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19, 2005

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Who would"'6ave thought it would come (-his? In my mind this is
' tin fi' . ....It is
. is d we both need to ask God for forgiveness
t ontr01 of out liVes tneteby US and '.
our family unity. ietus hope and pray he forgives us
and allow us to an, opportuni ty to learn from our mistakes and
move with
I don't khow who said when,
importantly; how. cobld you beli.eve' them
-t-hrough wi thout giving me' the --b-enefft of
I/.I:::!'tt "Should rememeer about me, whether I' m
". . 't
.. . .'.
YqII , cob1d h a v e,' " any
only obtain erroneous ihformation about

i n9 .
me. Believe it when
'tell you 1 have nothi'ng t'o hi,.d,e. '1'here ar,e two things a marriage
should have; in 'or:der;, to ma,intain a harmonious an,d mea.ningful
relationsh'ip be"lE personal en:, business. Those two things'are
·aoo. ucommunication. i'. : Without them a marriage can not
I survive. vve have lost the ability to do both. you
, Utold m.not to cBl1 and you were gonna change of \;
. your nu era, 1 decided; iJight . tJ1.en and there to file for the
divorce Something I truely believe you. wanted, but somehow
, ' t .lot t.e'l+arour,d.;.eo dOling it, sol: t'Qokt:fte i ni tiati va to 'do"
" so. , If 11' ami t i't' ',Jor me.' I' star ted remi niseI ng'
about good times .you and, I'-'shared. Then, repli.ty sel in
pointing out truth of the this a6 opposed' to
! • then. I felt I hAd no other choice and that it was necessary to
) file for the divorce in order fo proyide soltte, ,type of refief and
I •
as w(Flll'
e '-angeil

for the both of,....,\.lS O.h the personal and_ business side
. .,;;, ", ..n .""",, ·k.· .,..,.-,-,/.,.­
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you dl.spla·yed ,tgwards me. was unjustifiable and
rten'ing. For example I l;.,ell ing me after at Ithesl2'
nothing to you and was not your probfim.
\ Me. t point in my life I felt like ,someone had stuck a knife in "
my hea and r6bbed me of my soul. you spoke those words to , .
me all 1 think about was the . many times you said and.\· "
assured me, IIth,at no matter what happened would be the one .,",
tha t would help me get,ou t of pr ison. .. I bel i eved you because I
thought you loved- IDeas much as I loved, you. ! believed in you,
when no one' e'lse did. I am the. man you dec ioed to have a cHi leI -.
with, the one you fought so many battles with. So when you spoke
words I knew it was over for us as husband and wjfe .
insult to injury assured on the business tip during
conversation that you were in agreement wi th the
ed settlement that I was developing with knight's attorney.
agreed to add some addi tional that you wanted to
So I got of f the phone under the impress ion that we
were of the same set. Only to find out later' on that you had
changed the game plan by going pro-per and notifyi09 the enemy in
writin.g not to communicate with me my anymore,
"" I
in regards to the settlement. When you made those moves we w e ~ t
from the strongest possible position in the negotiation to the
weakes t poin t ever. You broke the number one rule in var .• "you
never let the enemy know what you are thinking. And the most
dangerous rule of them all is you never let the enemy know the
team is split or divided on anything. You gave them life again,
what's worse you disrespected your man in the process. H ~ w
could you forget he slandered my name too? He stole from uS not
just you. This was suppose to be our day not just yours to
rega in what was taken from us. I don't real I y care who's nam.e
was on the judgment because it was awarded to the Harris's. In
my opinion, we lost our family wh ich is more vaulable than ally
amount of money Suge could have possibly lost.
Based on your words and actions it has became absolutely clear to
me that we had two separate agendas. Mine of course remain th&
same as always which is to secure my freedom, never giving up an
the fight no matter what gets in my way. And for you, it seems
your goal is to become famous at my expense. So I guess marriage
turned< out to be nothing but a game to you. And one might even
say you played me well. In actually I was simply a man who loved
his wife and child. So you see, in my view the game of life
doesn't really change that much, people do.
I'm writing you this letter on Father's Day. Based on the
present situation I am not able to hear my child's sweet innocent
voice. Lydia, I would never deny you access to our child under
no circumstances, and that brings me to my next point. I did not
file for sole custody in the petition.- I filed for joint custody
only. -It has been five years since I've seen my daughtert but it
seems like a lifetime to me. Prison is should not be used as an
excuse to alienate a parent from their child. I will no longer
allow this to be the case. She need to know who I am. Make no
mistake, in no way am I proud of where 1'm at. But in the same
breath I'm not ashamed of who I am and nei ther should she be.
She is intell igent and old enough to understand. If you truely
love her where is the respect she deserves? It would be better
for her to learn the truth from us as oppose to learning it from
someone else. We owe her that much as loving and caring
In closing I would like to touch upon the judgment/settlement
issue that has divided the main players. Fi rst, let me back up.
Achieving this judgment required a collective effort which
consisted of you, Mark t the firmt and myself. We all have vested
interest in the judgment, and we all did our part to make it
happen. Lydiat when you are blessed to be place in a power seat
you should never abuse your authority. The bible says, "there is
a season for everything." (Ecclesiasts 3:1-8. It goes on to say
God is in perfect control of all things. So what he gives he can
also take awayt especially when we take on the ways of the evil
ones. Throughout this long process I would venture to say we
have all made mistakes, that IS wha t humans do. God does not ask
us to forget those who trust pass against us. But he does ask us
to forgive those who trust pass against us for our own sake. If
we choose to disobey, when the time come and we ask for mercy and
forgiveness we will not receive it. This is not my words but
those of the creator. So the ball is in your court t are you
( 2 )
gonna shoot it or pass it? The window of opportunity in regards
to closing this deal wi th Suge is closing fast. It I S really
get ting out of hand. Our biggest payday in a long time could
dissapear right in front of our very eyes because of lack of
trust and communication on our part. This madness has got to
end if we are to accomplish our objective.
Lydia t I believe the objective can be achieved by setting up a
meeting with everyone who has a vested interest in the Death Row
judgment. Which would include you, Mark, Cassleman/firmt Alvin
Brown t and myse 1 f if necessary. I have given Al the powe r of
at torney to represent me in these rna t ters. I will have him
forward a copy of the Power of Attorney to you immediately for
your records. In regards to our Dissolution of Marriage we can
agree to settle it out of court via a Marrital Settlement
Agreement which will include joint legal and physical child
custody with reasonable visitation and Al can handle those
matters as well if you prefer.
I sincerely hope and pray that you receive this letter in the
same spirit in which it was written which is with love.
had your back,
Th" ,WhO fal ways
/4). I 'i I ,
I /J II" fL' ,&> 1",,: ,I -:-tUvv-<i
Michael R. Harris
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