I liked the technique they Smita Roy used in making the front two tomatoes in focus whilst the

tomatoes at the back are out of focus which emphasizes the images at the front and shows the relation between in terms of distance between the tomatoes at the back and those at the front.


I like the position of the tomatoes in focus because the toppling over of the tomatoes reflects the idea of the tomatoes being freshly picked and unintentionally positioned on the table.

I like the bright red colour of the tomato makes the image vibrant and the sudden contrasting green of the tomato stalks that stand out of the image. I like the use of close up shot for the tomatoes because it emphasizes the object. I like the natural tones of the tomatoes that vary from dark red to light red which works well with the lighting of the object as it shows the parts that are exposed to light and the parts that aren t.

I like how the image is lighted because the light source in this image highlights the tomatoes skin giving an impression of freshness and also emphasizing the water droplets as it reflects the light.

I like the use of water droplets on the tomatoes which exaggerates the freshness of the tomatoes.

Smita Roy

I used a close up shot for the tomatoes so that the objects at the back look smaller in relation to the objects at the front.

My Attempt

I used red tomatoes to copy the original and made sure each tomato was ripe and vibrant red with bright green stalks.

I tried to capture the picture so that the front two tomatoes is in focus and the rest at the back are out of focus emphasizing the objects at the front.

I tried to position my tomatoes like the original with two at the front and few at the back.

My source of light for this image was sunlight and so I positioned the tomatoes in a way where the skin of the tomato reflect the sunlight and gives a fresh appeal to the tomatoes.

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