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Fix Syntaxed Language That is Simple

Fix Syntaxed Language That is Simple

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Published by: alejomay on Jan 05, 2012
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fix syntaxed language that is simple, powerful and extensible.

GOO is an acronym for Generic Object Orientator.
GOO supercedes preproto.

GOO's manual (htm pdf) and mail and news. Why GOO is especially object-oriented. Here are slides on GOO, its implementation, and bootstrapping adapted from lectures prepared for and given for an mit seminar about preproto. Here is a general introduction to the philosophy behind GOO. Here is a proposal for parameterized types for GOO. GOO at Eighteen Months. Here is a new proposal for viral GOO. Embedding C in GOO intro and talk

Da NEWiest GOOiest with bignums:

Da NEW GOO with Embeddable C:
goo-0_154-any-dev.tar.gz vcgoo154a.zip

Da LAST Stable GOO:
goo-0_153-any-dev.tar.gz vcgoo153a.zip

Send bug reports and suggestions to jrb@googoogaga.org. GOO mailing list

GOO Ops:
Jonathan Bachrach James Knight

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