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As it spreads

local people
Buddha, Gautama,
achieves Today it is adapt
enlightenment a major Buddhism to
through meditation world- their own
and renounces wide native
worldly wealth religious

by Prince Major Originated in
Siddharth Teachings of India- Spreads
a throughout
Buddhism China and
He sought a Asia
understanding of
the pain and
suffering he saw
in the world
Four Noble Truths and the
Eightfold Path
Rebirth The Four Noble Truths explain Karma
The ultimate goal of a the cause and impact of Our actions, good or
Buddhist is to end the cycle suffering on our lives. It bad, determine our
of rebirth by achieving the recognizes that suffering is part karma. Good actions
highest state of of the human existence, but it over bad actions will
enlightenment known as emphasizes that humans can promote more
Nirvana. In this state we learn to cope and minimize pain happiness.
become free of suffering. by letting go of desires. The
Eightfold Path provides a plan
for doing so, by correct moral
actions, meditation and mental