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Overview of Maaza
y Maaza meaning enjoyment or fun y Since Infra Foodbrands acquired Maaza, it has started its

distribution in 33 countries, including Europe, West-Africa, North America, Canada and the Caribbean
y Mango drinks market

90% of fruit juice market in India:

1. Maaza dominating the market 2. Pepsi's Slice brand 3. Parle s Frooti

Maaza Market Share

PepsiCo 23% Coca Cola 49%



Others 10% Parle Agro 18%


40% 10%

Parent Company Category Sector Coca Cola Beverage Food Products Maaza lao Aam ki Pyaas bujhao. Maaza Mango Mango flavored soft drink . Taaza Tagline/ Slogan USP Mango.

Maaza was acquired by Coca-Cola India y 1995: The Union Beverages Factory had acquired rights to the Maaza brand in these countries through Maaza International Co Dubai. .History of Maaza y 1976: Maaza was launched in India. The Union Beverages Factory. began selling Maaza as a franchisee in the Middle East and Africa y 1993: In India . based in the UAE.

The Maaza Story Journey towards category leadership 1976 Parle launched Maaza 1993 Coca-Cola acquires Maaza 2005 Launch in PET 2000 Launch of Maaza in TBA 200S 2002 Maaza taps mom kid relationship .

Caribean and West-African market and cooperates with House of Spices for the North American market. y 2011: Maaza launches Maaza Milky Delite in Kolkata .y 2005: Maaza was acquired by House of Spices for the North American market. y 2006: Infra Foodbrands acquired Maaza for the European.

Marketing Mix .

Flavours y Mango y Tropical y Guava y Lychee y Passion Fruit y Pineapple y Banana y Papaya y Fruit Punch y Guanabana .

‡ Maaza (mango drink) y Maaza Milky Delite .


The effort is to capitalize on the mother and child bonding.  Combination of the famous Alphonso and Totapuri varieties of Mango pulp. .  This product targets target mothers. Pulpy taste as compared to Frooti Slightly sweeter than Slice.  Formulated taking into consideration the nutritional and health aspects.

Maaza Brand Evolution Milk .


y Launched only in Kolkata in August. y Maaza Milky Delite is made out of great quality mango pulp blended with milk. . y The launch signified Coca-Cola India s foray into the dairy segment. 2010. providing Indian consumers with a truly refreshing and delightful experience.

.y This product is targeted at teenagers and young adults. that it is able to withstand the Indian weather conditions and has a shelf life of 4 months. y Extensive consumer research and stability tests have been conducted to ensure that Maaza Milky Delite matched the taste preferences of the Indian consumers. y The product has been formulated in such a manner.

Marketing Mix .

5 litre Pet bottles and even to tetrapack. y Maaza follows the market-penetration pricing strategy among the major players in Asia market. .y Maaza also experimented with packaging. out-of-home. on-the-move. in-home. The brand has ventured into smart attractive 1.

12 Rs. 15 Rs. 52 . 30 Rs.52 Maaza Various Packs 30 1200 ml PET 600 PET 1200 600 ml 12 15 PET 250 250 ml 10 RGB 200 200 ml 125 ml 100 ml TBA 200 Rs.

Marketing Mix .

Maaza hai Naam y The brand later metamorphosed to include the fun element. The tagline was changed to the famous jingle Taaza Mango .y Core brand value for Maaza is "Wholesome Funfilled Real Fruit Experience y Initial Tagline - Botal Main AAM. Maaza Mango .

. y The new promotional campaign featuring Satish Shah takes the brand to the next level of Friendship and Fun.y Maaza was targeted at the whole family.

. not even the cute child next door.y A retired no-nonsense uncle. who is obsessed with the mangoes in his garden and nothing in the world can make him part with them. But the overwhelming desire to drink Maaza compels the uncle to offer the ripe juicy mangoes in exchange for the delicious Maaza. all of which translates into a sweet revenge for the child. Satish Shah.

the innovative consumer proposition of Maaza Milky Delite is best explained by the brand s tagline Sharing not possible a taste so irresistible that one would not want to share it with anyone! .y As for Maaza Milky Delite.

best explained by the tagline Maaza Lao. Aam Ki Pyaas Bujhao .y New communication aims to take Mango s connect with Maaza to the next level by positioning it as the Ultimate thirst quencher of Mango.

y The 360-degree marketing communication plan involves organizing road shows including extensive experiential sampling sessions. presence in engaging touch points etc.Integrated communication program y Integrated communication program includes mass media advertising and leveraging a range of below the line channels including out-of-home (OOH) media. y Aggressive consumer activation campaign to market Maaza Milky Delite in the selected channels and outlets in Kolkata.ground. . point of sale merchandise and rolling out on-the.

Marketing Mix .

. y While Maaza Milky Delite is currently available only in Kolkata. plans have been made to expand its availability and distribution I major cities of India. y It also uses major and minor retail outlets for increasing its sales.y Maaza has excellent distribution and availability all over India.

y The major advantage Maaza has that it uses its already existing vast distribution network under its parent company CocaCola India. and steadily increasing . y Effective.

Recommendations .

Eg: frooti chooto pack. Eg: Leh Berry (antiaging) . y Mini-packs can be introduced for the lower segment in the market. These mini-packs can serve a multi-purpose of being a drink as well as ice-lollies (for kids) y Maaza should be publicized more as a energy (isotonics) and functional drink.Product: Product: y The drink should be thicker and be promoted as a bhook + pyaas drink. It creates a string hook.

y The packaging is a silent salesman. . The packaging of the tetrapack should be more attractive and colorful. low-cal and sugar-free.Product: y In order for it to be called as a functional drink. the drink should be positioned as a calcium fortified drink. y Maaza should be introduced for diabetic patients as well. Also the shape of the glass bottle should be more attractive and colorful.

but additional offerings should be made along with the product. so that consumers of all ages are attracted.Price: Price: y The current prices are reasonable. stickers for children lucky draws for Adults . eg: goodies.Holiday gift packages y The current market of mango drinks is becoming highly price sensitive and extremely competitive .

Maaza should obtain more brand recognition y A child artist and a celebrity actress(mother) should act as a brand ambassadors for this brand. They will personify the Fun and Friendliness image of Maaza. . The advertisements should be catchy and funny. portraying Maaza as a health and energy drink in urban as well as rural areas is necessary. More advertisements. Eventually.Promotion: Promotion: y The brand has to shout.

Promotion: y Inter-school competitions should be held under the Maaza brand name. y Buy out competition . y Retailers should be given rewards on selling of maximum number of Maaza drinks every 3 months. This would encourage retailers to push the product to the consumer.

Place: Place: y As Maaza promotes itself to be a health drink. hospital cafeteria units should be encouraged to sell Maaza. . it presence in school and college cafeterias should be encouraged y At the same time.

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