, it may be
necessary to reduce the number of cross section points to this limit.

To reduce the number of cross section points:

1.Click River tab > Input panel > Section Geometry drop-down > Reduce Section


2.The Reduce Section Points dialog box displays the existing ground geometry
and the total number of points defined for the current cross section. By
specifying the number of points allowed, the software automatically eliminates
those points which add the least resolution to the existing ground geometry.

3.After specifying which reduction rules to apply and the total number of cross
section points allowed, click Preview. The software will then display the revised
cross section ground geometry along with the original ground geometry,
allowing you to check the software's computed ground point reduction.

4.When satisfied with the revised geometry, click OK.

The software uses a triangular area comparison algorithm to determine each point's
degree of ground geometry resolution. Points that define significant breaks in the cross
section geometry are allowed to remain. The software does this by looking at each
point and its two adjacent points. It then computes the triangular area formed by these
three points and stores this area with the point. Those points with the least area which
fall within the specified reduction rules are removed to meet the specified number of
points allowed. However, ground points that define starting and ending stations, flood
overbank stations, horizontal roughness stations, bridge low chord geometry stations,
and roadway geometry stations are not removed.

The software allows you to select FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
rules to use in reducing the number of ground points for a cross section. These rules
include the following:

•Allow a maximum of 90 ground points.
•Allow a maximum horizontal spacing of 5% of the total cross section width
between floodplain ground points (i.e., points outside the bank stations).
•Allow a maximum horizontal spacing of 10% of the main channel width
between channel ground points (i.e., points inside the bank stations).
•Allow a maximum vertical spacing of 20% of the total cross section height
between ground points.

Click FEMA Rules to select all of the above reduction rules. Click No Rules to clear
the above rules. You can also select individual reduction rules to be applied.

Note that the software only applies the maximum spacing requirement rules to reduce
the total number of ground points. The software does not add ground points if the
original geometry violates these rules.

Reduction Rules

Using the Program


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