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French Phrases

French Phrases

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French Phrases: Basic Greetings

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Even if you do not really speak French, it is worth knowing at least the following simple words and phrases. Although many French speakers will know the English equivalents, they will still appreciate the effort if you take the trouble to learn these basic French greetings. New: Learn French vocab on your iPhone/iPad

Very basic greetings
Firstly, even if you "don't speak French", you may well have heard some of the following already. bonjour! bonsoir! s'il vous plaît s'il te plaît pardon! bõ u bõswa si(l)vuple si(l)t pl pa dõ hello!, good morning! hello!, good evening! please (formal version)* please (informal version)* excuse me!, sorry!

Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification * The formal versions are used roughly to where you're not on first name terms with a person, whereas the informal versions would be used in cases where you are on first name terms (e.g. friends and family, colleagues of a similar rank). The situation is a little more complex than this: for more information, see the section on when to use tu and vous.

Introducing yourself in French
The following are also useful for introducing yourself in French: je m'appelle... comment vous appelez-vous? comment tu t'appelles? (comment) ça va? map l k m vuzaplevu k m tytap l (k m ) sa va I'm called..., my name is... what are you called? (formal) what's your name? (informal) how's it going?

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A question that sometimes arises among learners is "how do you say 'Pleased to meet you' in French?" Well, the possibly surprising answer is that often, French people meeting for the first time will simply say Bonjour!. The following are also possible: je suis très heureux de faire votre connaissance très heureux! - (I'm) pleased to meet you! - pleasure!

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Note that female speakers would say heureuse: je suis très heureuse de faire votre connaissance très heureuse!
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- (I'm) pleased to meet you! - pleasure!

An interesting point raised by Natalie Schorr (2004), Tune Up Your French is that some speakers may find the simple "heureux"/"heureuse" a little abrupt, and that in practice, you may be better off simply saying Bonjour...!

Being polite in French
Here are some basic expressions of courtesy: merci! de rien je vous en prie excusez-moi! je suis désolé pardon? après vous! m si d jæ p i vuz thank you! not at all!, no problem!, you're welcome!, sure! (US) you're welcome (formal) (I'm) sorry excuse me?, sorry? m te may I?, do you mind? after you!

kskyze mwa excuse me, can I get past j s i dezole pa dõ ap e vu

vous permettez? vu p

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Saying goodbye in French
As in English, there are various ways to say goodbye in French. The following are commonly used: au revoir! à plus tard! à tout à l'heure à bientôt! à tout de suite! à demain! à plus! (Informal) vwa a ply ta a tu ta l a bjæto a tut s it a d mæ a plys bye! see you later! see you soon!, see you in a while! see you soon! see you in a second!, see you in a little while! see you tomorrow! TTFN!, laters!

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In informal e-mails and SMS messages, it's common to write A+ instead of à plus.

The following are used to 'wish somebody well'. Note that it's quite a common formula in French to use the adjective bon(ne) plus a noun to mean enjoy your ..., good luck with the .... Here are some common examples, but you may come across others: bonne journée! bonne soirée! bon courage! bonne chance! bonne route! bonnes vacances bon voyage bon appétit! santé! b n u ne have a good day! b n swa e have a good evening! bõ ku a b n s b n ut good luck! (="keep at it!", "be persistent!") good luck! (used when there is actual luck involved) have a good journey!, safe journey!

b n vak s enjoy your holiday! bõ vwaja have a good trip! b n apeti enjoy your meal! enjoy your meal! cheers! s te

bon ap! (Informal) b nap

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Seasonal greetings
As well as he phrases and greetings are above, the following are useful at specific times of the year: joyeux noël! bonne année! "joyeuses fêtes!" bonnes Pâques! bon anniversaire! joyeux anniversaire!
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Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! "Season's Greetings!"1 Happy Easter! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

This is the cover-all expression that implies Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

If you're learning Spanish, you may also be interested in our sister site's page of Spanish greetings (with audio recordings).

then you may wish to check out the site's French Vocab Games app. goodbye etc. They provide some of the 'glue' that allow other words (nouns.. in2 to/at/in2 the (masculine1 singular) to/at/in2 the (plural) the (with masculine1 word) the (with feminine1 word) the (with plural) Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification See also: When to use le and la. how many.French Phrases: Basic French words Tweet ? Function words The following are some basic 'function' words in French. what did you say? . see the section on greetings in French.. lø la le of. Question words quoi? quand? pourquoi? quel? combien de. The words below are therefore useful for forming a sentence in French. de du des à au aux le la les d . pardon?. For the French for simple salutations such as hello.?. from of/from the (masculine1 singular). French greetings. Very basic articles and prepositions The following little words crop up extremely frequently. If you have an iPhone or iPad.. comment? kwa k pu kwa k l kõbjæd k m what? when? why? which? how much. They are slightly tricky to begin with because they are words whose form changes depending on the following word. adjectives etc) to be put together to form sentences. at. some to.. d. See also: French subject pronouns. some of/from the (plural). t dy de a o o l .? how?...

there. nearby. mon ma mes ton ta tes votre mõ ma me tõ ta te v t my (masculine) my (feminine) my (plural) your (masculine) your (feminine) your (plural) your (referring to a stranger/multiple people) Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification And here are a few other common French words. are arbitrarily assigned a "gender").p d p disi lwæ pu pa sy d for by. some basic French prepositions and words to do with space and location: pour par sur dans en avec dehors là ici là-bas près de. unlike English.. some to do with expressing degree and quantity: . over there near to.. now here there. all nouns in French including words for 'table'.Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Other basic words The following lists contain a number of basic 'function' words that will crop up in a range of French sentences. near here far Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Now some words to do with 'ownership'. via on in2 in2 with outside. out here.. Firstly. 'newspaper' etc as well as words referring to people. près d'ici loin av k d la isi laba p ed . Note that the labels masculine and feminine refer to the "gender" of the possession rather than the owner (remember that..

'some'.. ilja ja. au.. il i ja. ce n'est pas... y a. not never always.. enough. it isn't.. there are.? I have. 'my' etc) and adjectives are used. (formula used to ask a question in French) is there.. here's.. there are two genders. there's... hardly well.? ave vu je suis. usually called 'masculine' and 'feminine'.. and en is used in other cases.. 'any'. what Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Notes: 1. rather quite. dans is used in cases where there is a determiner (a word like le/la (the).. 'a'.......... it's. s i je ne suis pas... As a very general rule.... there is..? I am.. it isn't..... êtes vous.. too much too much.. plys mwæ k because very little. do you have. are you.......? skilja j'ai..... .. In French... nouns ending in -ation are feminine). e avez-vous. ce n'est pas. voilà voici est-ce que.. pas jamais toujours encore plus moins que pa sk( ) t e pø bjæ ase t o t od pa ame tu u k ply... Which gender a noun belongs to depends on various criteria such as the gender of the person/animal they represent (if any). too many. yet more less.? est-ce qu'il y a. is it true that.. here is..... un/une (a). In some cases. As in many languages...? t vu n s i pas I'm not. (Informal) c'est.... 2. fewer that. there are. The gender of the noun determines which form of determiners (words meaning 'the'.. still still... such as before names of countries and regions and in figurative expressions.. se sne pa søsi e s( )ne pa vwala vwasi sk( ) there is. French nouns are arbitrarily divided into groups called genders. this is..... sufficiently too.. ceci est..parce que très peu bien assez trop trop de. The following phrases are worth knowing: il y a.. or the ending of the noun (for example. à la and aux are used with a similar meaning to dans le/dans la/dans les...

(en) anglais (en) français ( n) gle ( ) f se (in) English (in) French Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification .

wet . Adjectives to do with temperature are generally used to describe weather too: froid chaud bien chaud long court clair bas haut léger lourd propre sale plein vide sec humide f wa o bjæ o lõ ku kl ba o le e lu p p sal plæ vid s k ymid cold hot warm long short clear. tall young old (masculine) old (feminine) elderly handsome. thin (soup etc) low high. short large.French Phrases: Basic French adjectives Tweet Basic French adjectives The following adjectives are useful for describing physical qualities of people in French. object) Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification The following also relate to physical qualities. tall light (as in 'not heavy') heavy clean dirty full empty dry damp. plus some other basic qualities: petit grand jeune vieux vieille âgé beau belle fort faible p ti g j n vjø vj j a e bo b l f f bl small. bright (light). but relating more to physical qualities of objects. beautiful (with masculine noun) beautiful (with feminine person or noun) strong weak (person.

frais f fresh.. satisfied tired sad. right bad.. they can be used with either a masculine or feminine adjective: il est.... emotions heureux content fatigué triste sain malade gentil sympathique h ø... friendly kõt fatige t ist sæ malad ti sæpatik Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification As a general rule.. unhappy healthy ill kind. it's.. it's.. (talking about weather) ...... Unless indicated. add an -e (and pronounce the final consonant) when an adjective refers to a feminine noun. il fait.. hø ø happy happy. it's. she's. it's. wrong new near easy difficult hard (as in 'difficult' or 'not soft') poor rich Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Basic adjectives to do with feelings. chilly. elle est... Words that can be used with adjectives The following words can be used to 'enhance' adjectives. c'est.. nice nice... health. s il f il l he's. wet (paint) Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification The following are less physical qualities: bon mauvais nouveau proche facile difficile dur pauvre riche bõ move nuvo p fasil difisil dy pov i good..

nettement. peu.. completely.......... not. gravement.. Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification . very. (feminine) completely. pas.. .. tellement........ très..... sufficiently. assez... moins.er less....... noticeably. rather. ply mwæ t e. quite... bien. toute...... seriously. so..... t tu tut cõpl tm bjæ ase pø pa si t lm n tm g avm more.. all. complètement.. quite. pretty.......... tout..plus.. (masculine) all........ rather...... not.. hardly. so............ si. completely.

mum son daughter brother sister husband wife . The word personne is always gramatically feminine even when it refers to a male: une personne âgée. toddler teenager person elderly person Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Notes: 1. lad girl adult child baby small child.French Phrases: Basic French nouns referring to people Tweet 36 Basic nouns referring to people The following are very generic words for people: homme femme garçon fille adulte enfant bébé tout petit adolescent personne1 personne âgée 1 m fam ga sõ fij adylt f bebe tupti adol s p s n p s na e man woman boy. Family members and relationships The following refer to different family members or people with a particular relationship to you in French: ami amie père1 mère1 fils fille frère soeur mari femme ami ami p m fis fij f s ma i f m friend (male) friend (female) father. dad mother.

partenaire parent parents oncle tante grand-père grand-papa grand-mère grand-maman grands-parents copain copine copine normale (Informal) cop (Informal) petit ami petite amie fiancé fiancée collègue

pa t n pa pa õkl t t g g g g p papa m mam

partner relative parents uncle aunt, auntie grandfather grandpa, grandad grandmother grandma grandparents friend, mate (male); boyfriend friend, mate (female); girlfriend mal female friend (to distinguish from 'girlfriend') boyfriend boyfriend girlfriend fiancé fiancée colleague

g pa kopæ kopin kopin n k p p titami p titami fj se fj se k l g

Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Notes: 1. The words père and mère are a little less formal-sounding in French than father and mother in English, so that they can also be the equivalent of 'dad' and 'mum' in English.

Saying my... in French
To say my... in French, you use the word mon before the word for a male person, or ma before the word for a female person. In the plural, the word is mes. However, if a singular French word begins with a vowel, then mon is always used, and the final -n is pronounced. Here are some examples: mon frère ma soeur mon père ma mère
1 1

mõ f ma s mõ p ma m me pa mõ kuzæ ma kuzin æ nami mõ nami

my brother my sister my father, my dad my mother, my mum my parents my (male) cousin my (female) cousin a (male) friend my (male) friend

mes parents mon cousin ma cousine un ami mon ami

une amie mon amie mes amis

yn ami mõ nami me zami

a (female) friend my (female) friend my friends

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French Phrases: Colours in French
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On this page, we look at some common French colour adjectives. On the following page, we look at some common colour modifiers (light, dark etc) and how to combine colours or form complex colour terms ("blue-green", "navy blue" etc).

Common colour adjectives in French
The folllowing are common French colour adjectives. Where there is a pronunciation difference between masculine and feminine forms, both are shown in that order. In the written form, these adjectives generally behave like other French adjectives: an -e is added in the feminine (where not already there) and/or an -s in the plural. Exceptions are flagged and discussed in the corresponding notes below. beige blanc, blanche bleu brun, brune châtain, châtaine gris, grise jaune marron1 mauve noir orange2 rose rouge vert, verte violet, violette b bl , bl blø b æ, b yn atæ, at n g i, g iz jon ma õ mov nwa o oz u v ,v t vj le, vj l t beige white blue brown brown, chestnut-brown (hair) grey yellow brown mauve, light purple black orange> pink red green violet, purple

Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Notes: 1. marron is identical in the feminine. 2. Prescriptively, orange is usually considered invariable. Since it already ends in -e, this just affects whether or not to add an -s in the plural, and prescriptive usage would thus dictate des robes orange. Actual usage is tending to write oranges (and to pluralise other "invariable" adjectives) in the plural. Note that this is purely a spelling issue: in pronunciation, this and most colours are invariable.

In French, colour adjectives almost always follow the noun that they describe. Thus: une robe bleue - a blue dress

Price 2003:105) that specifically écarlate and pourpre are not invariable and so take -s in the plural. and in writing there appears to be a general tendency towards pluralising "invariable" adjectives/nouns. abricot argent bronze café chamois champagne châtaigne crème écarlate indigo jade lilas noisette olive or paille pourpre safran saumon sépia turquoise k ab iko a b õz kafe amwa panj at ng m eka lat ædigo ad lila nwaz t oliv paj pu p saf somõ sepja ty kwaz apricot silver bronze coffee-coloured buff champagne chestnut cream scarlet indigo (blue) jade lilac hazel olive gold straw-coloured crimson saffron salmon-pink sepia turquoise Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Notes: 1. they behave more like nouns than adjectives: they don't change in the feminine or plural1.two green cars Less common colours The following words are also used to denote colour. The reasoning behind this distinction is not entirely clear. it appears to be accepted (cf Thomas 1971:105. since there is no possible pronunciation difference. In prescriptive usage at least.une chemise marron deux voitures vertes Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification .a brown shirt . . In the majority of cases.

Colour modifiers (dark. Two basic colour names (cf blue-green. Here are some common combinations: bleu ciel bløsj l sky blue . may be used.a plain yellow shirt Why is it not yeux bleus clairs etc? Note that when the colour adjective is modified. A number of devices similar to English are used: y y y A modifier. light etc in English. equivalent to dark. or a basic colour name plus a noun (cf cherry red). may be combined. On this page we look at how more intricate colour names are formed in French.he has light blue eyes . Many colour names thus translate literally. Compound colour names In general. complex colour names can be formed in a similar way to English. light) in French The following are commonly used to modify colour adjectives in French: clair foncé pâle uni kl fõse pal yni light dark pale plain (UK). the French word couleur can be used with a noun to denote 'the colour of the object denoted by that noun' (cf English coffee-coloured etc). In a similar way to the English word coloured. solid (US) Suggest a change / proposez une modification For example: il a les yeux bleu clair une robe vert foncé une chemise jaune uni Suggest a change / proposez une modification . the convention is for the colour adjective (and modifier) to appear in its 'bare' form1.a dark green dress . by combining two colour adjectives (bleu vert) or by combining an adjective plus noun (in that order: gris ardoise = slate grey). we saw the names of basic colours in French.French Phrases: Colour modifiers in French Tweet 8 On the previous page.

. I have not found a grammar that disagrees with this convention or indeed a descriptive grammar denying that it occurs in practice. The French equivalent is to use the expression couleur (de) .-colour(ed) in French In English.bleu marine bleu roi bleu turquoise bleu vert gris ardoise gris perle rouge cerise rouge sang bløma in blø wa bløty kwaz bløv g ia dwaz g ip l u s iz u s navy blue royal blue turquoise blue blue-green slate grey pearl grey cherry-red blood-red Suggest a change / proposez une modification Saying ..a flesh-coloured dress . judging by the number of instances on the Internet of expressions such as feuilles vertes foncées. However. as in: une jupe couleur rose une robe (de) couleur chair une chemise couleur café Suggest a change / proposez une modification . it is possible that this situation is changing at least in informal use..a coffee-coloured shirt Note: 1.. many nouns can be suffixed with the word colour or coloured as in fleshcoloured...a rose-coloured skirt .

I'm you are. he's she is. we use the pronouns him and me. familiar) he she we we you (plural or polite) they (masculine) they (feminine) it. they're (feminine) Suggest a change / proposez une modification Other types of pronoun There are other pronouns that 'stand in for' a person or noun with functions other than the subject of the sentence. you're you're he is. For example. in English. Similarly. he in English that generally represent the 'person doing the action' in a sentence.French Phrases: French pronouns Tweet 29 Subject Pronouns and common verb forms Subject pronouns are the words like I. words like he. je tu il elle on nous vous ils elles ça . they're (masculine) they are. tye te ile le se nu s m vu z t i(l)sõ lsõ i I am. ty il l õ nu vu il l sa I you (singular. French has object pronouns used in similar circumstances. . it's we are you are they are. he saw I. Instead. she's it is. I can't be used in cases such as: with he. that Suggest a change / proposez une modification Here are some common verb forms using these subject pronouns: je suis tu es t'es (Informal) il est elle est c'est nous sommes vous êtes ils sont elles sont s i. . See below for other types of pronoun.

Click on a verb in the Infinitive column to see a complete conjugation table. makes had. said infinitive present past historic infinitive past participle imperfect present imperfect imperfect (to) do. .. used to be (to) be present.. Form est fait avait fut était être dit faire j'ai fit avoir été pouvait faut étaient devait Base infinitive Tense(s) / Form(s) être faire avoir être être être dire faire avoir faire avoir être pouvoir falloir être devoir present present imperfect past historic imperfect infinitive Common meaning is does. used to be was (bound/due) to. was able to (it) is necessary to.is needed (they) were.. past historic says. made (to) have been could. used to have was was. The forms are listed in order of their frequency...Common French verb forms The table below gives the most common French verb forms occurring in a sample of 19th century French literature1. and the current common meaning (or some common meanings) of this verb form in English. with the most common verb forms at the top of the table. which French verb tense or form it represents.. Alongside each verb form is the infinitive from which it is derived. showing the forms of the given verb in all the common simple and compound tenses. (to) make I have did.. .

.... did. used to do. was going to. appeared came (to) find (to) put ... would have (they) have (to) give (to) believe seemed... used to have was coming. was making etc. used to come had just.. to be going to. (to) hear would be was going. .was needed (to) see (to) say replied (to) take was doing. to go.... remains had (they) had.fallait voir dire répondit prendre faisait entendre serait allait aller reste eu avaient venait venait de aurait ont donner croire semblait vint trouver mettre falloir voir dire répondre prendre faire entendre être aller aller rester avoir avoir venir venir avoir avoir donner croire sembler venir trouver mettre imperfect infinitive infinitive past historic infinitive imperfect infinitive conditional imperfect infinitive present past participle imperfect imperfect imperfect conditional present infinitive infinitive imperfect past participle infinitive infinitive (it) was necessary to.

render.. infinitive past participle imperfect infinitive present past historic infinitive present imperfect past historic past historic infinitive future infinitive present past participle past participle infinitive past historic imperfect infinitive (to) make. wanted to..it might/should be.to be. to speak. that... to return.. I used to have to know can..passer soit rendre perdu j'avais savoir peut eut tenir doit trouvait prit furent suivre sera arriver je sais voulu vu revenir mit voulait parler passer être rendre perdre avoir savoir pouvoir avoir tenir devoir trouver prendre être suivre être arriver savoir vouloir voir revenir mettre vouloir parler infinitive (to) pass.. has to found took were (to) follow will be (to) come. (to) happen I know wanted seen to come back put wanted. talk . pass by. is able to.. arrive..... yield lost I had. go by present subjunctive for. had to hold must..

was absent/lacking goes... was giving to reply we have (to) put back finds (to) go out.cru venaient croire venir past participle imperfect imperfect imperfect present past historic infinitive imperfect present imperfect infinitive present infinitive present infinitive imperfect past historic past historic infinitive infinitive past historic past historic past participle believed. returned venaient de venir manquait va je mis partir tenait demande donnait répondre manquer aller mettre partir tenir demander donner répondre nous avons avoir remettre trouve sortir restait s'écria commença chercher attendre devint demanda revenu remettre trouver sortir rester s'écrier commencer chercher attendre devenir demander revenir . cried begain (to) seek. is going to. look for (to) wait.. thought came. is asking gave. await became asked come back. was holding asks.. I put to leave held. was coming (they) had just. missed. (to) bring out remained exclaimed.

let. making to lose to abandon to live come left. happens speaks. was watching. happened could. used to let abandonner abandonner vivre venu laissait écrit connaître devaient arrive parle but semblaient quitter importe vivre venir laisser écrire connaître devoir arriver parler boire sembler quitter importer present. used to leave. is coming/arriving. appeared to leave matters abandonned was waiting (for) was expecting abandonné abandonner attendait attendre s'attendait à s'attendre . be acquainted with (they) were due/bound to.prend paraissait regardait arriva put faisant perdre prendre paraître regarder arriver pouvoir faire perdre present imperfect imperfect past historic past historic present participle infinitive infinitive infinitive past participle imperfect takes.. comes/arrives. involved. is speaking drank (they) seemed. wrote infinitive imperfect present present past historic imperfect infinitive present past participle imperfect imperfect (to) know. looking at arrived. is taking appeared concerned.. past historic writes. was able to doing.

(to) drive (to) ask. make (to) lead. let comes has just. was carrying (to) let..voulut portait laisser donné font conduire demander je crois vouloir porter laisser donner faire conduire demander croire past historic imperfect infinitive past participle present infinitive infinitive present imperfect past participle imperfect infinitive infinitive past historic present present present present infinitive infinitive infinitive infinitive infinitive wished. used to do/make (to) stop (to) count left. (to) leave given (they) do... ask for I believe. (to) be able to (to) become (to) die (to) resume (to) fall commençait commencer entendu faisaient arrêter compter laissa vient vient de je viens je viens de pouvoir devenir mourir reprendre tomber entendre faire arrêter compter laisser venir venir venir venir pouvoir devenir mourir reprendre tomber . think was starting understood (they) were doing/making.. I am coming I've just. wanted was wearing.

. The author's intention is to compile a similar frequency list in the near future with other. These texts were chosen simply because they were freely available in a convenient electronic format. being (they) were going to. The frequency of each verb form is taken as the minimum number of occurrences of that form in any of the three works. bound. Instances of the imperfect subjunctive have been discounted. more modern texts. At present.aura sait sentir devenu voyant dû étant allaient avoir savoir sentir devenir voir devoir être aller future present infinitive past participle present participle past participle present participle imperfect will have knows (to) feel. (to) smell become seeing due. such as contemporary newspaper articles. three texts are surveyed: Flaubert's Madame Bovary (1857)... .. (they) used to go Notes: 1. had to.. Jules Verne's Voyage au Centre de la Terre (1864) and Adolphe Thiers' Histoire de la révolution française (1823). Only verb forms that appear in all three are included.

. il parle means 'he is speaking'. For example. to us you (plural. it (masculine) her.French Phrases: French pronouns Tweet Object Pronouns The following are used after a preposition and are sometimes called disjunctive pronouns: moi toi lui elle nous vous eux elles mwa twa l i l nu vu ø l me you (singular. familiar) him her us you (plural or polite) them (masculine) them (feminine) Suggest a change / proposez une modification The following are used as the object of a verb: me te le la les lui leur nous vous m t l la le l i l nu vu me. to me you (familiar). to it to them us. and il nous parle means 'he is speaking to us'. it (feminine) them to him. to you him. to her. to you Suggest a change / proposez une modification Note that these words go before the verb in French. polite).

either de or en can be used before the name of the material. pullover a sweater a T-shirt a skirt a dress a tracksuit a coat a jacket a suit socks shoes a pair of tights. style of clothes Here are the French words for some common clothing materials. (The choice here reflects the most common usage found on Google.) acrylique de coton en cuir ak ilik d k tõ k i acrylic cotton leather . pantyhose (US) a hat Suggest a change / proposez une modification 1. des vêtements un pantalon un jean un short une chemise un haut un pull un sweat un tee-shirt1 une jupe une robe un survêtement un manteau une veste un costume des chaussettes des chaussures un collant un chapeau de v tm æ p talõ æ d in æ o t yn miz æo æ pyl æ swit æ ti t yn yp yn b æ sy v tm æ m to yn v st æ k stym de os t de osy æk l æ apo clothes a pair of trousers a pair of jeans a pair of shorts a shirt a top a jumper. Is also written T-shirt in French. Describing materials.French Phrases: Clothing terms in French Tweet 31 Basic clothing terms in French These are rather generic names of clothes in French. In general.

de daim de feutre en jean en laine de nylon en polyester en soie de tissu synthétique
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d dæ d~ f t d in l n d nilõ p li st swa d tisy sætetik

suede felt denim woollen nylon polyester silk synthetic

French Phrases: US states and place names in French
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The follow list shows how to say which US state you come from, or how to say that a particular city is in a given state. A few major US cities are included in rare cases where they have a special French name or pronunciation, or to contrast the use of the article with state names with the absence of article in the city name. j'habite... la ville de X se trouve... dans l'Alaska dans l'Arizona à Boston en Californie en Caroline du Nord en Caroline du Sud au Colorado au Connecticut au Dakota du nord au Dakota du sud au Delaware en Floride en Géorgie en Hawaï dans l'Illinois dans l'Indiana dans l'Iowa en Louisiane dans le Maryland au Massachussets au Michigan au Minnesota au Mississippi au Missouri au Nevada dans le New Jersey à New York abit la vild iks s t uv d lalaska d la izona a b stõ kalif ka ka ni lindyn lindysyd I live... the city of X is... in Alaska in Arizona in Boston in California in North Carolina in South Carolina in Colorado in Connecticut in North Dakota in South Dakota in Delaware in Florida i in Georgia in Hawaii in Illinois in Indiana in Iowa in Louisiana in Maryland in Massachussets in Michigan in Minnesota in Mississippi in Missouri in Nevada in New Jersey in (the city of) New York

o kolo ado o k n ktik t o dakotadyno o dakotadysyd o d law fl id e nawaj d lilinwa d lædjana d lajowa lwizjan d l ma il d o masa ys ts o mi ig o minesota o misisipi o misu i o nevada d l njud a njuj k


dans l'État de New York au Nouveau-Mexique dans l'Ohio en Pennsylvanie à Philadelphie dans le Rhode Island au Texas dans l'Utah en Virginie en Virginie de l'ouest au Washington à Washington au Wisconsin

d letad njuj o nuvom ksik d lojo p nsilvani a filad lfi d l dajl d o t ksas d lyta vi ini


in (the state of) New York in New Mexico in Ohio in Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in Rhode Island in Texas in Utah in Virginia in West Virginia in Washington (state) in Washington (DC) in Wisconsin

vi inid lw st ow i t n aw i t n o wisk nsin

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As a rule of thumb, state names ending in -ia have French names ending in -ie and are feminine; other states generally do not have a special French name and are masculine. Note the use of articles, which is largely similar to the use with country names: en is used with feminine state names, au with masculine state names, and dans l' with masculine state names beginning with a vowel.

French Phrases: Games and hobbies French Tweet 69 General pastimes and leisure activities The following can be used to describe some common leisure activites: je regarde la télé je regarde des DVD je lis des romans je lis des magazines j'écoute de la musique j'écoute des CD je vais au cinéma je vais au théâtre je sors avec mes amis je joue au foot je pratique beaucoup de sport je joue à l'ordinateur je joue à la PlayStation je fais du shopping pour me détendre ga d la tele ga d de devede li de om li de magazin ekut d la myzik ekut d sede ve o sinema ve o teat s av k me zami ju o fut p atik boku t sp u a l dinat u a la pleste fe dy opi pu m det d n I watch TV I watch DVDs I read novels I read magazines I listen to music I listen to CDs I go to the cinema I go to the theatre I go out with my friends I play football I play a lot of sport I play on the computer I play on my PlayStation I go shopping (in order) to relax in my spare time pendant mes moments de loisir p d me mom d lwazi Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification .

you'd often use a possessive (my. Note that parts of the body in French are usually used with the definite article (le. la or les). back of the neck the throat Suggest a change / proposez une modification The upper body le dos les épaules (f) la poitrine les seins (m) les bras les coudes (m) le ventre les mains (f) les doigts (m) les ongles (m) the back the shoulders the chest the breasts the arms the elbows the belly the hands the fingers the fingernails . even though in English.French Phrases: parts of the body Tweet 57 This page gives French words for the main parts of the body. Face and neck la tête le visage les cheveux le front les yeux un oeil le nez les joues (f) les oreilles les lèvres (f) la bouche les dents (f) la langue le menton le cou la nuque la gorge the head the face the hair the forehead the eyes the eye the nose the cheeks the ears the lips the mouth the teeth the tongue the chin the neck the nape. his etc).

buttocks the legs the thighs the knees the ankles the heels the feet the toes Suggest a change / proposez une modification .le pouce le poignet la hanche l'abdomen Suggest a change / proposez une modification - the thumb the wrist the hip the abdomen The legs and lower body les fesses (f) les jambes (f) les cuisses (f) les genoux (m) les chevilles (f) les talons (m) les pieds (m) les orteils (m) the backside.

and. Wind instruments . In an orchestra. we also consider how to use the verb jouer with these instruments. French names of musical instruments Keyboard instruments In French. arranged according to their orchestral family. At the bottom of the page. je joue de la harpe. these are instruments à clavier: l'orgue le piano le piano électrique le synthé l'accordéon l g l pjano l pjano l kt ik l sæte lak deõ the organ (usually masculine) the piano the electric piano the synth the accordeon Suggest a change / proposez une modification Stringed instruments The French for stringed instruments is usually instruments à cordes.French Phrases: Music and musical instruments in French Tweet This page gives the French name for various common instruments. you may also refer to the famille des cordes or famille du violon (string family): le violon l'alto le violoncelle la contrebasse la harpe la guitare (acoustique) la guitare électrique la guitare basse l vj lõ lalto l vj lõs l la kõt bas la a p la gita la gita l kt ik la gita bas the violin the viola the cello the double bass the harp the (acoustic) guitar the electric guitar the bass guitar Suggest a change / proposez une modification Note that speakers generally say la harpe (not l'harpe). for example.

Percussion instruments In French. Here are the French names of common woodwind and brass instruments: la clarinette la clarinette basse la flûte le piccolo le hautbois le basson le cors anglais le trombone la trompette le tuba le cors (d'harmonie) la kla in t la kla in t bas la flyt l pikolo l obwa l basõ l c gle l t õb n la t õp t l tyba l k da moni the clarinette the bass clarinette the flute the piccolo the oboe the bassoon the cors anglais. the drumkit the snare drum the tom-toms the tom-toms the high/low tom-tom the drum the bass drum the snare drum the cymabls the ride cymbal the ride cymabl the hi-hat the upper/lower hi-hat the pedal the drumsticks the brush the gong . la famille des bois) and brass (les cuivres.Wind instruments (les instruments à vent) are sometimes split into woodwind (les instruments de bois. la famille des cuivres). "English horn" the trombone the trumpet the tuba the (French) horn Suggest a change / proposez une modification Note that speakers generally say le hautbois. these are instruments de percussion: la batterie la caisse claire les toms les tam-tams le tom alto/basse la caisse (de batterie) la grosse caisse la caisse claire les cymbales la cymable suspendue la cymable ride le charleston la cymable supérieure/inférieure la pédale les baguettes le bali le gong la bat i la k s kl le t m le tamtam la k s (d bat i) la g os k s la k s kl le sæbal la sæbal sysp dy la sæbal ajd l a l st n la pedal le bag t l bale l gõg the drums. and thus (jouer) du hautbois (not: (de) l'hautbois).

it's possible to omit the article in many such cases: . if used with the definite article or a possessive determiner (son. jouer à or jouer de? In French. glockenspiel the marimba Suggest a change / proposez une modification Grammar: jouer sur. part etc (note that in these cases on is also necessary in English): il l'a joué au piano he played it on the piano un air joué au violon a tune played on the violin y if the verb jouer isn't actually mentioned. the verb jouer is used to mean to play when referring to instruments1. mon etc). However. then use de: je joue du violon I play the violin il joue souvent de la trompette he often plays the trumpet tu sais jouer du hautbois? do you know how to play the oboe? y if you're talking about a specific instrument that you played on a particular occasion. you're referring to playing a particular piece. ma. particularly when it would sound odd in English to say play on. it's often possible to use jouer à: j'ai joué sur la trompette de David I played (on) David's trumpet je ne peux pas jouer sur un piano désacordé I can't play (on) a piano that's out of tune sur or à must also be used (and most often. then the preposition à is usually used² note that in English. à appears to be used) if there's a direct object: i. French speakers tend to use sur: these are the cases where it's often possibly to say play on in English.les castagnettes les grelots le triangle le carillon le xylophone le glockenspiel le marimba le kastanj t le g lo l t i gl l ka ijõ l gzil f n l gl k n pil l ma imba the castanets the sleighbells the triangle the tubular bells the xylophone the glock. the preposition to use depends on the circumstance: y if you're talking about the general activity of playing an instrument.e.

David Kretz. you will sometimes see the verb toucher used. George Steele" 1. e. this usage is now obsolete. on (the) trumpet. toucher le piano (cf Spanish tocar). However. à la trompette. David Kretz. .g. George Steele" "On (the) piano."Au piano. In historical texts.

an official. The word travailleur doesn't tend to refer to individual workers.a state employee. officer.a worker1 Suggest a change / proposez une modification 1.a "white collar" worker . "blue collar" worker.an executive . but is used in plural phrases such as les travailleurs étrangers = foreign/immigrant workers.a worker. employee . labo(u)rer . workman. but more the type of job carried out by a person: un agent un agent publique un cadre un chercheur un "col blanc" un "col bleu" un(e) employé(e) un(e) employé(e) de bureau un(e) fonctionnaire un officier un ouvrier un ouvrier d'usine une ouvrière une ouvrière d'usine un travailleur .French Phrases: Common jobs and professions in French Tweet 13 General types of worker The following don't describe specific jobs. research worker . civial servant .a female factory worker. "white collar" worker .an office worker. Specific job titles The following pages list specific French job titles belonging to particular fields of work: Artists' job titles in French Office job titles in French Officials' job titles in French Language-related job titles Scientists' job titles in French .a factory worker .a public sector worker .a "blue collar" worker . "factory girl" . (However. it can refer to the quality of an individual worker: c'est un bon travailleur = he's a good worker.a female manual worker .a officer a manual worker.a researcher. agent .

a (drawing) artist. it is common in French to use the suffix -iste to refer to a musician playing a particular instrument.an artist .a musician .a cartoonist . Here are some common terms: un(e) batteur (-euse) un(e) clarinettiste un(e) flûtiste un(e) guitariste un(e) organiste un(e) pianiste un(e) tromboniste a drummer.a writer .a female singer .a male composer . a recorder player a guitarist an organist a pianist a trombonist Suggest a change / proposez une modification .a photographer .a male singer . technical and performing arts Tweet French jobs index un acteur une actrice un acteur enfant un(e) architecte un(e) artiste un chanteur une chanteuse un(e) cinéaste un compositeur une compositrice un(e) dessinateur (-trice) un dessinateur de mode un dessinateur humoristique un écrivain un modèle un(e) musicien(ne) un(e) photographe un sculpteur1 .a child actor . a draughtsman. Be careful of the pronunciation of sculpteur: the p isn't pronounced! Names of musicians in French In a similar way to English.an actor .French Phrases: French professions: creative. percussionist a clarinettist a flautist.a female composer .an actress .a sculptor Suggest a change / proposez une modification 1.a fashion designer .a model .a filmmaker . technical drawer . flutist.an architect .

law enforcement and "official" duties.French Phrases: Job titles of office workers in French Tweet 1 French jobs index un avocat un(e) employé(e) de banque un(e) employé(e) de bureau un(e) analyste un cadre un(e) comptable un(e) dessinateur (-trice) un gratte-papier (Informal) un homme d'affaires une femme d'affaires un(e) informaticien(ne) un ingénieur un(e) pigiste un(e) programmeur (-euse) un(e) publicitaire un(e) rédacteur (-trice) un(e) secrétaire un agent d'assurances un agent commercial un agent immobilier un agent de publicité a lawyer a bank clerk an office worker an analyst an executive accountant a draughtsman.a police officer (with the Gendarmerie1 ) . technical drawer a penpusher a businessman a businesswoman an IT worker. editor a secretary an insurance broker a sales representative an estate agent an advertising agent Suggest a change / proposez une modification French Phrases: French titles of Officials and law enforcement workers Tweet 1 The French job titles on this page deal with the police.a police officer (with the police nationalie1) . IT specialist an engineer a freelance copywriter/artist programmer an advertising agent. French jobs index un gendarme un agent de police . advertising executive a copywriter.

.a female traffic warden.a volunteer police officer 1..of the secret services Suggest a change / proposez une modification French Phrases: Language-related job titles in French Tweet 2 The following are titles of jobs in French that use or are related to languages: French jobs index un écrivain un(e) guide touristique un(e) guide de voyage un(e) interprète un(e) journaliste un(e) lecteur (-trice) un(e) linguiste a writer a tour guide.des services secrets an administrative officer a tax officer a law inforcement officer a government official a member of government/parliament a diplomat a member. immigration and terrorism.. "meter maid" .. tourist guide a travel guide. It tends to deal with the dayto-day law enforcement in towns. . ..a traffic warden . drug crime. policewoman . The French police nationale is closer to what Scotland Yard is in the UK: it tends to deal with the "bigger picture" of serious organised crime. policeman .a (female) police officer. tour guide an interpreter a journalist a university language assistant a linguist . More advanced vocabulary un agent administratif un agent du fisc un agent de la force publique un agent du gouvernement un(e) député(e) un(e) diplomate un membre..a traffic policeman .of the police .de la police .a police officer with the Gendarmerie .a customs official ..un(e) douanier (-ière) un officier de gendarmerie un policier une policière un(e) contractuel(le) une pervenche (Informal) un agent de la circulation un gendarme adjoint volontaire (GAV) Suggest a change / proposez une modification . The Gendarmerie is the military branch of the French police.a (male) police officer......

un(e) linguiste légiste un poète un(e) réceptionniste un(e) rédacteur (-trice) un(e) secrétaire bilingue un(e) secrétaire trilingue un(e) sous-titreur (-euse) un(e) traducteur (-trice) un professeur d'anglais un professeur de français un(e) prof d'anglais (Informal) Suggest a change / proposez une modification - a forensic linguist poet a receptionist a copywriter. editor a bilingual secretary a trilingual secretary a subtitler a translator an English teacher a French teacher an English teacher French Phrases: French titles of scientists and researchers Tweet The French job titles on this page refer to researchers and scientists in various fields. As you'll see. The main thing to watch for is that some words have the ending -ogue rather than -ogiste (and in a few cases. both forms are possible). the good news is that most of these words are very similar to their English counterparts. French jobs index un chercheur un(e) anthropologue un(e) anthropologiste un(e) biochimiste un(e) biologiste un(e) chimiste un(e) égyptologue un(e) électronicien(ne) un(e) ethnologue un(e) linguiste1 un(e) métallurgiste un(e) paléontologiste un(e) paléontologue un(e) physicien(ne) un(e) psychologue un(e) zoologiste un(e) zoologue Suggest a change / proposez une modification - a researcher an anthropologist an anthropologist a biochemist a biologist a chemist an egyptologist an electronic engineer an ethnologist a linguist a metallurgist a paleontologist a paleontologist a physicist a psychologist a zoologist a zoologist .

1. In older texts. . sometimes written linguïste.

. a department store the town centre. shopping mall a large store. Suggest a change / proposez une modification Eating and drinking un bar un café une brasserie un restaurant un bistro(t) æ ba æ kafe yn b as i æ sto æ bist o a bar a bar =a pub. bookstore the shopping precinct a shopping centre.... the city centre the shops a shop/store that sells. with useful French phrases for asking directions (and understanding them). city hall a museum an art gallery the palace a park the statue of . restaurant Suggest a change / proposez une modification Shops/stores une librairie la zone commerciale un centre commercial un grand magasin le centre-ville les magasins un magasin de... la kated al yn egliz æ a dæ pyblik la me i æ myze æ myze da l pale æ pa k la staty d the cathedral a church a park the town hall. la zon k m sjal æs t æg k m sjal magazæ a bookshop...bar serving cheap food a restaurant a bistro. l s t vil le magazæ æ magazæ d .French Phrases: Getting around town in French Tweet 47 This page lists the French names of common shops and buildings. Places and buildings Monuments and culture la cathédrale une église un jardin public la mairie un musée un musée d'art le palais un parc la statue de .

descendez jusqu'à. ...? whereabouts is....? where can I find...........? où se trouve....à droite .....left ..? how do I get to... .. o õpwæ mõte yska des de yska . go down as far as..? où puis-je trouver.au rond-point montez jusqu'à.at the (next) traffic lights ...? is it far? (you) turn..? c'est loin? (vous) tournez..? comment est-ce que je fais pour aller à...un magasin-photo un supermarché æ magazæ foto æ sype ma e a camera shop a supermarket Suggest a change / proposez une modification Entertainment un bowling le cinéma la patinoire la piscine le théâtre æ buli l sinema la patinwa la pisin l teat a bowling alley the cinema the ice rink the swimming baths the theatre Suggest a change / proposez une modification Utility buildings l'auberge de jeunesse une banque l'office de tourisme un bureau de change la gare la gare d'autobus la gare routière un hôtel lob yn b k lofiz d tu ism æ by o t la ga la ga dotobys la ga æ not l utj d jøn s the youth hostel a bank the tourist information office a bureau de change the train station the bus station the coach station a hotel Suggest a change / proposez une modification Directions où est.à gauche . ue u st uv u p i t uve k m sk fe pu ale a se lwæ (vu) tu ne a go a d wat o (p æ) fø u where is...right .......at the roundabout (UK)/traffic circle (US) go up as far as.au (prochain) feu rouge ....

la rue principale le coin de la rue la y p æsipal le kwæ dla y the main street the street corner Suggest a change / proposez une modification .

.... See the following sections for vocabulary relating to specific modes of transport.......French Phrases: Taking transport in French Tweet 24 The vocabulary below covers French words for various modes of transport plus some general travel-related phrases..by car . un taxi une station de taxis un autobus un autocar l'Eurostar la gare la gare SNCF la gare d'autobus la gare routière je veux y aller.en avion ..? c'est bien le bus pour Versailles? c'est bien le train pour Lille? on est bien en direction de. je veux aller à Lille.....by bus .? this is the bus for Versailles isn't it? this is the train for Lille isn't it? we are going to ..by metro which bus goes to. taxi stand a bus a coach Eurostar the train station the railway station (more formal) the bus station the coach station I want to go there....? vous voulez une facture? vous pouvez me donner une facture.en voiture .. .by coach ..? is there a coach service to...by taxi .en métro quel autobus va à.. SVP? æ taksi yn stasjõ d taksi æ notobys æ notoka lø osta la ga la ga s nse f a taxi a taxi rank..en taxi .. aren't we? do you want a receipt (for claiming expenses)? can you give me a receipt? viz dotoka la ga dotobys la ga utj vø jale vø ale a lil t æ taksi notobys notoka navjõ vwaty met o k l otobys va a skilja æ s pu ale a se bjæ l bys pu v saj se bjæ l t æ pu lil ne bjæ di ksjõ d vu vule yn fakty vu puve m d ne yn fakty si(l)vuple Suggest a change / proposez une modification ...en autocar .........en train ...by train ...by plane ..... . est-ce qu'il y a un service d'autocar pour aller à ..en autobus .. I want to go to Lille..

taking the train and using railway stations in France. car. round trip un aller-retour æ nale tu ticket (US) un aller-retour pour æ nale tu pu pa i. SVP please si(l)vuple un aller-retour Paris-Lille æ nale tu pa i lil a Paris-Lille return/round trip un aller pour Paris heure de départ æ nale pu pa i d depa a single to Paris departure time . coach restaurant car. a return (round trip ticket) to Paris. dining car buffet car my luggage my suitcase trolley luggage rack =the French national railway company RER.Other French travel and transport vocabulary Train and railway vocabulary Plane and airport vocabulary French Phrases: Taking the train in French Tweet The following French vocabulary is useful for buying train tickets. billet billet de train ticket de métro voie quai voiture voiture-restaurant voiture-bar mes bagages ma valise chariot porte-bagages SNCF RER y a-t-il un point d'argent dans la gare? les guichets "départs dans l'heure" "départs banlieue" bije bije t t æ tike d met o vwa ke vwaty vwaty vwaty ba me baga ma valiz a ijo p tbaga s nse f ø jatil æ pwæ da la ga le gi e depa d l depa b ljø d sto ticket train ticket metro ticket track (=platform) platform carriage. suburban train system in Paris are there any cash machines in the station? the ticket counters "departures within the hour" "mainline departures" "départs grandes lignes" depa g d linj "local departures" a return ticket (UK). Paris.

if you buy your outward ticket at a time when you can get a reduction. I have seen travellers of other nationalities struggle to use their cards. Be careful in the large stations in Paris: they have a section for mainline national trains (grandes lignes) and a section for local trains (marked "banlieue" or RER). Give yourself plenty of time to get to the platform and ensure you're in the right section. then be careful not to miss your train! Other French travel and transport vocabulary General transport vocabulary Plane and airport vocabulary French Phrases: Taking transport in French Tweet 4 The following covers common airport and plane-related vocabulary in French: l'enregistrement à quelle heure dois-je me présenter à l'enregistrement? aérogare l ist m check-in what is my check-in time?. There's less of an advantage to buying a return ticket in France compared to England: generally speaking. The French call this composter son billet. Before boarding the train." "deux minutes d'arrêt" da ive nu z t ga d õ bjæto arrival time "we will shortly be arriving at . there are slightly fewer trains on a given route in France than on a comparable route in England. Don't take it for granted that there'll be a train every hour even between main cities. if you're used to the couple of minutes' leeway afforded by the unpunctuality of British trains. the return portion costs the same as the outward journey. you must stamp your ticket at one of the machines at the end of the platform.. However. the holder is liable to a fine. when do I need to check in? terminal ak l dwa m p ez te a l ist m ae oga ... A minor triumph for 21st century entente cordiale is that the new British chip-and-PIN cards can now generally be used in these machines (and you will need to enter your PIN!).. ="this will be our next station stop" dø minyt da e Suggest a change / proposez une modification Travel tips y y y y y y Ticket machines in many stations in France now offer an English language option." "two minute stop". If the ticket inspector (le contrôleur) is presented with an unstamped ticket. the reduction may apply to the return portion too.heure d'arrivée "nous entrerons bientôt en gare de . As a general rule. French trains are generally punctual.

carry-on luggage checked luggage. (male) flight attendant the stewardess to take off takeoff to land landing life jacket l stjuwa t lot z d l dek le dek la ate i ate isa il t sovta Suggest a change / proposez une modification Other travel and transport vocabulary General transport vocabulary Train and railway vocabulary . luggage to go in the hold boarding boarding card "boarding" the flight attendant the flight steward.vol vols intérieurs vols internationaux votre passeport un visa bagages à main bagages à mettre en soute embarquement carte d'embarquement "à l'embarquement" l'agent de bord le steward l'hôtesse de l'air décoller (le) décollage atterrir (l')atterrisage gilet de sauvetage v l v l zæte j v l zæte nasj no v t pasp æ viza baga a mæ baga a m t ba k m ka t d ba k m a l ba k m la d b sut flight domestic/internal flights international flights your passport a visa hand luggage.

. name of furniture. settee a chair a chest of drawers the shower an armchair a clock a lamp the sink my bed the piano a cupboard..French Phrases: Around the house Tweet 56 This page gives the French names of rooms in the house. closet the sofa a table . bathroom Suggest a change / proposez une modification Furniture in French une armoire un buffet le canapé une chaise une commode la douche un fauteuil une horloge une lampe le lavabo mon lit le piano un placard le sofa une table yn a mwa æ byfe l kanapé yn z yn c m d la du æ fot j yn l yn l p l lavabo mõ li l pjano æ plaka l sofa yn tabl a cupboard. Rooms and parts of the house in French le bureau de travail la chambre (à coucher) la cuisine l'entrée l'escalier le grenier le jardin une pièce la salle de bains la salle à manger le salon les toilettes l by ot t avaj la b (aku e) la k izin l t e l scalje l g nje l a dæ yn pj s la sald bæ la salam e l salõ le twal t the office. study the bedroom the kitchen the hall the stairs the attic the garden a room the bathroom/washroom the dining room the living room the toilet. closet a sideboard the sofa. plus French expressions to describe the daily household chores.

vac up d to hoover one's room g donner un coup de torchon d ne æ kut t essuyer essuyer les carreaux faire le jardin faire le ménage faire le ménage à fond faire le ménage en grand faire le repassage faire la vaisselle nettoyer passer l'aspirateur f f f f f f s ije s ije le ka o l a dæ l mena l mena afõ l mena l pasa la v s l n twaye pase laspi at passer l'aspirateur dans sa pase laspi at chambre sa b Suggest a change / proposez une modification . to mop the (tiled) floor to do the gardening to do the housework to have a spring-clean to have a spring-clean to do the ironing to do the washing up to clean to do the hoovering. TV Suggest a change / proposez une modification Daily chores in French balayer charger le lave-vaisselle baleye a e l lavv s l õ to sweep up to load the dishwasher to have a quick dust-round. mop to wipe down the tiles. give things the once-over to wipe.une table basse une table de chevet des tables gigognes la table de la salle à manger la télé yn tabl bas yn tab d ve de tab ig nj la tab d la salam e la tele a coffee table a bedside table nested tables the dining room table the television.

Internet and computer access The following French phrases will be useful when enquiring about Internet access or about specific computing facilities offered by a hotel or French Internet café...round here? .to print a Word d document .... this is undoubtedly the easiest option and it is of course advisable to check with the hotel before booking. avez vous. ..d'imprimer un fichier enregistré sur ma clé USB .de consulter mon courier électronique .to check my e-mail ... But many hotels offer Internet access.to send an e-mail ........ .. do you have. l'accès? combien ça coûte (par heure)? on peut utiliser les machines à n'importe quelle heure? dæp ime æ fi je su ma kle y zbe dytilize æt n t se g at i laks kõbjæ sa kut (pa ) ist e õ pø ytilize le ma in a næp t k l Suggest a change / proposez une modification Using the Internet sur Internet sy æt n t on the Internet . the tourist information office should be able to locate an Internet café (cybercafé in French).des chambres avec accès Internet . rooms with Internet n t access an Internet café a wireless hotspot .......dans le coin? ...un cybercafé .. Internet access is generally easy to find in France.... including wireless access.to use the Internet is Internet access free? how much does it cost (per hour)? can I/we use the machines at any time? æ sib kafe æ pwæ daks æt d lkwæ d lot l e b zwæ d kõsylte mõ ku je el kt nik d vwaye æ nim l n t .dans l'hôtel? j'ai besoin.....d'utiliser Internet c'est gratuit...in the hotel? I need..d'envoyer un e-mail jatil ave vu de b av k aks æt is there. .d'imprimer un document Word dæp ime æ d kum w ....print a file from my memory stick . y a-t-il. If access will be crucial during your stay.un point d'accès Internet ...... If you don't see one just by wandering round..French Phrases: Using computers in French Tweet 9 As in many countries...

........get on to the Internet? .printing this document ..me connecter .... ..changer la police? .. cocher. to select. checkbox a field a button a link Suggest a change / proposez une modification Asking for help comment est-ce qu'on fait pour... remplir. to fill in..aller à un site une page web faire une recherche Google si on utilisait un moteur de recherche? quelle est l'adresse Internet? télécharger... a box.un document ... a document a file a form to click on..joindre un fichier à son message? ...envoyer un e-mail? ....accessing the Internet ...access my memory stick I'm having trouble..attach a file to your wæd æ fi je a sõ mesa message? print something? æp ime k lk oz vwaje æ nim l e la p lis aksede a ma memwa y zbe na iv pa a m k n kte aksede a æt n t æp ime s d kym aksede a ma memwa . to tick....accessing my penstick .........accéder à ma mémoire USB je n'arrive pas à...télécharger un fichier? .download a file? sk n kte ale sy æt tele a e æ fi je ....change the font? ..... .connect? n t ..accédér à ma mémoire USB k m skõ fe pu how do you.accéder à Internet ...imprimer quelque chose? .connecting .. check.... ..aller sur Internet? ... une case (de sélection) un champ un bouton un lien ale a æ sit yn pa w b f yn gug l d si õ nytilize æ mot k l e lad tele a æ fi je æf k e pli sel ksj ne yn kaz æ æ butõ æ ljæ myl klike sy e æ dokym s æt n t to go to a site a web page to search on Google how about using a search engine? the web address? to download... ... ...un fichier un formulaire cliquer sur...imprimer ce document . tickbox.se connecter? .send an e-mail? . sélectionner...........

a wire Suggest a change / proposez une modification .y sbe Suggest a change / proposez une modification Parts of a computer la souris le bouton gauche le bouton droit la roulette de défilement le clavier l'écran l'imprimante le scanner une clé USB (ma) mémoire USB une disquette un câble la su i l butõ go l butõ d wa la uled d defilm l klavje lek læp im t l skan yn cle y zbe (ma) memwa y zbe yn disk t æ kabl the mouse the left button the right button the mousewheel the keyboard the screen the printer the scanner a USB penstick. memory stick a floppy disk a cable. a memory stick (my) penstick.

un magasin de disques un magasin de chaussures un magasin de vêtements un magasin-photo une boutique une librairie un bureau de poste une Maison de la Presse une Fnac2 un Virgin un centre commercial æ magazæ æ syp ma æ ip yn bul ma i e yn epis i yn fa masi a shop. CD shop a .. store a supermarket a superstore. mall une zone commerciale yn zon k m sjal a shopping precinct un grand magasin a large store.. shop a music shop. hypermarket1 a grocery store a baker's a chemist's.French Phrases: Shopping in French Tweet 34 Names of shops in French un magasin un supermarché un hypermarché une épicerie une boulangerie une pharmacie une laverie automatique un tabac un discaire un magasin de. CD shop æ magazæ t osy a shoe shop æ magazæ d v tm æ magazæfoto yn butik yn lib e i æ by ot p st a clothes shop a camera shop a small shop. department store Suggest a change / proposez une modification Notes: 1. privately-run shop a bookshop a post office =a newsagent's (chain of newsagents' in yn mezõ dla p s France) a Fnac (large chain selling books. An hypermarché or 'hypermarket' consists of a large supermarket with a series of other small shops attached... . They are generally designed for access by road and found on the edges of towns and cities. music and yn fnak electronics) a Virgin Megastore æ vi in æs t k m sjal æg magazæ a shopping centre. pharmacy e yn lav i otomatik a launderette æ taba æ disk æ magazæ d æ magazæ d disk =a bar with newsagent's a music shop.

However.2. the perfume counter a trolley. department. the .. The chain is called la Fnac. in what price range? expensive cheap.... counter the fresh food department the perfume department. checkout girl a (male) sales assistant a (female) sales assistant a (till) receipt a plastic bag (larger) bag "do you want a bag?" the . shopping cart a trolley. Inside the shop la caisse "payez à la caisse" celle-ci est fermée? le caissier la caissière un vendeur une vendeuse un ticket (de caisse) la k s peye a la k s s lsi e f l kesje la k sj æv d yn v døz æ tike (tk s) me the till. counter) closed? the (male) till operator. checkout "please pay at the counter" is this one (i.. speakers do sometimes say un Fnac with the masculine article to mean 'a branch of Fnac'.. le rayon frais le rayon parfumerie un caddie un chariot un panier un article un achat vos achats prix prix bas à prix réduit à prix bas hors de prix dans quel prix? cher pas cher moins cher bon marché haut de gamme pa mwæ bõ ma e od gam l l l eyõ eyõ f e eyõ pa fym i æ kadi æ a ijo æ panje æ na tikl æ na a vo za a p i p i ba a p i ed i a p i ba d p i d k lp i . prices low prices reduced low-priced exhorbitant around what price?. your purchases price.e. counter. shopping cart a shopping basket an item a purchase your goods. inexpensive cheaper cheap. checkout assistant the (female) till operator. reasonable top of the range un sachet æ sa e un sac æ sak "vous voulez un sachet?" vu vule æ sa e le rayon.

le....? je cherche....quelque chose de plus grand s ld s ld f spesjal p mosjõ kõbjæ sa kut kõbjæ sa kut l sa fe kõbjæ vu zave æ sede d æ kado k lk oz d mwæ k lk oz d ply g "sale" in the sale "special offer" "promotion".. ça fait combien? vous avez.quelque chose de moins cher ... .. ....a CD by.un CD de."soldes" en solde "offre spéciale" "promotion" combien ça coûte? combien ça coûte.. how much does it cost? how much does the . . cost? how much is it? do you have..? I'm looking for..un cadeau ....... merci m si vous l'avez en magasin? quel est votre dernier prix? vous me faites un prix d'ami? vu lave k lev t magazæ d nje p i what's the lowest you'll go? vu m f t æ p i dami can you give me a little discount? Suggest a change / proposez une modification . "special offer" how much is it?.... ....something cheaper .something bigger I'm just browsing for now do you have it in stock? ga d pu læst je regarde pour l'instant...a present ...

readies price the change a coin a ten Euro piece a note (UK).avec ma carte d la dy p njõ p i la m n yn pj s yn pj z d di zø o æ bije æ bije t sæk t ø o æ bije ts tø o æ bijed dø s zø o ve peje n sp s av k ma ka t (some) money (some) dosh.. .... paying by credit card etc. Money and forms of payment: de l'argent du pognon (Informal) prix la monnaie une pièce une pièce de dix Euros un billet un billet de cinquante Euros un billet de cent Euros un billet de deux cents Euros je vais payer.in cash ... bill (US) a 50 Euro note a 100 Euro note a 200 Euro note I'll pay...French Phrases: Using money in French Tweet 19 These words and phrases are useful when dealing with practicalities of dealing with money in French: withdrawing cash. For more general phrases to do with shopping.en espèces . click here..with my card Suggest a change / proposez une modification Using credit and debit cards: les cartes de crédit les cartes bancaires la Carte Bleue le ka d d k edi le ka t b k la ka t blø credit cards credit and debit cards French Visa card do you take credit cards? can I pay by credit card? it's a British card it's an American card it's a foreign card it's a swipecard you need to swipe it there's no PIN to it est-ce que vous acceptez les cartes sk vu zaks pte le ka d de crédit? d k edi est-ce que je peux payer avec ma carte de crédit? c'est une carte anglaise c'est une carte américaine c'est une carte étrangère c'est une carte à bande il faut glisser ça n'a pas de code sk pø peje av k ma ka d d k edi se tyn ka t gl z se tyn ka t ame ik n se tyn ka t et g se tyn ka t a b d i fo glise sa na pat k d ... ..

... s'il vous plaît on n'accepte pas les cartes étrangères on n'accepte pas les cartes bancaires on n'a pas la carte (Informal) tous les prix sont affichés. en dollars prix HT (hors taxe) prix TTC (toutes taxes comprises) tape v t( ) k d si(l)vupl õ naks pt pa le ka t et õ naks pt pa le ka t b k õ na pa la ka t tu le p i sõ tafi e nø o d la p i taks enter your PIN number.. . in dollars price ex tax/VAT price inc tax/VAT p i tetese Suggest a change / proposez une modification Obtaining money: une banque un distributeur un point d'argent un crache-pognon (Informal) yn b k æ dist ibyt æ pwæ da æ k a p njõ a bank a cash machine a cash machine... . "foreign exchange" a bureau de change I want to change some money the exchange rate I want to change. æ by o t vø l to d vø e e d la "currency exchange"... cash machines (in station etc) a cash machine. en euros ... "hole in the wall" is there a cash machine near here? I want to draw some money out est-ce qu'il y a un distributeur skilja æ dist ibut près d'ici? p disi je veux retirer de l'argent vø ti e d la Suggest a change / proposez une modification Changing money: "change" un bureau de change je veux changer de l'argent le taux de change je veux changer.... please we don't take foreign cards we don't take credit or debit cards we don't take cards all prices are displayed.. in Euros .vous pouvez partager ça sur les deux cartes? vu puve pa ta e sa sy le dø ka t can you put half on each card? Suggest a change / proposez une modification Money-related phrases that you may see on signs or that the retailer may say to you: tapez votre code. ...

100 pounds into Euros s liv st li nø o Suggest a change / proposez une modification .cent livres sterling en Euros s ta nø o ....cet argent en Euros .......this money into Euros .

the plane ....I went (there)..l'avion .le bâteau .the ferry . .. j'ai passé mes vacances. to the beach to/at the seaside to/in France to/in Spain to/in Canada to/in Paris to/in the Alps to/in Mexico to/in Cancun I went camping we went caravanning I went skiing Suggest a change / proposez une modification Getting there... je vais aller.we took.en autocar .the train ....I took..by coach .la voiture j'y suis allé......... but here are some places you might go on holiday: en vacances je suis allé...l'autocar .. on a pris. je suis allé à Paris. Here are some expressions for mentioning the mode of transport: j'ai pris. we went..le train .. .the coach . this is a personal matter... on est allé.. I spent my vacation/holidays.............French Phrases: Vacations/holidays Tweet 23 Places you go on holiday OK..... on vacation I went.......the car ... ....the Eurostar .. I'm going to be going.l'Eurostar .... ... .... à la plage au bord de la mer en France en Espagne au Canada à Paris dans les Alpes au Mexique à Cancun j'ai fait du camping on a fait du caravaning je suis allé faire du ski on holiday. .....I went to Paris...

the plane was overbooked ...we went on the motorway/freeway ...we forgot the plane tickets .we drove for 10 hours ..we broke down .we got there late ...by plane . So to say "we went by car". faire une excursion visiter les musées Suggest a change / proposez une modification - to go bathing to sunbathe to swim to read on the beach to relax to ski..we had to queue for three hours . you would say on y est allé en voiture..by train .we missed the train/plane . because you're not mentioning the specific place (or you can say on a pris la voiture).en avion . go skiing to go surfing have a look round.the plane was late leaving .(we ended up) stuck on the motorway Note that you generally never use aller "on its own": you must always either mention a place. to go on an excursion to see the museums Things that go wrong Here's how to explain some of the things that tend to go wrong with my holidays.I forgot my passport .en voiture on a fait 10 heures de route on a pris l'autoroute (on s'est retrouvé) bloqués sur l'autoroute Suggest a change / proposez une modification ......the train/plane arrived late .by Eurostar .....by car ..... or else insert the word y..en train . Surely these have never happened to you: on est tombés en panne on est arrivés en retard le train/l'avion est arrivé en retard on a perdu le train/l'avion l'avion est parti en retard l'avion était surbooké j'ai oublié mon passeport on a oublié les billets d'avion on a dû faire la queue pendant trois heures ...en Eurostar . Things to do on holiday Here are how to say some common holiday activities in French: se baigner se bronzer nager lire des romans sur la plage se détendre faire du ski faire du surf faire le tour de.

it's sometimes shortened to dègue or dégueu (e. word meaning "gross". Other holiday essentials Here are some other phrases and vocab that are useful for talking about holidays: bonnes vacances! bon voyage! bonne route! les grandes vacances partir en vacances de la crème solaire de la crème après-soleil j'ai fait ma valise/mes valises un bikini un maillot de bain on a passé la nuit..with friends the food was good...dans la caravane .we got lost on the way . our luggage went missing1 .. we ate well .. we stayed. but it's quite common.in a tent ..I had my wallet nicked 1. "trop dègue" = "totally gross").. dégueulasse is a slang.dans un hôtel . .we had a view of a building site it was too crowded.in a youth hostel .. our luggage got lost.g. bouffer is a slang word meaning "to eat"..... .....the museum was shut .dans une tente .....in a hotel . I did my packing a bikini a swimsuit.in the caravan .... there were too many people . swimming costume.... but very common. 4.. Depending on context.. The word piquer with this meaning is informal.. bathing shorts we stayed/spent the night..chez des amis on a bien mangé have a good holiday! have a good trip! have a safe journey! the (school) summer holidays to go on holiday/vacation some suncream some after-sun I packed.we couldn't find.the food was digusting . 2. disgusting.le musée était fermé on s'est perdus en route on n'a pas pu trouver.I got bitten/eaten alive by mosquitoes .dans une auberge de jeunesse ... this could also mean "we lost our luggage". but again quite common. 3. on a logé. on a perdu nos valises la nourriture était dégueulasse2 la chambre donnait sur un chantier il y avait trop de monde je me suis fait piquer/bouffer3 par des moustiques je me suis fait piquer4 mon portefeuille Suggest a change / proposez une modification .

vacationers August holidaymakers/vacationers. summer vacationers youth-hostelling a youth-hosteller Suggest a change / proposez une modification .on s'est bien amusés des vacanciers des aoûtiens l'ajisme un(e) ajiste de zausjæ - we had a good time holidaymakers.

tonight yesterday evening. aujourd'hui demain hier matin ce matin demain matin midi à midi après-midi aprèm (Informal) cet après-midi soir ce soir hier soir demain soir la semaine prochaine la semaine dernière le mois prochain le mois dernier l'année prochaine l'année dernière tôt tard en retard à l'heure o u d i d mæ j matæ s matæ d mæ matæ midi a midi ap emidi ap swa s swa j swa n æ n nj d mæ swa la sm n p la sm n d nj l mwa p lane p lane d to ta ta al0 l mwa d nje m s t ap emidi today tomorrow yesterday morning this morning tomorrow morning midday. months etc) in the past or future. we'll also look at months and seasons in French. tomorrow night next week last week next month last month next year last year early (on) late (on) late. delayed on time Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Days of the week . then on the following page. we'll look at the names of the days of the week in French. at lunchtime afternoon afternoon this afternoon evening. lunchtime at midday. last night tomorrow evening. In the section below. night this evening.French Phrases: Time expressions Tweet 43 General time expressions The following are useful for talking about particular times (days.

we turn our attention to months and seasons of the year. any of the days of the week can be substituted for lundi in the above expressions. The months of the year are listed below. French Phrases: Time expressions (months. you may also want to look at French months and seasons. seasons) Tweet On the previous page of time expressions. Note that French speakers tend not to use capitals for names of months. en janvier in January . unlike English. we looked at days of the week in French plus some related expressions.Here are the names of the days of the week in French. Months of the year Many of the French months of the year are similar to English. but the devil is in the detail. where it's usual to capitalise them. Next: months and seasons Once you've learnt the names of the days of the week. On this page. plus some phrases for using them: lundi mardi mercredi jeudi vendredi samedi dimanche ce lundi lundi prochain lundi dernier le lundi lundi soir pas ce lundi mais celui d'après lundi en huit lundi 15 lædi ma di m c di ødi v d di samdi dim s lædi lædi p æ lædi d nje l lædi lædi swa pa s lædi me s l i dap lædi it Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday this Monday next Monday last Monday on Mondays on Monday evening the Monday after next "Monday week" (oldfashioned) (on) Monday the 15th lædi kæz Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Of course.

is a bit more common in French. months are masculine.). and there are a few other expressions where you can use them with. but nobody actually seems to know a French speaker who doesn't pronounce it. Some pronunciation difficulties to be aware of: y y remember that the -s is pronounced on mars. in juin and juillet. then in French. le 5 janvier.en février en mars en avril en mai en juin en juillet en août en septembre en octobre en novembre en décembre Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification - in February in March in April in May in June in July in August in September in October in November in December We've shown the months with the word for in before them. and the -t is pronounced on aoôt (some dictionaries state that the pronunciation of the -t is optional.. However. it sounds a little literary to say in the month of March. Note that if you ever say the day and month in full ("Tuesday the 5th of January"). but the corresponding expression au mois de. try and make the first vowel a glide between the French u sound and the French sound: essentially you keep your tongue high in the mouth. you put the day of the week after le.. For example: ce janvier ce février cet avril en janvier dernier en juin prochain ce mois le mois prochain au mois de mars de janvier à avril le 5 janvier le mardi 5 janvier du vendredi 10 avril this January this February this April last January next June this month next month in (the month of) March from January to April (on) the 5th of January.. on January 5th (on) Tuesday the 5th of January from Friday the 10th of April Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification In English. French speakers wouldn't usually say mardi. . because that's probably the most usual way to use them..

Seasons The seasons of the year in French are as follows: au printemps en été en automne en hiver in spring in summer in autumn. In French. l' (though as in the last example. you could use un where appropriate): ce printemps cet été l'été dernier. cet. in the winter. moving the tongue from back to front and unrounding your lips as you bring the tongue forward. then you must use an article le. en été prochain pendant l'été pendant l'été de 2005 pendant les mois d'été un été pluvieux Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification - this spring this summer last summer next summer during the summer in the summer of 2005 during the summer months a rainy summer . you could say in wintertime. in the wintertime etc. in (the) fall* in winter Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification * Note that you don't pronounce the m in automne! There are variations of these exrepssions in English. Here are some other season-related expressions in French. life's a bit easier: it's usually just en plus the name of the season. Note that if the name of the season isn't used with en or with ce. en été dernier l'été prochain.throughout this glide. For example.

"(servi) à volonté" ajoli bl k d d buji sit ne sive d cõp d d cõfi d kot k u k is k iso k i d sõ y d e t kot fa si av k f i fyme g atine medajõ d pa s me d pave d a la pwal oti d syp (s md vi) a v lõte garlic-flavoured. pavé de..... roast joint of. côte cru cuisse cuissot cuit dans son jus doré entrecôte farci avec. parsemé de. . bouilli citronné civet de..... supreme "drink/eat as much as you want" Suggest a change / proposez une modification Herbs and 'finer' ingredients.... in white wine sauce boiled with lemon juice jugged . rib cured.. ailloli blanquette de.. thick cut of......... frit fumé gratiné médaillons de. . à la poêle rôti de........ confit de. raw leg haunch cooked cooked in its juice browned rib stuffed with..... stew stewed. with garlic sauce ...... confit of.. fried smoked au gratin medallions of.. suprême de... .. compote de.... chop.. ail aux fines herbes ciboulette(s) aj o fin z sibul t garlic with herbes chives b . fried .. sprinkled with..French Phrases: French menu terms Tweet The terms below are often used to 'spice up' a French menu..

civette coriandre persil romarin thym siv t k j d pe si oma æ tæ chives coriander parsley rosemary thyme Suggest a change / proposez une modification .

You should easily find them at any French supermarket: de l'eau du savon du shampooing du démêlant du gel-douche du déo (Informal) du déodorant du déodorant en stick des Kleenex une brosse à dents du dentifrice de l'eau dentifrice du papier toilette du coton hydrophile du sparadrap des préservatifs des couches-culottes d lo dy savõ dy pwæ dy dem l dy ldu dy deo dy deodo dy deodo de klin ks yn b sad dy d tif is d lo d tif is dy papje twal t dy kotõ id ofil dy spa ad a de p ez vatif de ku kyl t water soap some shampoo some conditioner some shower gel some deodorant some deodorant stik a stick deodorant tissues. sanitary napkins . some Band-Aid condoms some (disposable) nappies some tampons du dentifrice blanchissant dy d tif iz bl is whitening toothpaste des tampons (hygiéniques) de t põ des serviettes hygiéniques de s Suggest a change / proposez une modification vj t i jenik some sanitary towels. paper hankies a toothbrush toothpaste mouthwash toilet paper cotton wool some plasters.French Phrases: Basic Health and Hygiene Tweet 3 The following items concern basic everyday health and hygiene products.

.colds . They are readily available from supermarkets or pharmacies...coughs ..insect bites ....la toux .les piqûres d'insectes .indigestion .. . something to help one sleep something for..French Phrases: Basic Medication Tweet Over-the-counter medicines Here are some common basic medicines in French..headaches ...travel sickness Suggest a change / proposez une modification .. ..les rhumes ........ du paracétamol de l'aspirine de l'Ibuprofène un analgésique des pastilles des pastilles pour la toux du sirop pour la toux des Rennies du SMECTA du Labello des patchs de nicotine des timbres à la nicotine un laxatif un antiseptique un somnifère quelque chose contre.l'indigestion ...les maux de tête ......le mal des transports dy pa asetam l d laspi in d libyp of n æ nanal ezik de pastij de pastij pu la tu dy si o pou la tu de enis dy sm kta dy labelo de pad d nikotin de tæb a la nikotin æ laksatif æ n tis ptik æ s mnif k lk~ oz kõt le ym le mod t t lædi(g) stjõ la tu le piky dæs kt l mal de t sp some paracetamol some aspirine some ibuprofen a painkiller some lozenges some cough sweets some cough mixture some Rennies tablets some SMECTA (common medicine for diarrhoea and indigestion) some lip protector some nicotine patches some nicotine patches a laxative an antiseptic sleeping tablets.

....quelque chose de moins fort .contraindications? .quelque chose de plus fort y a-t-il..... .quelque chose contre les maux de k lk oz cõt tête t t ...des effets secondaires? have you got..something less strong ...side effects? k lk oz d mwæ f k lk oz d ply f jatil de kõt ædikasjõ de z f z gõd Suggest a change / proposez une modification . vu zave .des contre-indications? .something stronger are there any..something for headaches .........Forms of medicine cachets gélules gouttes patchs timbres suppositoires pommade sirop un cachet d'aspirine ka e elyl gut pat tæb supozitwa p mad si o æ ka e daspi in tablets capsules drops patches patches suppositories ointment mixture an aspirin tablet Suggest a change / proposez une modification Useful phrases when obtaining medicines: vous avez. .. les mod ......

various weird and whacky initials have appeared in French education system over the years for names of various school subjects. Also available: School crossword School vocabulary flash cards tronc commun allemand anglais art biologie chimie enseignement scientifique EPS 1 t õ k mæ alm gle a bjolo i imi øpe s spanj l f g se eog afi k eo istwa istwa i ese l g viv t latæ matematik fizik li jõ sø s stei ste l core subjects German English art biology chemistry PE. history and geography =ICT modern language latin mathematics physics religion. sport and physical education Spanish French geography greek history humanities. religious studies economic and social sciences industrial sciences laboratory sciences =PSE. civil education s njm sj tifik general science. Note: as in England. =dual-award science espagnol français géo(graphie) grec histoire histoire-géo(graphie) IGC langue vivante latin mathématiques physique religion SES STI 3 4 5 6 2 STL ECJS øse i s . Names of languages are masculine and names of sciences are generally feminine. you generally don't have to learn all these various initials. The most useful and widely used in ordinary secondary schools are probably EPS and SVT. At GCSE or SAT level.French Phrases: Names of school subjects in French Tweet 32 Here are the names of the most common subjects studied in French schools.

. sciences et technologies de laboratoire 6. informatique.. éducation physique et sportive 2. in lists of subjects.. in compounds with de (prof de. histoire et anglais I'm doing French.SVT7 zvete biology.. history and English ..). when talking about an individual school subject. la or l' with the name of the subject.. or with "quantitive" expressions (peu de. beaucoup de. French speakers always use the article le.). juridique et sociale 7. earth sciences Suggest a change / proposez une modification Notes: 1. éducation civique. sciences et technologies industrielles 5. gestion et communication 3.. cours de.. un cours de mathématiques. sciences de la vie et de la terre Grammar: talking about school subjects In general. sciences économiques et sociales 4.. So for example: j'étudie le français I'm studying French l'histoire est très difficile history is very difficult However. For example: il est fort en histoire he's good at history c'est mon prof de chimie he's my chemistry teacher il a étudié beaucoup de français he's studied a lot of French je fais français. the article is not generally used: y y y with the preposition en..

school (of a university) at university =faith school Suggest a change / proposez une modification . kindergarten =nursery and primary school =middle school boarding school. sixth form college faculty. educational establishment school art school primary school nursery school. établissement (scolaire) etablism sk l une école école de dessin école élémentaire (école) maternelle école primaire un collège un internat un lycée une faculté à la fac (Informal) école religieuse yn ek l ek l d desæ ek l elem t ek l mat ek l p im æk l æn æt na æ lise yn fakylte la fak ek l li jøz n l school.French Phrases: Types of educational establishment in French Tweet 2 The main types of school in France are the école élémentaire (children age 6-11). boarding section =upper secondary school. collège (11-15 years) and lycée (15-18 years).

..... mon brevet ..I'm doing.. cinquième . but class de and année is usually omitted in everyday speech... my baccalaureate (roughly equivalent to American SAT or British A-Levels) .I've got a lesson now .. my GCSEs ... . première ... j'ai cours là j'ai cours de géo à quinze heures j'ai deux cours de .. seventh-graders .I've got too much homework . cinq matières je prépare. ..I'm in.. le français .. French ... we'll look at some phrases for talking about school and education in French... .. This gives the following rough equivalents. .French Phrases: Talking about school and education in French Tweet 12 On this page. . seventh year of high school (=UK "upper sixth") ... j'étudie.... five subjects ...on the curriculum Suggest a change / proposez une modification Names of school years In the French educational system. a day/week ... second year of high school .... mes examens 'GCSE' . ... par jour/semaine je suis en..I've got geography at 3 ....=Year 8s.I've got some French homework to do . This page assumes that you're also familiar with vocabulary for school subjects in French..... first year of secondary/high school ....... the full name of French school years is classe de sixième (année) etc..... my secondary school diploma (French exam roughly equivalent to GCSEs) . .... . sixth year of high school (=UK "lower sixth") . names of school years "count down"..I'm studying....I'm studying for.. mon bac je fais. sixième . terminale j'ai un devoir de français à faire j'ai trop de devoirs les (étudiants de) cinquième au programme .. whereas in the British and US systems.. mes examens .I have two lessons of . my exams .... Note that formally. they generally "count up".

.la semaine prochaine .. look at .. you've to hand it in....... watch .la conversation ..demain . . . sophomore Year 8 ("second form") seventh grade Year 10 ("fourth form") ninth grade Year 12 ("lower sixth") eleventh grade Year 13 ("upper sixth") twelfth grade Classroom activities and instructions lever la main poser une question écrivez . lisez .tomorrow ... s'il vous plaît! taisez-vous! Suggest a change / proposez une modification - to put one's hand up to ask a question write down .votre livre ....after the holidays come on... regardez . please! quiet! ....French year sixième cinquième quatrième troisième seconde première terminale UK equivalent Year 7 ("first form") Year 9 ("third form") Year 11 ("fifth form") US equivalent sixth grade eighth grade tenth grade. carefully the text the recording the conversation the video the screen open ..... closely read ..le manuel cochez la bonne réponse je vais vous donner un devoir c'est pour.après les vacances allez.....l'écran ouvrez . let's start! quieten down...votre cahier . the textbook tick the right answer I'm going to give you some homework it's for.. read .l'enregistrement . listen to . il faut le rendre..... ......... lisez attentivement . your text)books ..... look at ..la vidéo .... regardez attentivement . ..... c'est parti! faites moins de bruit...... ..next week ....le texte ... your workbooks ..... écoutez ...

soccer American football golf hockey rugby Rugby League Rugby Union tennis volleyball Spelling note: in the recent proposed reform to French spelling. soccer player a (male) golfer a (female) golfer a (male) hockey player a (female) hockey player a (male) tennis player a (female) tennis player . le base-ball le basketball le cricket le foot(ball) le football américain le golf le hockey le rugby le rugby à treize le rugby à quinze le tennis le volley(-ball) Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification - baseball basketball cricket football. You may also be interested in the separate page on the Olympic Games in French for the names of Olympic sports.French Phrases: Sports vocabulary Tweet 26 This section looks at general sports vocabulary and names of sports in French. it is recommended that the hyphen be removed from baseball and volleyball. Sportspeople Here is how to refer to various sportsmen and sportswomen in French: un joueur une joueuse un basketteur une basketteuse un footballeur une footballeuse un golfeur une golfeuse un hockeyeur une hockeyeuse un joueur de tennis une joueuse de tennis a (male) player a (female) player a (male) basketball player a (female) basketball player a (male) football player. soccer player a (female) football player.

fan a (female) supporter. fan Suggest a change / proposez une modification . the crowd the spectators a sponsor a (male) supporter.un(e) rugbyman un tennisman un volleyeur une volleyeuse - a rugby player a tennis player volleyball player a female volleyball player Suggest a change / proposez une modification Here are some general French words for people involved in a game of sport: l'arbitre le coach un coéquipier une coéquipière le public les spectateurs un sponsor un supporte(u)r une supportrice the referee the coach a (male) teammate a (female) teammate the spectators.

. de bronze un(e) médaillé(e) olympique le médaillé d'or/d'argent les (jeux) paralympiques (le relais de) la flamme olympique la cérémonie d'ouverture la cérémonie de clôture une course une épreuve l'épreuve de. some of this vocabulary relates to sport in general. les Jeux Olympiques de Pékin1 "les Jeux" en Chine le stade olympique un(e) athlète une médaille ... d'argent . runner. medal gold silver bronze an Olympic medalist the gold/silver medalist the Paralympics the Olympic torch (relay) the opening ceremony the closing ceremony a race an event the . . Olympian a .. whereas in English the article wouldn't be used. Naturally. Note that in many ordinary sentences. you would tend to use the article in French (except when preceded by en or de± see below).. - the Beijing Olympics "the Games" in China the Olympic stadium an athlete. In French.. we look at some vocabulary and phrases that will be useful for talking about the Olympic games in French.. le programme olympique l'athlétisme les sports équestres les sports aquatiques l'aviron the Olympuic programme athletics equestrian sports watersports.. d'or .. event (See event names below) Events (les épreuves) Of course. Suggest a change / proposez une modification 1. many of these event names apply as names of sports generally.French Phrases: Talking about the Olympic Games in French Tweet On this page... aquatic sports rowing .. whilst some is fairly specific to the Olympics... the name Pékin still appears more common than Beijing (which is also possible in French).

at swimming etc Generally speaking. It is also dropped with de. and appears to be preferred by conservative spakers: aux sports équestres. then the French word au can also be used: au cyclisme. en cyclisme = at cycling etc. But en is still used by some. When the French word is masculine. aux is more common than en. au judo.on the tracks . la or l') is dropped with en. the French word en is used: en natation = at swimming. Phrases sur les pistes . Note that the article (le. Current usage appears split pretty much 50-50 between en and au in many of these cases. In the plural. as in l'épreuve de natation = the swimming event.le badminton le basket(-ball) le beach-volley la boxe le cyclisme l'escrime le footbal la gymnastique l'haltérophilie le hockey sur gazon le judo le kayak la lutte (libre) la lutte gréco-romaine la natation la natation synchronisée le pentathlon le plongeon le taekwando le tennis le tennis de table le tir le tir à l'arc le triathlon la voile le volley-ball en salle le water-polo t nis t niz d tabl ti a la k - badminton basketball beach volleyball boxing cycling fencing football gymnastics weightlifting field hockey judo canoeing free wrestling Greek wrestling swimming synchronised swimming the pentathlon diving taekwondo tennis table tennis shooting archery the triathlon sailing indoor volleyball water polo Suggest a change / proposez une modification How to say at boxing.

) arriver premier/première arriver deuxième se placer en .....ième position Suggest a change / proposez une modification - to be a medal-winner to win gold/silver/bronze to win (against...être sur les podiums emporter la médaille d'or/d'argent/de bronze l'emporter (sur.) to come first to come second to place .th ...

Dear Madame .Dear Sir (writing to a director.Dear Sirs . suitable for an informal e-mail between friends) Hi again! (Very informal. Cher Michel Chère Michelle Chers Michel et Danielle Salut Daniel! Bonjour (à tous)! Coucou! Recoucou! Chers Collègues Monsieur Madame Messieurs Monsieur le Directeur Monsieur le Maire/Proviseur . we look at how to begin a letter. Then on the next pages we'll look at standard closing formulae and useful phrases for writing a French business letter. In this first page. the word cher (feminine chère) is used in a similar way to English Dear.Dear Michel and Danielle .Dear Michel (male form) .Hi Daniel! . the word Monsieur etc tends to stand on its own (though Cher Monsieur etc is possible).Dear Sir .Dear Mayor/Headmaster Suggest a change / proposez une modification . In more formal letters. CEO etc) . suitable for an informal e-mail between friends) .Dear Michelle (female form) .Hello (all)! (Used in e-mails) Hi there! (Very informal. Letter openings In informal letters.Dear Colleagues .French Phrases: How to write a letter or e-mail in French Tweet 98 The following phrases and vocabulary are useful when writing a letter or e-mail in French.

used .. when writing to somebody of a lower grade - =Yours faithfully/sincerely...Kisses (humorous variant used in e-mail and text messages) Suggest a change / proposez une modification Closures: formal Traditionally. Monsieur/Madame. we look at some common forumlae for closing a letter in French. although particularly in the case of e-mail correspondence. French business correspondence ends with one of various silly long-winded formulae. Veuillez agréer. these are starting to go out the window. Je vous prie de croire.Love from. Je vous prie d'agréer.Regards See also the general section on writing a business letter in French. Monsieur/Madame.Big hugs . Here are some common ones: Je t'embrasse Amicalement Affectueusement. nos salutations distinguées.=Yours sincerely =Yours sincerely. Notes: . (Grosses) bises Gros bisous Bisouxx . Veuillez recevoir. Closures: informal Closures to informal letters are less formulaic than formal or business letters.. A common favourite for closing a semi-formal business e-mail is cordialement.Love (and kisses) .Best wishes (used between friends) . Monsieur/Madame. Monsieur/Madame.=(big) hugs . when writing to a superior =Yours sincerely. à l'assurance de mes salutations distinguées Cordialement Suggest a change / proposez une modification .especially when writing to a person in an important position . l'expression de mes sentiments respectueux.French Phrases: How to write a letter or e-mail in French: closing formulae Tweet 27 Continuing our section on writing a letter in French. . l'assurance de notre parfaite considération. so there are a variety of possibilities.

. By the way. je vous prie would be replaced by nous vous prions by somebody writing on behalf of a company. . there's no shame in not remembering these formulae: many French speakers end up looking them up in a book and/or using numerous variants (and arguing about which is "correct"). je vous prie. It's common to tack the closing formula on to an expression such as Dans l'attente de vous lire (Dans l'attente de vous lire. When addressing a person with a title such as Madame le Proviseur.y y y As you would expect. Next: phrases for business letters/e-mails On the next page.. One convention is that agréer is used when you have a "filler" word like expression.).. we look at useful phrases and vocabulary for writing a business letter in French. assurance. recevoir or accepter is used when salutations directly follows. it's usually to repeat the whole expression in the closing formula instead of simply Monsieur/Madame.

.... Pièces jointes / P...... ..... Nous vous remercions de.Following our conversation .I/we look forward to hearing from you "look forward to hearing" (shortened form sometimes used in semi-informal correspondence) Suggest a change / proposez une modification . N'hésitez pas à me/nous contacter..votre lettre du 10 janvier Veuillez. .We would be grateful if you could send us.French Phrases: How to write a letter or e-mail in French: closing formulae Tweet 17 Following on in our look at how to write a letter in French...Following your advertisement in.further information .Thank you for..Please. Nous vous serions reconnaissants de nous faire parvenir.votre commande ... . ... .....your order ...plus amples renseignements Dans l'attente de votre réponse "Dans l'attente" . . .. ........le cas échéant . ..if need be ......... . French finance terms Business letters in French French translation service Objet.find enclosed/attached .........Enclosed / Encl .send us .nous faire parvenir .......trouver ci-joint .J.si vous avez besoin de...your letter of 10 January ...Do not hesitate to contact me/us.nous excuser de Suite à notre conversation Suite à votre annonce dans. here is some vocabulary useful in writing a business letter or e-mail. ..Re..if you need..accept our apologies for ....

Typical only of small. strictly referred to as parts sociales. family businesses that don't have the capital to form a SARL. the legal details of particular business types varies among English-speaking countries. Public Directors. Partnership of at least 2 associates. Single trader whose personal assets are not Sole partnership/Proprietorship. Société Anonyme SA Société en Nom Collectif SNC Entreprise Individuelle ² . Shares transferrable.500 Euro. Limited-liability company with 2-100 associates (1. Limited liability company of 7+ shareholders.Limited Liability 100 in Switzerland) and a Company/Corporation (US). which must have a Board of Corporation (US). are not freely transferrable. Shares.French Phrases: Types of business and talking about businesses Tweet 12 See also: French translation service The following is a list of what are probably the most common types of business in France and French-speaking countries. It is important to note that: y y the precise legal details of these different business types depend on the Frenchspeaking country in question.000 Euro. Abbreviation Explanation Nearest English/US equivalents French business type Société Anonyme à Responsabilité SARL Limitée The typical model of a small to medium sized company in France. the English equivalents are only approximate² as in French-speaking counties. who are personally liable for the company's debts. and a minimum Limited Company (UK) capital of just under 40. Limited Company (UK) minimum capital of around 7. and who Partnership are taxed on income.

when quoting the name of a French business in an English text.. In general... Société Anonyme fondée en 2001."... this is a legal requirement). you could simply write: The Société Anonyme Bonnaffaire.g. . not just the initials that are part of a company name). translators. the legal acts defining different company types are reasonably accessible via the Internet. "similar to." could be translated as: "Bonnaffaire. . . Sole Trader (UK) autoentrepreneur ² Simplified model of business introduced in 2009 aimed at individuals running business activities (e. a Société Anonyme (a type of French company similar to a PLC) founded in 2001. Single trader whose personal and business assets are legally separated.") indicating that this is just an approximate equivalent.." To avoid interrupting the flow of the text. it is recommendable to simply quote the French name.. it us usual to quote the name verbatim with its French company-type abbreviations. and include an appropriate footnote if you deem it necessary. Nowadays. students doing Sole trader extra freelance work plus other freelancers) who do not want the overhead of setting up a fully-fledged "business". For example: "Bonnaffaire.e.legally separated from those of the business. web site owners. possibly giving an English equivalent but with a phrase ("roughly equivalent to. French business names are usually followed by the initials specifying the type of business (and in some circumstances.. . founded in 2001... Limited Liability Partnership Entreprise Unipersonnelle à Responsabilité Limitée EURL Translating names of business types As in English. So when referring to a business type by its full name within a text (i.

arrangement accrédité a (Business etc) accredited accréditer vt (Business) to accredit someone (auprès de. Jur etc) relinquishment. (Finance) ~ des actions to renounce shares abattement nm (Finance) reduction. to) accréditif a (Business) accreditive accumulation nf (Commerce) stockpiling accusé nm (Commerce) acknowledgement. industrial injury accidenté nm (Administration) industrial injury victim accommodement nm (Finance) adjustment. subscription (auprès de. (Finance) ~ de l'option relinquishment of the option abandonner vt (Business. reimbursement accord nm (Business. yielding (of rights). ~ de réception (delivery) acknowledgement. Politics) to shelve. acknowledge receipt of sth achat nm (gen. with) abonner vr (Internet) to subscribe. delivery confirmation (also Internet) accuser vt (Commerce) ~ la réception de qch to confirm receipt of sth. Finance) merger accaparer vt (Commerce) to corner. a parcel . marketing etc. (Finance) ~ d'actif yielding of assets. Politics) agreement accord nm (Finance) settlement. The terms cover fields such as commerce. Finance) takeover absorption-fusion nf (Commerce. Commerce) purchase acheminement nm (Commerce) forwarding. abatement abondement nm (Finance) employer's contribution (to company saving scheme) abonné nm (Internet) subscriber abonnement nm (Internet) account. double-A (rating) AAA nf (Finance) (notation) ~ AAA (rating). administration. triple-A (rating) abandon nm (Finance. to. capture a market accès nm (Internet) access accident nm (Business) ~ du travail industrial accident. Finance) to take over a company absorption nf (Commerce. axe a project abandonner vt (Finance) ~ l'option to relinquish the option. auprès de. with) abri nm (Finance) ~ fiscal tax shelter absorber vt (Commerce. finance.French-English Business Glossary The following is a list of various French business terms and phrases taken from the main French dictionary. dispatching acheminer vt (Commerce) to forward. (Finance) ~ d'actions renunciation of shares. dispatch goods. sign up (à. See also: Translation services ABCDEFGHIJ KLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ AA nf (Finance) (notation) ~ AA (rating).

Telecomms) l'~ ADSL aéronef nm (Administration) aircraft affacturage nm (Jur. adopt adresse nf (Business) address adresse nf (Internet) ~ IP/URL IP/URL address ADSL n (Internet. certificate acte nm (Commerce) deed. Politics) agent aggloméré a (Administration) dense population agréé a (Commerce) authorised dealer. official deed. time (à. Commerce) acquisition acquit nm (Finance) receipt acquittement nm (Finance) payment. to) aménagement nm (Business. NAFTA allocation nf (Administration. Commerce) player actif nm (Finance) assets. venture affaire nf (Commerce) deal affaires nfp (Business) business affranchir vt (Administration) to stamp. Finance) factoring affaire nf (Business) business. purchase. agent aide nf (Business) ~ à la décision decision support ajournement nm (Business) adjournement ajourner vt (Business) to adjourn a meeting Aléna nm (Business. one-off deposit acquérir vt (Commerce. concern. certificate acteur nm (fig. buy acquisition nf (Finance. put a stamp on affranchissement nm (Administration) stamping. purchase acheteur nm (Commerce) buyer. Politics) development . Business) registered management and accounting association agence nf (Commerce) agency. settlement acte nm (Administration) formal acknowledgement.acheter vt (Commerce) to buy. administrator administration nf (Business) management. franking (of mail) AGA nf (Finance. office agent nm (Commerce. printed. drive action nf (Finance) share actionnaire nmf (Finance) shareholder actionnariat nm (Finance) shareholders actualiser vt (Finance) cash-flow actualisé discounted cash flow administrateur nm (Business) director. Politics) North American Free Trade Agreement. Business. administration adopter vt (Administration) to carry. credits actif nm (Administration) person in work action nf (Marketing. purchaser acompte nm (Commerce) initial. Finance) to acquire. Jur) allowance allouer vt (Administration) to allocate funds. Commerce) campaign.

Politics) amendment amont nm (Commerce. (Marketing) ~ des ventes sales analysis analyste nmf (Comput. marketing promotion année nf (Finance. Business) to cancel. ~ des coûts et rendements cost-benefit analysis. (Finance) ~ conjointe conjoint analysis. (Marketing) ~ des médias media analyst animation nf (Commerce) product promotion ~ commerciale marketing campaign.amendement nm (Business. Comput etc) upstream. (Business. Business) ~ de système system analysis. faiblesses. Business) ~ de systèmes systems analyst. (Business) ~ par segment cluster analysis. (Finance) ~ d'exercice financial year. (Commerce) ~ des opportunités et des menaces opportunity and threat analysis. Business) ~ budgétaire. trade-off analysis. ~ comptable financial year. call off a meeting anticipé a (Administration) advance. (Marketing) ~ du marché market analyst. (Business) ~ des forces. (Commerce) ~ des médias media analysis. (Finance) ~ du prix de revient cost analysis. Marketing) ~ de marché market analysis. above stream analyse nf (Business) ~ des besoins needs analysis. advertisement annoncer vt (Finance) to announce. (Finance) ~ coût-profit. (Business) ~ des forces et faiblesses strengths and weaknesses analysis. market survey. (Commerce. (Finance) ~ de paiements suspension of payments . Finance) ~ des tendances trend analysis. report results annonceur nm (Commerce) advertiser annuler vt (Administration. (Business) ~ du travail job analysis. (Comput. Marketing) ~ des marchés market research. early payment antihausse a (Finance) anti-inflation measures appel nm (Marketing) ~ à froid cold call approcher vt (Commerce) to approach a job candidate appui nm (Finance) backing arbitrage nm (Finance) arbitration arrêt nm (Business) leave arrêt nm (Commerce) ~ de livraisons suspension of deliveries. (Business. (Business) ~ civile calendar year. (Finance) ~ économique economic analysis. opportunités et menaces SWOT analysis. (Finance) ~ des coûts cost analysis. (Finance) ~ de référence base year annonce nf (Commerce) ~ (publicitaire) advert. (Finance) ~ d'imposition tax year. (Business) ~ sectorielle cross-section analysis.

up-front payment avantage nm (Finance) benefit avertissement nm (Administration) notice. Finance) ~ à subject to regulations assurable a (Finance) insurable assurance nf (Finance) insurance assurance-chômage nf (gen. Business) auditor augmentation nf (Business. amount overdue arriéré nm (Finance) back payment arriérer vt (Finance) to defer payment arrivage nm (Commerce) consignment. advance payment. funded from cashflow autofinancement nm (Commerce) self-financing. associate associer vt (Business) ~ qn à une entreprise to make sb a partner of a business associer vr (Business) to join together. Finance) unemployment insurance assurance-crédit nf (Finance) credit insurance assurance-incendie nf (Finance) fire insurance assurance-maladie nf (gen. . Finance) health insurance assurance-vieillesse nf (gen. delivery article nm (Commerce) item. warning avis nm (also Internet) à mon humble ~ in my humble opinion avis nm (Finance) advice. salary increase autofinancé a (Commerce) self-financed. form a partnership assujetti a (Business. insurance company assureur-conseil nm (Finance) insurance consultant audit nm (Finance. against) assureur nm (Finance) insurance broker. article (frm) ASCII n (Internet etc) art ~ ASCII art assemblée nf (Business) meeting association nf (Commerce) ~ de consommateurs consumer council association nf (Business) partnership associé a (Business) associate member associé nmf (Business) partner. Finance) pension scheme assurer vt (Finance) to insure goods (contre.arrêté nm (Finance) ~ de compte statement of account arriéré nm (Business) backlog (of work) arriéré nm (Finance) arrears. financing from cashflow avance nf (Finance) advance. Finance) ~ de salaire pay rise. pay increase. Business) audit auditeur nm (Finance.

(Finance) ~ de mise en recouvrement notice of assessment. (Stock Exchange) ~ d'opération sur titres contract note. (Finance) ~ de paiement payment advice. (Finance. Copyright (c) Javamex UK 2007. Stock Exchange) ~ de virement transfer advice avoir nm (Finance) assets. (Finance) ~ de remise remittance advice.(Finance) ~ d'appel (de fonds) call letter. (Finance) ~ de débit debit advice. resources All dictionary and editorial content written by Neil Coffey. All rights reserved. (Finance) ~ de crédit credit advice. (Finance) ~ d'imposition tax assessment. (Finance) ~ de rejet notice of insufficient funds (on a rejected cheque). (Finance) ~ de prélèvement direct debit advice. (Finance) ~ de retrait notice of withdrawal. . (Stock Exchange) ~ d'exécution contract note.

to spend Christmas with one's family ... . croire au père Noël passer la Noël1 en famille mettre des cadeaux sous l'arbre organiser une fête de Noël chanter des noëls Suggest a change / proposez une modification .merry Christmas! .to sing Christmas carols - . mes parents m'ont offert.my parents got me.what did you get for Christmas? what are you going to get your parents? .what do you want for Christmas? ..French Phrases: Christmas in French Tweet 10 Here is some vocabulary and phrases for talking about Christmas in French.I got.merry Chrimbles! (Slang) ..to believe in Father Christmas ....to have a Christmas party .. .to put presents under the tree . Noël à Noël cadeau de Noël carte de Noël bûche de Noël arbre de Noël pudding de Noël repas de Noël décorations de Noël offrir le jour de Noël la veille de Noël no l a no l kado d no l ka t( ) d no l by d no l a b d no l pudi d no l pan no l deko asjõn no l f i l ju d no l la v j d no l Christmas at Christmas Christmas present Christmas card Yule Log Christmas tree Christmas pudding Christmas lunch. Christmas dinner Christmas decorations to give (as a present) (on) Christmas Day (on) Christmas Eve Suggest a change / proposez une modification Phrases for talking about Christmas The following phrases are useful when talking about Christmas and Christmas presents in French: joyeux Noël! joyeux Nono! (Slang) qu'est-ce que tu veux pour Noël? qu'est-ce que tu as reçu comme cadeaux de Noël? qu'est-ce que tu vas offrir à tes parents? j'ai reçu.

. The word Noël is generally masculine.1. but can be feminine in the sense of 'Christmas period'.

Types of food in French These are very generic food terms. a piece of fruit seafood bread potatoes soup (thin) soup cheese Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Names of specific meats and fish in French These names of specific foods in French are all prefixed by du. For names of specific meats. de la viande du poisson des légumes un fruit des fruits de mer du pain des pommes de terre de la soupe du potage du fromage dla vj d dy pwasõ de legym æf i de f id m dy pæ de p m d t yn sup dy pota dy f ma meat fish vegetables some fruit. Types of meat in French de l'agneau du bifteck du boeuf du canard du chevreuil des cuisses de grenouille de la dinde d lanjo dy bift k dy b f dy kana dy v j de k iz d g nuj d la dæd lamb steak beef duck venison frogs' legs turkey . along with the French names of the main types of meat. de la or des. the appropriate word for 'some' in French1. fish and seafood. click here. vegetables etc in French. see below. The French names of fruit and vegetables are listed on the next page. For other terms used on French menus.French Phrases: Basic food terms in French Tweet 69 Below are the names of categories of food in French.

des escargots du jambon du lapin du porc de la poule du poulet des saucisses du veau de la volaille de z ska go dy bõ dy lapæ dy p d la pul dy pule de sosis dy vo d la volaj snails ham rabbit pork hen (served in soups) chicken sausages veal poultry Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Types of fish in French du cabillaud du haddock du hareng du maquereau de la morue des sardines du saumon du thon de la truite dy kabijo dy ad k dy a dy mak o d la m y de sa din dy somõ dy tõ d la t it (fresh) cod smoked haddock herring mackerel cod sardines salmon tuna trout Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Other seafood araignée de mer du calmar des coquilles SaintJacques du crabe des crevettes des crevettes grises des écrevisses du homard des huîtres des langoustines des moules a enjed m dy kalma de k kijsæ ak dy k ab de c v t de c v t g iz dez ek vis dy oma de z it de l gustin de mul spider crab squid scallops crab prawns shrimps crayfish lobster oysters scampi mussels .

replace du. de la and des with le.marinière des moules-frites du poulpe ma inj de mulf it dy pulp ... To say 'the' instead of 'some'. la and les respectively. ..in white wine sauce mussels and chips (common especially in Belgium) octopus Pronounce these words Suggest a change / proposez une modification Notes: 1...

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