Architectural Lighting.

Architectural Lighting. 04 06 08 10 12 14 18 20 24 26 Footbridge, Bad Homburg New Yorker Headquarters, Braunschweig Showroom Brax (Halle 29), Düsseldorf Foyer Parliament Vienna Departure Hall, Airport Cologne-Bonn Gasteig München GmbH, Munich AXA, Utrecht Deutsche Post AG Headquarters, Bonn Shopping Mall ”Forum Wetzlar“ Shopping Mall ”Breuningerland Sindelfingen“


The market characterised by high-speed change therefore demands in this segment excellent variable standard ranges as well as highly complex special solutions. Together they form an impressive. Modern architecture and up-todate design are values which can set buildings. rooms and companies and organisations associated with them apart from the mainstream. architecture is increasingly acquiring a greater role and receiving more attention when it is a matter of presenting corporate values and public prestige. light. Space. . Technical building management and lighting design are inseparable components of a holistic lighting solution which we develop jointly with our customers. Architecture and the lighting design associated with it Architectural applications are therefore to be viewed as the royal discipline of lighting design is occupying an increasingly larger guiding example function. modern attitude to which we feel committed.Architecture and lighting culture At the start of the 21st century. design and ecology provide the new architecture with a characteristic dimension.

Footbridge. Bad Homburg .

Ansorg’s task is the development of the primary and secondary optics of this LED. Bad Homburg “Ansorg is an active partner/member of the NanoLux project promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the development of a 1000 lumen high-performance LED.Footbridge.” Ansorg development department 5 .

Braunschweig .New Yorker Headquarters.

basically the light of a candle suffices.“A library is an enormous place. there is too much artificial light on earth as one can see to one’s horror upon nocturnal observation during a photographic circumnavigation of the globe. therefore twilight and remoteness from everyday life is good for inspiration.” Prof. thoughts. a service station of knowledge. books linearly arranged in rows upon rows by means of discipline and grammar the diffuse structure of ideas. chapters. In letters. Karsten K. words. to be stimulated. context and meaning. Day and night were not invented without good reason. Architect 7 . deliberations and brain-waves has become expression and language. sentences. Krebs. In order to read in it. Besides. Besides light.

Showroom Brax (Halle 29).. Düsseldorf Think Light 1 “All matter is light.” Louis Kahn (1901–1974) 8 . In silence there is a tendency towards expression. in light one towards a work.. when it becomes matter. it does not stop being light.

Showroom Brax (Halle 29). Düsseldorf .

Foyer Parliament Vienna .

since the specially developed prism system not only makes the room appear twice as high.“The concept of the foyer follows the approach of bringing together the new areas of the foyer to be created in a generously dimensioned space continuum and generating orientation-friendly series of spaces rich in experience. in the individual luminaire segments. Precisely positioned light generates functional and creative structures.” Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler Architects 11 . but. at the same time generates the image of a vaulted ceiling. The newly created luminous ceiling makes it possible to communicate with the historical architecture.

Airport Cologne-Bonn .Departure Hall.


Munich Flughafen Köln-Bonn (Lichtplaner Michael Rhode) .Seite 16 Gasteig München GmbH.

It is more important to vary the light sources.” Jean Nouvel. to direct natural or artificial lighting.Gasteig München GmbH. to play with light and shade. Munich Think Light 2 “Natural light is not simply everything. Architekt (1988) 15 .

antiglare and thermally unproblematic orchestra lighting system as well as its integration into the platform equipment infrastructure. i-d-lite 16 .” Christian Spork.“The primary planning objective was a homogeneous.

Philharmonic. Munich . Gasteig München GmbH.

Utrecht .AXA.

Utrecht .AXA.

Bonn .Deutsche Post AG Headquarters.

Rohde. It was. after all.” Michael F. transparency and reflection. The lights used were only to become apparent because of their distribution of light and not their design. While we were planning the lights we found it increasingly important to detail the lighting in such a way that it had an integral as opposed to an applied effect in an architectural context. L-Plan 21 . the task to incorporate light art and planning both inside and out into the architectural concept.“The structural volume of the Post TOWER takes on a to-date unknown dimension and meaning through the interaction of light.

Bonn .Deutsche Post AG Headquarters.

Think Light 3 “Architecture is the wise and correct play of bodies in light.” Le Corbusier (1923) Deutsche Post AG Headquarters. Bonn .

Shopping Mall “Forum Wetzlar” .

In that way.” Mariana Theiling. Hardly perceptible for the visitor. the light mood changes from sunrise to the bright daytime surroundings via twilight lighting to the warm night-time mood. the light is always felt to be pleasant and to be right as regards human perception.“With artificial light we take up the model of the day light and support the course of the day light by means of differentiated light regulation. Lighting Department ECE Projektmanagement GmbH Anna-Karin Heidbreder. Interior Architecture ECE Projektmanagement GmbH 25 .

Shopping Mall “Breuningerland Sindelfingen” .


Diessen Lighting design: Luxoom GmbH. Braunschweig Architecture: Prof. Hennef Gasteig München GmbH. Karsten K. Hannover Lighting: Ansorg GmbH. Berlin Photos: Hans Georg Esch. Mülheim Photos: Hans Georg Esch. Mülheim Photos: Günter Claus. Melle Lighting: Ansorg GmbH. Munich Architecture: Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler. Hennef Foyer Parliament Vienna Departure Hall. Vienna Lighting design: Bartenbach Licht labor GmbH. Airport Cologne-Bonn Architecture: Murphy/Jahn. Düsseldorf Showroom Brax (Halle 29). Düsseldorf Architecture: Ingenieur- und Planungsbüro Spannhoff. Mülheim Architecture (rebuild): Arge Lyps. Christian Spork. Bahls und Partner. Hennef 28 . Hennef Architecture: Schlaich Bergermann und Partner.Overview Architectural Lighting Footbridge. Mülheim Photos: Hans Georg Esch. Aldrans/Innsbruck Photos: Max Schulz. Krebs. Berlin Photos: Hans Georg Esch. Chicago Lighting design: L-Plan. Stuttgart Lighting: Ansorg GmbH. Michael Rhode. Bad Homburg New Yorker Headquarters.

Bonn Architecture: Helmut Jahn. Aldrans/ Innsbruck Photos: Hans Georg Esch. Munich Lighting design: id-lite. Michael Rhode.AXA. Michael Rhode. Hennef Shopping Mall ”Breuningerland Sindelfingen” Architecture: ECE Projektmanagement. Hamburg Lighting design: L-Plan. Hennef Philharmonic Gasteig München GmbH. Berlin Photos: Hans Georg Esch. Berlin Photos: Hans Georg Esch. Chicago Lighting design: L-Plan. Murphy/Jahn. Amsterdam/Ansorg Netherlands Photos: Hans Georg Esch. Christian Spork. Utrecht Deutsche Post AG Headquarters. Hennef 29 . Hennef Shopping Mall ”Forum Wetzlar” Architecture: ECE Projektmanagement. Berlin Photos: Hans Georg Esch. Hamburg Lightig design: Bartenbach Lichtlabor GmbH. Hennef Architecture: De Jong Gortemaker Architects. Gouda Lighting design: QuA Associates.

Range of Products for all Requirements. Architectural Lighting. Food Lighting. Retail Lighting. Spotlights Boxx Brick Tecno Cardo Elettra Stage Recessed spotlights/ wallwashers Peak Bola Punta Aura Cardo Area Downlights Maxx Pizza Linea Starlite Ambience Cavea Solaris Plainlite Suspended & wall mounted luminaires Sino Cupola Cone Colina Cardo Maxx Pantheon Light Emitting Diodes LEDdot LEDstripe Systems Cardo Lightsripe Vario Redirecting systems Hyperion Pantheon Beam Spiegel Accessories Tracks Conventional ballast KVG Electronic ballast EVG Transformer NV Supply units Lamps 30 .

5 Consistent commitment to professional quality management and highest product quality 31 . 4 Economical solutions as a result of forward-looking application of innovative and efficient lighting technology. Core Competence of Ansorg 1 Development of holistic lighting concepts as an integral component of architecture. 3 Know-how based project competence and many years of experience. 2 Design and realisation of individual lighting solutions on the basis of specified application specifications from architects and lighting planners.


com UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Ansorg GmbH Dubai Branch Fon +971 / 50 48 25 153 Ansorg NETHERLANDS Gebouw 20 De Oude Molen 4 NL-1184 VW Ouderkerk aan de Amstel Fon +31 / 20 / 5 69 38 40 Fax +31 / 20 / 5 69 38 41 info-nl@ansorg. Production: Günter van Sambeck NORWAY / SWEDEN Focus Lysdesign A/S Stockfleths Gate 51 N-0415 Oslo Fon + 47 / 23 / 23 31 60 Fax +47 / 23 / 23 31 70 info-no@ansorg.www. Bernd Meissner. Basel. Ansorg always tries to respect the rights of third parties.ansorg. Should it not be stated in individual Ansorg SWITZERLAND Klünenfeldstraße 22 CH-4127 Birsfelden Fon +41 / 61 / 3 76 15 12 Fax +41 / 61 / 3 76 15 07 Ansorg FRANCE 3. Concept/Design: MMBM.1200 info@ansorg. this is an oversight and will be corrected accordingly.0 Fax +49 / 208 / 48 46 . rue Caroline F-75017 Paris Fon +33 / 1 / 44 69 95 10 Fax +33 / 1 / 44 69 95 11 Ansorg UNITED KINGDOM 30 Clerkenwell Road GB-London EC1M 5PG Fon +44 / 20 / 76 08 62 62 Fax +44 / 20 / 76 08 62 63 Models and patents registered or applied Ansorg GmbH Solinger Straße 19 D-45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr Fon +49 / 208 / 48 46 . Krefeld. Copyrights reserved. Singen. . Lithography: Color Pac GmbH.

Think Light. Think Quality. .

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