A TALE OF TWO FROGS This story is about two CCP students, much like yourselves.

Like you, they work hard, play hard, and are rooting for the Eagles. Unlike you, though, they’re green—because they’re frogs. Well, these two frogs were walking down Spring Garden St., one fine April afternoon. They were looking for a place to get a free lunch. They passed by the two Pizza shops, and the Chinese restaurant, and finally found themselves in the kitchen of the diner at 16th St. What luck—there was an empty kitchen and a huge pail of ice cold milk. Carefully they perched on the pail’s side and drank. But they weren’t careful enough—and they both fell in to this deep pail of ice cold milk. They struggled and struggled and they couldn’t get a grip on the slippery pail. It looked really bad for our two frogs. One frog was sure it was the end. He said, “O let’s give up—I’m so tired from treading milk, my flippers are exhausted, and what’s the point? We’re going to die anyway?” They other frog wasn’t having any of it: She said, “Come on, now, just keep trying. You can do it.” The first frog said, “No we can’t do it—we’re going to drown—it’s hopeless.” The other frog said, “Come on now, you can do it—just don’t give up.” And something strange started to happen-- their paddling became less frantic. Why? Because as they struggled and struggled, the milk turned to butter---and the frogs climbed atop the churned butter, out of the pail, out of the restaurant, and hopped back to school, where they took showers in the gym. What’s the point of the story? Don’t give up. NO matter how hopeless things may seem, you never know from where you’ll get a leg up.

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