1. When winter holiday arrives I feel like a. yeeeeey sleeping, reading, watching movies! b.

partying all the time c. skiing all day long...and night

2. How do you describe your last winter holiday? a. It was peaceful. I spent it with my parents. I watched a lot of documentaries... b. Full of action! My friends and I, had a lot parties... c. On skislope and on icering...

3. How would you describe yourself? a. quite, peaceful and balanced b. I`ve got the moooooves like Jagger! c. ambitious, longing for adventure

4. You are about to be REBORN. What country would you choose to live your new life? a. Austria or France b. Spain or Italy c. Switzerland or Austria

5. The greatest achievement is connected to: a. professional life b. personal life c. leisure activities

6. I would like to work in a: a. multinational company, in a big office

embraced by Mother Nature 7. psychology c. What kind of books do you like? a. sociology.b. adventure books Results: 4 or more A: Viena B: Ibiza C: Switzerland . anatomy. history. outside. true stories b. in an art gallery. meeting new people c.