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The One Barnet Transformation Programme Presentation 29 Nov 11

The One Barnet Transformation Programme Presentation 29 Nov 11

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The One Barnet Transformation Programme Presentation 29 Nov 11
The One Barnet Transformation Programme Presentation 29 Nov 11

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Published by: MisterMustard on Jan 05, 2012
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The One Barnet Transformation Programme

Andrew Travers London Borough of Barnet

What are the challenges we face?

60% 15% 57% 12% 51% 17% 51% 27%

Barnet BVPI (03/04)

Barnet BVPI (06/07)

Barnet Place Survey (08/09)

Barnet Perceptions (10/11)



The graph of doom

100 150 200 250 300 350 50 0
2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22 2022/23 2023/24 2024/25 2025/26 2026/27 2027/28 2028/29 2029/30 2030/31 2031/32

Adults Social Care Net budget Children's Services Alternative budget?

Regeneration and infrastructure
Three core areas:

‡ Mill Hill ± new London suburb, with Council as joint venture partner ‡ Colindale ± growth area based around revitalised transport hub ‡ Brent Cross ± major regional development, jobs, homes and leisure. ‡ 7,000 homes by 2016, 28,000 by 2026
The total cost of all required infrastructure for the 2011-16 period is £247m across 125 µcritical¶ and µnecessary¶ planned projects.

The total potential funding from all identified mechanisms in 2011-16 is £159m. This leaves a total Infrastructure Funding Gap of £88m for all required infrastructure during the 2011-16 period.

From easyCouncil«

« to One Barnet

A citizen-centred council
A new A one public relationship sector with citizens approach A relentless drive for efficiency

The Deal ± A new relationship with citizens
What we will do for residents What residents will do with us

Provide clear information Tailor services for residents Spending every pound as efficiently as possible

Make best use of opportunities

Do all they can to support themselves, families, community

Public Sector Partnerships



Community Partnerships
Community Coaches

Big Society Innovation Fund


Private Sector Partnerships
Development and Regulatory Services
A growing challenge 
28,000 new homes with associated schools, health facilities, parks and open spaces by 2026  Procurement of strategic place management function  Savings and service improvement  Dialogue two starts in January

Private Sector Partnerships
New Support & Customer Services Organisation
Driving through change 
Better web-based information and interaction  Excellent customer insight  Advocates for the customer experience  Manage supply chain with the client side  Integrating all support services  Savings and service improvement  Dialogue two starts in Spring 2011

A Commissioning Council

Commissioning Council
Development & Regulatory Services Trading Company

Local Partners

Internal Delivery Units

External Delivery Units

Customer Services Organisation

Back Office Support Services

Andrew Travers andrew.travers@barnet.gov.uk

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