INTRODUCTION As a part of our II year MSc Nursing Administration posting. To identify the supervisors role.       REGISTERS  Report book of all wards. OBJECTIVES y y y y To identify the activities of the nursing office during night shift. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF NIGHT SUPERVISORS  Maintaining the attendance register of various categories of staff  Staff Nurse  Nursing Assistants  Daily Wage Staffs  Kudumbasree Staffs  Attenders Maintaining records and reports.30am.30 pm to 7. we had a night duty with the night supervisor in Medical College. Kottayam. We had 12 hour duty from 7. To assess the staffing pattern of the nursing office during night shift. This posting is to identify and understand the duties and responsibilities of the night supervisors and also to get an idea about the census of the hospital. General hospital administration. . Staff assignment to various wards. Conducting ward rounds. Managing the various emergencies of different wards. To recognize the records and reports maintained during night shift. Assigning duties to staff nurses and nursing assistants.  Duty assignment book of all wards.

OUT DEATH RB 1163 150 214 43 43 9 1090 NIGHT DUTY REPORT Major aspects in night duty report are: y y y y y y y y y Census Bed strength in each ward Ward report Infectious ward report Major surgical cases Minor surgery cases Labour cases. poisoning. . death.IN TR. CENSUS YR AD D/D TR. suicidal attempt etc.complicated Dialysis and ICU report Casualty report regarding IP patients. OP patients. Attendance register of :  Staff Nurses  Nursing Assistants  Daily Wage Staff  Kudumbasree workers -Athirampuzha -Kumaranalloor -Arpookara  Night duty registers in nursing office. no bystander patients.

I also accompanied them in their nursing rounds.CONCLUSION By this posting I have got an idea about the roles and responsibilities of the night supervisors. It was very useful for me. .

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