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Fly High 3 Pupil's Book

Fly High 3 Pupil's Book

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PE. 8 They olwoys wokeup eorly.negotive. Englond. April. days be. He's ONSWCTS Content be.saucepon 28 30 continuous: offirmotive 32 Present negotive 34 Present continuous: questions short 36 ond Present continuous: onswers Let's. toste go shopping.sugor.brove frghtgo for o wallcswing. Morch.wotel flour.floof strowberry. evening.butter There is/There Howmuch/How ore. toxi you suitcose.tolk. airport. l0 You to ll Areyougoing town? here. like 7 She doesn't meot.watermelon. yeal mountoin.rope woit move.want got: l0 hove offirmofive questions short 12 got:negotive. sheep/sheep. stop.thief. ond Present short onswers lhe/she/itl simple odverbs ond of Present frequency simple Present 18 20 22 24 26 Story: months theyeor The of Solly's summet outumn.doorbell. short onswers fI/you/we/they) questions simple: negotive. I'vegoto comero.weekend. holf towel.chose. is trumpet. peoch. 38 Imperotives: Dont 40 Presentcontinuous 42 oQjectives Possessive Whose?ondpossessive's some/ony 44 46 48 50 52 toothbrush. ond hove onswers got 14 Moths. leorn. Argentino. smile mop. July. Februory. 8 Story: Snowy Solly's Review I ThetlyHtgh yeor Ourwonderful porcel.bird. winter Seosons: spring. flag. Review 2 TheFlyHtgh Fun Time I A fonbstic odventure 9 I'mcooking. drums. supermorket.mouse/mice.j. AugustSeptember October December November. leaf meot excited. Greece shy. postmon. postfive concert. 16 There much Story: bobies hungry! The ore Solly's 4 TheflyHighReview Phonics: g. dinosaur.money. strow. trumpet. /efs tomoto/tom boby/bobies.FlyHigh3 girls Hello. Jonuory. postcord. x : k.June.juice. ploybosketboll? ski. shompoo. holidoy.Englond. fromAfrico.lote.Turkey. Areyouon holidoy? Austrolia icecreom.English. ondboys! Ourgrcotfriends I 2 3 4 ount. sondwich/sondwiches 54 . ring moke. orgue reody. Ukroine. 6 Dothey winter.hove Art.dish. swimsuit. musicol instruments.early. fronce. Irregulor pototo/pototoes. of theweek t6 simple: offirmotive Present questions ond Present simple: negotive. oronge thirsty.snow wind sun.Chino. 14 This Trumpets got oronges.shorts. 15 We've some isn't spoghetti. tambourine keyboord. Hove gotyourposspoG? possportticket. comes seven.much/mony/lots plurols. dinner. postmon morning.bored. Africo. show. librory. fruit fridge. summer pando. shirt. History. spoghetti. cheese. 12 Woit Story: beor The fight Solly's 3 Review the Flylllgh fovourite things Our got 13 He's mytoothbrush. otoes.home. offirmotive questions short ond be. wotchM photoalbum. of mony. sunglosses. cinema. oren't helping. gloss. Weother: roin. of 5 The ofternoon.wosh. Don't move. Months: May. wokeup. wolf/wolves. cook.uncle cousin. letter. buy. plone.

sick. the Solly? 23 Wehodo wonderfultime.nurse.dirty. with A conioge. (regulorl: Post simple offirmotive questions Post simple ond {regulor): short onswers (irregulor): Post simple offirmotive (irregulor): questions Post simple ond short onswers Post simple sandcostle. Present simple community mogozine. throw. meet dive littet desertcamel. medicine. cove Comporotives superlotives ond Reod Trumpet weekin NewYork boot island. continuous.dr. zoo 19 Wewereintheployground. hotel. in Britoin spider.rhino.gymnostics.fishermon.NewYear. fat cry. poncokes buns. lontern.junglg Wrrot snoryoceon co /can'tforpermission n musVmustn't pronouns Object will/won'tlor fulure musUmusn? Phonics: cr. neor. librorion. thin world. got uniform. ond short onswers Superlotives. conteen. spode. busdriver Reod Trumpet with plant.sun wonied. firefighter. musUmustn't ourworld ugly. superlotives wos/were. third. Bonfire Night bonfire.fourth. 2t-100 Comporotives Comporotives. Present simple. fire lodder.newspaper cleonup. Post one simple onethousond Reod Trumpet with People my in doctol hospitol.custord. sun first.gr.stt.ombulonce yesterdoy bondoge. can stotue. dry.young. fishond chips. tr br.second.Corrie. shell.school gym.restouront museum. million. in 22 Didyouwosh floor. teo. is l8 The best intheworld.journey. looking grow. bucket.floor proud. wos/were ph. wet.bin The flyHigh Music Show MyPicture Dictionory 98 99 100 t0l t02 r03 104 i06 . Present simple.heovy.Christrnos Reod Trumpet British with A towncentreshopping mall. Reod Trumpet with Amozing holidoys Russio.prize moyor.Ouromozing world 17 Trumpet stronger.finger gropes.be. Turkey. sixth. reporter.draw giroffe. pupil. work. offirmotive questions wos/were negotive.hove Britoin. sofe 28 We'll meet ogoin.Horvest Day. tibrory Reod Trumoef: in Britoin with Food cereal. be 27 You're withus. firework. far. occidentmiddle. cook Reod Trumpet with Speciol Mother's give. hill. Solly's Story: beoutifulworld Our The Flylllgh Review 7 Fun Time 3 Reod Trumpet doyotschool with A teom. 20 There weren't chocolotes ony Solly's Amozing Story: world The tlylllgh Review 5 Fun Time 2 A lovelysurprise 2l Wedonced theOlympics. you your 24 Did drink milk? Solly's Story: week London A in TheFlylligh Review 6 Ourfontostic holidoy 25 Con moke sondcostle? we o 26 Youmust brove. ofter waste.morket sell.lost fifth.both. stoy. stuckmonster sofe. building. station.th 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 oA photographer. cream. soll vinegor.furniture. some/mony/lots of pudding. Phonics: ch. Present simple pumpkin. scored. FothelsDoy. present film.need. sove osk. ormbands. phone flippers. doys Festiva[ Holloween.

/..i'" /---\ \\t \ l . 'v .*.-' -\ ... i \ ..-\ \/\ { r\ wr I k.-\ . .w l\G/) o \ . ( \ L{\ afl-. '/.V J\ \rJ \/ t{ / r-cr 'z-4 .. )\ r..

*r e l l c 1':l lii va ..j ei i l . r .'i-is llr^'1j1. l ri r i e t i r -i frcre i r th e i tn s 'ic rirk e: i 0 n g s c n d b o o ks a n d l u i r rr l: ei'3 1. i'i: VOilr frilr. \ r / 7i) . n n q n qi i sh o l i th e ye u r .. l s 1 1 . ii-ri.e l ct. evet\rone! ' . c ' aii.'. rlr. \:.^7g Ofe hei'C I ' ri.^1 : .1. C Q l .r vrir. i ]:t'isitl i l r . i r i S l c l b r -rvs./(rr lv\ . t li l \ r o i . .:i.d .ioys.t i. : 1 " t t ' l s n c jb oys.tl Writethe nomes. :r {r"{-l crnirrcis in tire zoc. {) I t r' l i i l .1riClisfi. r.

thank you./ Where's ond Who's Ziggy? Hisount.9 If's o beautifulday! . It's my phone. I'm with my aunt. We're cominglo lhe zoo. Ziggy Where's / Ziggy zoo. . ond / going? Tothezoo./ Africo Where's from? The .ffiffiffiffiH@ Africo oirport ount uncle cousin holidoy Het from Africo.Yes. Totheoirport. ziggy is here on holiday.Solly Trumpet. 3e O I 2 3 4 5 circte. Whot's noise? the / A rodio Ziggy? In Africo Ntheoirport.it is! What's that noise? l ziggyl Hello? Howare you? I'm fine. mobile I'm of the airport.uncleand cousin. with uncle cousin.

5. He's fromFronce. I'm from Myflogis sins with t tyHi I h.f!fle€$ I'mfromEnglond. flogis / Her ond on d I Whotoboutyou?Write.i..strong! Leorn with Tog I om = I ' m You/We/They 'You/We/They're ore He/She/It 'He/She/It's is J /l Listen ond stick. donce. We're fromGreece. ond You're children theworld the of Where youfrom? ore Where youfrom? ore Let's donce sing song. oll ond this Where youfrom? ore Where youfrom? ore Lefs donce sing song. ond boys girls. bqnd! orons the. flogis / His 2 Roso fromUkrcine. Toros Circle ond write. Roso ond Elizobeth I Toros from is FngiondUkrcline.&rger:iine: flogis is / . 11 O . Ploy lough. Her 3 Elizobeth isfromArgentina[nglcnd. oll this ond $-S\\^-r" . Come let's on.

I'm not. -.. spaghetti. 4 She's tired. i. 2 They're holidoy.we ore. 3 They're on hungry. isn't She shy. Are you hungry?Therei u cheese and . .ffiw@@@ shy cheese Englond spoghetti ice dinner creom Areyouon hofidoy? s/ No. Yes.England Turkey! and :r o I Motch.

I 2 3 4 5 o Is your mum doncer? o Is your o police dod officer? Areyour friends funny? grondpo Is your toll? your Are ount uncle ond teochers? Ploy gome.n.. frorr<1s otd.l.'. bde.t . .l mOnkey Yes. ttt ". Is he/sh e/i0 He/She/It isn't. the r a ^ a ttta Are you frogs? t.. Arewe/you/they? We/You/They oren't... ..t' duc l c .ttt't.Leorn withTog No. . t* t'6 n.'..l' frog !.we are.'J is i/ Mgnorne I nine . we aren't. qnd ''uo.' giont lion 'o - .'t a. '1 kongoror. @ Whotoboutyou?Write.o*n .. t' o ^ o iNo.' . AmI? Youoren't. #i Writewith Korld.s^ttonto. lg nqn^ ) i^ 1.:1.." white . . 3 tj.. ! tttt-ttt' s PY . ln9 flogi"^1"1d".ttt". ... I'm not.t r. . Areyou? I'm not. .

I've got o comero.ffi@E@Wm mop shirt swimsuit smile shortssunglosses I've got o cqmerq.Ziggy. I've got sunglasses ond a shirt too. swimsuitmop d€+h€sshorts clothes of hos I Ziggy gotlots new got ofTurkey. my hotiday in Turkey! He'sgot blockond white shorts.-/ You'vegot lots They're for of clothes.Ziggyl Soy 'cheese'l O ond Choose write. Smile. 2 They've o ond hos 3 Ziggy gotblock white hos 4 Hiscousin goto new te n .

got got We've fomily we've friends. She'sgot sunglosses. I've got beoutiful clothes.1*. My skirt is the colourof the seo. ond got We've shoes hots ourheods.n .s-"f. 4 He/5/@ I 2 3 4 got She's o got She's o got She's got She's T-shirt. ond Then colour. I / zs 2 She/ 20/ 3 They 2 / @ /1 il Reod write. skirt. girls Weorevery lucky ondboys. girls We^ very lucky ondboys. sunglosses. e8J n^ . i9h.My T-shirt is the colourof banonos. ond of girls Weorevery lucky ondboys.bo66r &_l :1'ey flRfj :':. Leorn with Tog got I/You/We/They got . got got We've houses we've wormbeds. My sunglosses are lhe colourof o swan. shoes. ond girls Weorevery lucky ondboys. Rrg #'H-' T\l\^^/. ond for got got We've gomes we've toys.c"9 minls.I've got o comero. got We've books bogs ond ondpens. My shoesore the colourof chocolote.I/You/We/They've hove He/She/It qot He/She/It's hos oot 1J I . ond got We've bikes lots toys."1 Write.

for hos Solly goto surprise theonimols. moneyond suitcoses? they are. for the plane. we haven't! I've got a surprise! .possport ticket plone money suitcose you I Hove gotyourpossports? Haveyou got the tickets iles. we your V hove. got tickets. Bye! No. Whot is it. hos Chotter gottheir yes/ o There's toxiforthezebros. The taxi is here. @r zebros hove theirplone The yes/ money. yes/ yes/ Solly goto boxoftoys. hos twelve no no no no no . Solly! This is funl O I 2 3 4 5 circte. ziggyl Haveyou got your passports? Thankyou. It's a slide! Satly? af Thonkyou.

hos.he/she/it hosn't. rg ond got I Hos Sondy o grey computer? phone? 2 Hosshegoto pink mobile got 3 HosPoul o green bike? 4 Hoshegoto comero? o b c d Yes. hos.Have I got my comera? haven't got my c-amero. he Yes. got? Yes.shehosn't. got? Hove I/you/we/they he/she/it hos. got Hove fQ@yourfriend o dog? Hove Hosyougoto bike? / got Hove Hosyour / teocher o block cor? Hove Hosyougoto bluebog? / : Listen motch. I/you/we/they hove. No. she No. I@ Ploy some. Hoshe/she/it No. No. Leorn with Tog Yes.he hosn't.I/you/we/they hoven't. the : Haveyou got ' a green cal? . o I 2 3 4 Whot oboutyou?Circle ond writie.

SnoN-f g Whot day is it today?It's Wednesd I've got Maths. That's rightl I've got my Engtish book. I am. You are. ay.. English. l I E@ Moths English I've got my Maths book. English History ond books? got Hos Joonno o pet? Is it Wednesdoy? got Hos Joonno ArtonTuesdoy? got Hos Joonno English Wednesdoy? on ir-.i4 ijli .These ore Thot'sright! HESE 4R E : I 2 3 4 5 Reodond onswer. Historyand Art. He. got Hos Joonno herMoths.Twelve ond eight is twenty.. She and It is. That's right! I've got my History book.

Snowy! That'snot me! Twoeors. n O! /\\ a toil and four feet.two uy"." uncb.. Thankyou.History Art dinosour ture Art.]'u.:n. Y/ N . /-=------\ I've got two beautifulgreen eyes.At.a long toil and four pretty feet. J i::si:::::: a:: i:!.:.* It's Tuesday todoy! We haven'tgot . We've got PE.n.*-'tufr( .:" ' ]of o noili?*o. pqn.e !. QD dqn..Art. Drow a Prc of your pet! oh.ourfo|. two big edrs. '!t hevon.!li. --*' \ ?. buf I r.-.?. n o ! I haven'tgot my shorts! Writewith Korlo. I'm o lovelycat! Oh .::l :x:11 7've g I'vegot :oos.

ore Myount is Myount on holidoy. on They're holidoy. grey? Arecherries on Is o butterfly insect? big? Arewholes green white? ond Arepenguins Is milk red? Arecorrots oronge? N' in e g 0 . ore You your ond Reodond qnswer. A got I He's 2 3 sixteen got 4 They've 5 6 . on on She's holidoy. You're holidoy. onduncle on holidoy. on We're holidoy. \. ond Mycousin I oreon holidoy..l \-t Motch.Write. fomily on holidoy. " { r ri' r I 2 3 4 5 2 o b -. is Myuncle on holidoy. I 2 3 4 5 6 {.c d e on He's holidoy.The O FlyHfi'9h'R"uiew '.

o rnoP .o ponple .'. on History Fridoy. Now go to seventeen . Moths Wednesdoy."i' z 9 2 English Mondoy.o posspont .q bloebook . gof J've olsogof o corneno rng Mg ond posspont fniend got hos bloesonglosses o ponple swirnsoit She's gof o rnop ond olso ondfnointickefs. on Drow ond moke o holidqychort. you phone? Hove goto mobile you Hove goto computer? got Hosyour cousin o bike? grondmo o dog? got Hosyour your got Hove ount onduncle o white cor? Listen circle. on PE Thursdoy.gneen shonts . 4 on 5 ArtonTuesdoy.Thenwrite.4 I 2 3 4 5 5 '-+# Whot obout you?Write. 9 ond : : : : : i :-listory / ingiish' Moths English / PE Art / HistoryMoths Pt / tnglish / Art/ PE &AathsArt / Pt / Moths i Art/ l-listory inglish History / l | .fnointickets In rng holidog bog. Me Mgfniend .o corneno .bloe sunglosses swirnsctit .t .I've gneen shonts o bloe ond book.

the /.A porcel your parcel./ . .t 1 t --^-'--<-:*"=4 t/n '* * |u A f . . t -: j w t evening wotchTV morn ing letter postcord porcel ofternoon -r.:::":i"i"::% :"i* \i".. morning postmon the Every comes seven. ' There'so postcord for you ond a porcelfor Solty.H o vew e g o t a letter today? postcordfrom is Ziggy. .The \' "un"ul1111n" c. of for There'sporcel Solly.::::::::r" rV . I 2 3 4 5 postmon The comes six.1\'" gtto\ ' UonetcornZtg$9' Ooh. of H e l l o. \$$. Chotter opens porcel. o Thepostcord fromChotter is in ZiggV swims theevening.ul. \- Circle. for Sotty. -.noonr to s o\o\ thece '"]*^*../\ lf' lil^H r=--=:l = a/ I _-__y\ --_-_q-\ I \ lX0lirF \5/ \ ..

I/You/We/They gomes. nineteen . on -e ploys thebeoch. Circle ond write. :very doy.They gomes. I In themorning we 2 In theofternoon we 3 In theevening we 4 Atnight I Singolongwith lucky Ziggy Lucky. He/She/It gomes.@ @ Listen ond stick. in -e eots icecreom. Lucky. Ziggy lucky -rcky. ploys. Solly / to school ot 2 RobondVickv 3 Thezoo 4 Theshoos ot o. Ziggy lucky re'S ol^t holidoy. He's holidoy. on -e wotches TV. on -e swims theseo. Every heploys he doy.Thenwrite.

bosketbalt? 1= Do rheyproy No.^.--=-==5 lffi-lffitt!$"'y lil 3 / :'f*.r ^ . We go to the mountains winter.x flll A.. ' " ''l 'q# t yeor mountoinwinter s u m m e r := Wqffiv H $-F' ?c={-€ mffi fifil'mffi -.X. t r.lt/.i r{..It's o newphoto olbum.but they watch it every weekend.-a{'i]lLlll A-. . I 2 3 4 Choose write.Solty? lh".t: i:: mY trlencls'-.. ond yeor weekend photo clbum winter Solly got0 new hos Herfriends wotch bosketboll every Herfomily every skis go in They to themountoins .".Who'sthis? Yes. ill E /r .we do. We ll d one.. .Tog. they don't. \"\ il E ll*ry1- \\Sr y photo weekend ski olb um . Here'so funny photo. This is my fomily.We don't in go on holidoyin summer.. Whot'sin the parcel.

In the rnonning ski. I do this every weekend. Wehove lunch don't have lunch school. don't iYes. do. we In the oftennoon ploggornes. do'/ No'I don't Doyouptoy bosketboil? I ' Yes.theydon't.9nholidog the rnoontoins ngfonilg./ No.Do you ployl Leornwith Tog I/You/We/They ploybosketboll. I wolk/ don't wolkto school. we - Mgholidog I'rnon holidog In the rnonning twenty-one . Yes. I 2 3 4 5 We@99/don't reodot school. Muholidou in with J'r. Do you ploy footboll? 80 Do You ' ' dance? I / O Write withKorlo. we In fhe evening wnifepoifconds. of / I do myhomeworkdon't myhomework mybedroom./ No. Whotoboutyou?Circle. in Myfriends / don't -/-_'-t o Ploythe gome.we don't. J::' we ploy Dothey bosketboll? theydo. / do in ploy ploy footboll thepork.I do.

j ott Choose ond write.meot excited pondo Chino Shedoesntlikemeot.She sleeps the time. leoves.she does.il Yes. I 2 3 4 from is sleeps eots comes Ls o pondo. Pondoro She Chino. twenty-two . Pondoro She o lot.

does. to school Soturdoy. shedoes. No. it it / Choose ond write. sunglosses. does. does. does. does. eot he Does eotmeot?Yes. he Yes. me ::. / Does eotmeot? Yes.it doesn't. He/She/It doesn't meot. she Yes. Ch ino. she Yes. me Does Chotter the zoo? like Yes.Use eot weor comc from go ploy I 2 3 4 5 ii ziggv Pondoro Vicky Chotter Trumpet Reodond qnswer. she Does like ondyou? she me Yes. does. does. meot.shedoesn't. It *'' I 2 3 4 Does pondo the come fromAfrico? Does come it fromChino? Does eotleoves? it Does sleep winter? it oll ut!7 Fl)tH i sinsoronswiththeiqh.Its fovouritefood is bombooleaves. No.Leorn with Tog Does he eal meot? Yes. She likes ondyou. on theguitor. doesntsleepoll winter.hedoesn't. This pondocomesfrom Chino. he does.uon Does Pondoro thezoo? like Yes.: I twenty-three . he Does like ondyou? he me Yes. he Helikes ondyou. No. he / Does eotmeot? shedoes.

} 'd l+s show . Potty next the lives to get The birds up / go They to the Trumpet hoving is . \[:.od $J.&.{\ BW=#e\. r1 I' m fine.They neverget up late. . i (-./ l*l bird lote wont Thisis the playground.{ @ Here's L. They a[woyswake up early.i$lf I wont o showertool s\i\ 4-4. We sometimes ploy here in the afternoon. Circle. This is fun./1''1.f-g s@ e0rly Potty shows Pondorc zoo the .4 I live here with my fomity. has He o showereveryday. I 2 3 4 5 It's / . This is Trumpet.We live next to ihe birds. \'J.On Sundoy q /.

Wego to theporkon Soturdoy. o olwoys sometimes never sometlmes never. goto school Sundoy. j 4i .3. Whotoboutyou?Writeotwoqs. or in cleon teeth themorning. " ri l i l t I l I taat FF '_ Ploythe gome. Leorn withTog I cleon teeth themorning. the sheploys guitor. my getup eorly. .Li"laqs iSom"ti". eotlunch school.Thenwrite.I always clean my teeth. in my go Wesometimes tothepork. I I Mondoy 2 Tuesdoy 3 Wednesdoy doy 5 every FFtn_f.'t I alwoys brown s I sometimes wear brown shoes.ZlrtL On Mon do g Vicky swims. They never meot. brownshoes. sheploys d SgvF( w . I : I wedr . eot They breod eot every doy. on Thursdoy C ffi c I 2 3 4 5 ra I I 2 3 4 5 Listenqnd mqtch. to shegoes thezoo. of goto bedof nine. twenty-five . to shegoes theployground. I neverweor brownshoes. tennis..

sun There'ssometimes and sometimes In May it's worm and we con play every doy. rain.lajfi:}|ty"r fhe yeof o In Morch the birds beginto sing. In April blue skiescomeagain. Out in the sunshine Jonuory FebruoryMorch SeptemberOctobe o %Sffiffi#p In June the days are hot and bright And stors shinein the sky of night. 1I V 5lX . is Summer the time to ploy! Reodond write. In July we feel so free in Swimming the bright blue seo. In Augusl we're on holiday. They are hoppynow it's spring. I 2 3 4 5 in It sometimes snows to begin singin The birds Weswimin in It'stimeto go to school ore in The doys dork in 6 It'sChristmos Ii "F.

seqson in fhe /eqves. i " .- ::..Anril fvtrqy June July August Nmw*ser*er Decere**r o 'Hello friends!' In September It's time to go to schoologain.::-::.. In Octoberyellow leoves Fal[ from all the autumntrees. The doys are short.. In November doys ore dork And we con't ploy out in the park. .there are no leaves.9 r ng sweqfen l\ v F ln I V . l!=+r+ l.i. the cold wind blows. fo ! n" schoor .i*.s e \ ' . In December Christmos comes. In Februarythe winfer trees Are black ond brown.l I ffi :"\> F-*<p : Writewith Korlo. Weon !. Fun and gomes for everyonel In Januaryit sometimes snows. Mgfovocrnite is seoson lu^llr"unife ts qufunn.

3 \*** It snows summer. spring { r' ) su mm er outumn Now choose ond write. eot ' ri:. ploy fly feed wokeup I Th e b e e S in \-. sun of Welivein trees.. I 2 3 4 5 your postmon come themorning? in youwoshyour hoirevery doy? your dodgo home theofternoon? in your mumreod theevening? in your go friends to yourhouse every doy? twenty-eight ..ir i1 r r it il' 2 The zookeeper 3 Themonkeys 4 Thebeor . Whotoboutyou?Write .2 \. The shines night.flh'Re"iew@ .TheFlv il. t*_Listenondmotch. in Pondos come fromAfrico.*3 thebirds in withtheleoves in in Write. Robbits meot.iil I 2 3 4 5 . or ond onswer.

J I F J #-'- Mo Morch June DecemberFebruory NovemberSeptemberOctober April Nove Ju ly Jcnuory Moy August M S -W J A M N A o D = spring .skiinthe snow! inthe seo. your Whot's nome? Where youcome do from? Howoldoreyou? When your is birthdoy? summer*= outumn *= winter Mokeo poster. I 2 3 4 Whqtoboutyou?Write. Thenploythe gome. In spning rng In sornrnen it's I go In outurnngo In winten go to I I binthdog. Nowgo to .the rnoontoins.5 \-. 7 . July is in summer. :wb. swirn I leonn I English. rngfornilg. fo school on holidog with ogoin.I I . J I hoveo pontg. \** 4 Writeond colourthe boxes.. @ -: = r _ .

@ 9$ Soy Lisbnond point Thenrcpeot listenond wrib.io'' . foxisnext thebox.Thenwrib...''': j. Tog's o guitor got to in The Jumping to members getto the plone. Thenrepect \'t2@'{ itchen uitor @ elly Pry -r't Ft /EH I Kump irl €F bo d cl Chont +€ ongor jellies.itwithSolly. Cokes thekitchen. ":: he-!!i spog fourfoods of fourkinds clothes fourploces town in fourlessons four onimols of fourkinds tronsport going? Where thefomily ore thirty .J- dress toxi tiger strirt cousin grondmo ployground History oirport dod sister grondpo uncle PE dinosour zoo -7l\-J . Coburthe fiomily START pork Moths cheese brother zebro' Englond lion lcecreom swimsuit ount meot bus shorts Art cor spoghetti troin re nffi *--q..

Lookond onswer. -a Q 'l Howmony plones yousee? con 2 Howmony children yousee? con people 3 Howmony got hove sunglosses? 4 Howmony suitcoses yousee? con people 5 Howmony got hove o book? people 6 Howmony got hove o hot? 7 Howmony mops yousee? con I Howmony bobies yousee? con I Howmony people got hove food? '10 possports yousee? Howmony con . B.

Rob. vg his Korlo Trumpet ond ore Togis ploying guitor.Hello. is to leorning newsong. Oh.What a mess! Oi The doorbellis O I 2 3 4 5 Motch.ffi@ffiffiM@ cook leorn tolk home doorbell ring I'm cooking. ploying guitor. Flello. Togis ond ore Korlo Trumpet is Chotter Solly is is The doorbell thirty-two o b c d e o leorning newsong. . his ringing. tolking Rob. o Chotter tolking Rob. dear. I'm bored. to cooking.Let's visit Sally. I've got an idea. Vicky.

--*hoving moke moking Write. o I 2 3 4 5 'o 're Leorni"ng (leorn) You English. C 11 Funin the kitchen We're cooking thekitchen. I'm cooking. in (ploy) ourfriends. the We're eoting every crumb! \J thirty-three . We with (ring). My brother Mymum Mygrondmo grondpo ond sins with F I ltH i 9. --+ You/We/They cooking. He/She/Ifs is cooking. phone The Listen stick. + $ hou. ---r He/She/It cooking. She to (coo0 I lunch thekitchen. in Weorehoving offun. lots Weoreeoting coke. lots Weoremoking coke o Toeotwitheveryone.Leorn withTog --+ I om cooking. (listen) therodio. . V>. I I 2 3 4 Mydod [s cleoning histeeth. ond Thenwrite. We're eoting every crumb! We're cleaning thekitchen. h. You/We/They're ore cooking. bqnd! orons the. up We're hoving of fun.

no Korlo ore for @t Solly. the floor.n'lhe11l1nS.10 Hello.he is. e Trumpet. -yes.you I. We're making a cake for Tog. Vicky. I'm not eotingthe cake.m washino I'm cleaning ure. Hello. is for thirty-four yes/ no yes/ no yes/ no . -i \< isn'thelping.Tag! Surprise! O I 2 3 4 5 circte.Comein. I'm tasting o strawberry. o Yes. It's his birthday.l dishes. is The coke o surprise Tog. Is Chatter here? ffi@Hnm moke wosh dish floor strowberrytoste . ondPotty looking Chotter. Trumpet. the Potty helping. ondChotter moking Rob yes ore biscuits. / no Togiswoshing dishes. we arel Chatter.Solly. s.Patty : the Youqrent helping.

isn't rl $toste " tosting D I 2 3 4 5 ] '.v'. ' tvr a ^ K J n dn. t r. --o is He/She/It notsleeping. He/She/It sleeping.I'm not ploying basketboll. o cord. oren't You/We/They notsleeping. Where om I? J .'f r. Leorn with Tog * I om notsleeping. George He J ulio She They Ploythe gome. milk.r ? thirty-tive ..^You/We/They ore sleeping. o bonono.:.ffiggaEr Meondrng fniend J'rn in ffilW'#.. Writg i .+ . newclothes.1 | Are you in the bothroom? C writewithKorlo.r. -t.itr".^l rrttch€l.'1. drink peint eot moke weor o robbit.. I'm notsleeping..':'. I'm cleaning my teeth.

I am.11 Are you going to town? @ffiffi@ffi go librory cinemosupermorket buy shopping Yes. in i I'm carryingthe rope. I'm Areyou goingto town?. They to thesupermorket. ond oremoking is€oing isbuying oregoing is g oin g S olly to town. Solly foodondo rope.Trumpet. You' strong. Youcon carry the bags. They o newswing. thirty-six .e Lots of food and a rope. re O I 2 3 4 choose write. We'remoking new i a swing the ptayground.

with Yes.you/we/they oren't. I Where themonshopping? is 2 Whot hebuying? is He' s hopping o s uper m o. om. he/she/it is.he/she/it isn't. (weor) shirt? he o thewomon they (sit down)? (lough)? Lookond onswer. ore. to to Areyougoingto the zoo? I'm going thecinemo. coming you. I'm with d thirty-seven d . / I Yes.iq.h bendl !7' Where you goingto? ore I'm notgoing thetoyshop. r k et s Ln orons the @ sins with tl} H. ore. h e isn ' t. he isi you Yes. No. No.Leornwith Tog Is he eafing? . *+ $ sf'op shopping sit--+sitting AmI eoting? Areyoueoting? Is he/she/it eoting? Is themon buy 1ry91(buy) opples? No. No. to Areyougoing thecinemo?Areyoucoming to too? Where yougoing ore to? I'm Yes. you/we/they Arewe/you/they eoting?Yes./ No.youoren't. Yes.I'm not. to Areyougoing thetoyshop?I'm notgoing thezoo.yes. coming you.

12 @w@ffi@w woit chose stop thief brove . Wqithere. 1 is ore the In picture thepolice chosing 2 the In picture Chotter Trumpet helping 3 ond ore to In picture thepolice 4 officer tolking the is thirty-eight n II . Lookat that mon. 1- Why is he running?! Why are the police chosing the man? You're brave and clever Thankyou. *-n----*-( 0 r O I 2 3 4 choose write. ond police +ibrerythief onimols to In pictureSolly going the librorg .Dont move. j animols. Well done! Let's go ond havei. i an ice cream.

Pleose pleose. the / open don't Ifs hotin here. Let's sit down. Don't Ifs nineo'clock. quiet. please'.Sallysoys'Donce.. Don't quiet. Sollysoys 'Stop. the .Do n ' t r u n . in moke don't / o Pleose todoy.''66. hove Don't moke mess yourroom. Let's / I'm hungry.'/ go to bed. hove lunch. I Ploy gome. be Be / is This o librory. Grondmo coming is open window. 9 O Listen tick Y: g*e o I 2 3 4 5 Circle. Leornwith Tog Letus --+Lefs Donot*+ Don't ond (r1.pleose. fft fl# thirty-nine .

We're climbing a mountain now. Reodqnd onswer.Grondma. Grondma! No. to*t \ \ \\ Good. j. ffi I'm swinging on a rope and Horry is skiing.Let's --fi go for o walk.It's o lovely. AreHorry Adominthebedroom? ond Arethey wotching TV? Is it o sunny doy? Is Grondmo thekitchen? in Is shecorryingsoucepon? o ploying computer Aretheboys gome? o for-ty .we oren't.t 1ffi'llwlffil Adom!Harry! Are you wofching TV? We're in my bedroom. Ksrstlss4Mr l\ | swins Yi Grandmo! playing! /.Lffiiliiffial6-) fisht osilt._ \_ sunnydoy.

QQc] io ^.:.ni.'7 ryoJins '"Junl7n' M. boys! o soucepon! o n ' t D v" We're ploying o computer game.. I Ms Mg .Grandpa! u Writewith Korlo. o.l::::{yu.g _ . J'rn !.: Picturu fonits !.uteeping.*l __) I L_/ | atr soucepon YeslHorry is chasing bear! a In your bedroom? Yes. #.. t i.e "tA Thisis o pictone rng of fornilg.The boys ore \ fightingo bearl i Yes!I'm fighting lhe beor now! I'm coming.

1 i: if 11 {_.MA'R Litt"n ond motch. woitforme. Ifs o windy ond oboutyou?Choose write..TheFlyHliqh'Review6 . 'f .-t I 2 3 4 5 Write' '. I'm shopping. or the cleon floor.l 'm trousers weoring 'm not .Whot We Myteocher I Myfriend I 2 3 4 5 . I'm notploying.::r:l ".. 9/ F_ | l+l . 't i is kitchen o terrible The our wosh honds. Ifs lunchtime. mess.1 .6 t. flythekite. lee+ningEngl+sh singing on writing theboord loughing listening up stonding sitting down .S isn't 're oren't forty-two n .2 \. doy. on o There's butterfly yourshoe. going move.

i . . + tir g qr r POTL.. h u F* 1o - ' t?' r I^ /?:T+\'.: .r.' i... r f T1. : | ...@-&.-!-.... -i i "'': forty-three .' r ti i: ii. r. In Picture2 th e g irt is wearingthe dress. pl.. .*. 1i rq r i \. . ..l ^. r " i i '.t] 1i1€I I -<.d::: 'lrf il wlr @. 'a r. r-*sb n . moking dress weoring dress the corrying TV/ wotching the o / TV looking thecot/ ploying thecot for with eoting singing / cleoning window opening window r unnings leeping the / / the I the girl a dress..r" (\t ..Lookond soy.. N {EYh l ni :: . Mqkeo clossmop. \t'lir -:t..

l ' -..fi h v:l Thisis your toothbrush! Your toothbrush is green.r*F.a' A I II I ".Y .I t ' s p i n k ond m y toothbrush p i n k ! is Circle.n toothbrush holf postfive . *Tq t--J .^.['\ Z.h . I 2 3 4 5 It's / The concert ot is Chotter got hos Potty got hos Potty Chotter ond ore .'i?f '. U JJ towel shompoo orgue Whot's goingon here? holf past five! up. The concert ho l f p a s ts i x .#.)s/KU tIEBffi CO NCE T I . . : ] r -I --l. -r-f -v S*.Thisis my towel...Patty! 7 Hey!Thot'sour shompoo! Stoparguing and get reodyl Look .'r 'i J l . He'sgot my T h isis h is toothbrush! c ihno.

. f. i sinsoronswiththe F. yourbikes Ride too! Where theonimols? ore Ihey're their in zoo! Come ploy ond withus. is Your isblue. This is my towel..' i Write.. in .r m td g . is rlerbikeis new. bike tis bike old.l.VHigh bqnd! * 11 Mybike yellow. Weoreon ourbikes. I She's doing 2 He's riding 3 We're reoding 4 They're sleeping in 5 I'm weoring % What's the time? It's half past two. j':. @ 'mf fi Askond onswer. Here ourzoo. Leornwith Tog Imy you your he his s he her it WC its OUT you your they their \.

trumpet! Thisis Trumpet's It's Potty's tambourine! O Mqtch.here are Chotter's drums. and gentlemen. my They're drums. Ladies Here ore the Fly High bandwith their fomoussong. is This mytrumpet. is forty-six "w "fr .'Welcometo our zoo'l F lr ^ . is This mykeyboord.'Are you ready? Haveyou got your musicol instruments? rt ffiffiH@ my Where's tombourine? boysand girls.14 O. tombourin reody trumpet drums keyboord trumpet. This myguitor. s/ is This Trumpett Yes. is This mytombourine.

Leorn withTog photo. e O Po tty's od he I This is 2 These ore 3 These ore 4 This is is 5 This 6 This is H .tof is ned.e. These Trumpet's ore eors.. Mgfniends hovegof rofsof fogs. forty-seven .s bikeis br."rog'.Lroil. o I Write.Whoseis this?r i It's Anna's ruler! Write withKorlo. kife ond .Pgttv's isgneen white.chotten. Whose thisphoto? Chotter's is Ifs This Tog's is heod. on" block ondTnorn-pet's wotenfi."rL. Mgfniends hove got lots of togs.

I've got a good idea.t" 1i C/ i peoch wotermelon gloss strow juice * orongesond bonofios. is for you. oh. got They hoven't onypeoches.a. yes we have! t . th is is a strow! VickY.. got They've somewotermelons Vicky likes thejuice . I 2 3 4 5 Vicky thirsty is got They've someoronges.f " We'vegot some { \_^IdJ stl = ttJrl . ^o tl Have we got ony strows? this juice Look. >{ Hove we got ony peoches Jr:.o oronge thirsty Vickyis hot ond thirsty. there aren'f any straws! Thank you! ^-fF -+./t* It's delicious!:{ Circle. r'a No.$h We'vegot somewotermelons and someglasses. ll P \'l .

hoven't we opples. bononos ? got peoches . There oren't opples. there 0re D0 n 0 n 0 s. in iove we gotonyjuice? /es. /r{. we're moking somejust you.Ve've bononos -lere thezoo. Write or there ore oronges? 4 Yes. got . got . strowberries. for got . we're for moking somejust you. .Ve've some Strowberries too. Arethere bononos? Yes. 0ren't or0 nges .Ve've some opples And oronges too. I 2 3 4 There oren't Arethere ony Hove got we got We've some Singolongwith o b c d onystrows? glosses. we've 3 Arethere Motch. I Hove got we got 2 Yes. S I T O WS .We'vegot oronges.Ve've some cherries --lere thezoo. you peoches? Hove got got peoches Yes. we've you Hove got opples? got No. onypeoches. 5 There got 6 wotermelons? We've wotermelons. #rA" $\Svv\--. in --love gotonyjuice? we /es.

l sugor butter isnt There muchspoghetti. milk speghetti flour people isn't There much spo gh etti int hec upboor d. There isn't a n y m ilk in the_ fri{sef lnere aren T ony bononos! -. : sugonbutter ond eggsfor There oren't many people in this supermarkef. oren't mony There fifty . They've some inthesupermorket.ilq We've got i someflour. o a^re . t t" EI There aren'l mony biscuitsand there isn't muchspaghetti.16 O : Howmuchspoghetti is there?Howmany biscuits lhere? are mm-l fridge woter UJHE flour 17.H""fft'. isn't There ony got foro coke. Where is everyone? O I 2 3 4 ond choose write. \r4} l: : Let's go to the supermarket. in thefridge.

In my fridge I've got some carrots. ore There onybutter much isn't / butter. tL7 I 2 3 4 There's somecheese of /(lots cheese) There lotsof orong. Writemuchor monq. somecheeseand somebutter. o I How 2 How i3 How 4 How Ustenond circle. sugor. eggs. In my fridge I've got some carrots and somecheese. Ploythe gome. In my fridge I've got some carrots. is Howmony biscuits there? ore There oren't mony biscuits.llf*o oronges. opples. mucn woteristhere? There isn't opples there? ore There oren't eggsorethere? fhereoren't sugor there? is There isn't woter. $ fifty-one . There oren't mony cherriesany / cherries. ore Howmuch woteristhere? There much isn't woter. Howmuch spoghettithere? is There lotsof spoghetti.Leorn withTog Howmony bononos there? ore There sixbononos.

i I'm not sure. They'reeatingthe They'reso sweet Reodqnd onswer.. I th in k lhey're hungry. I 2 3 4 5 6 Howmony bobies there? ore Arethey hungry? Whot thebobies do drink? Arethey sheep? Whot thebobies do eot? Whot thebobies? ore : . Let's give ih 4 +um* somemi l k They'redrinkingit! They'reso sweet! The bobiesore very big nowl Are they foxes? Let's give them sometomatoes.*.r . il .:-/ 1 1 r i ' i r: Lool<! Four bobies! Are they mice? . iThey're hungry.

qf lot lof.u...r \'dll l vl lW.l.Frl 7.::'.[ eor. tD 7 w"h. ' got qng ou.6a". "torou. They're hungry... The babies aren'l babies! What are they? rffir::lw:i:Wi:#iil They'reeatingthem.i:/.1 at t .#Jiff:f.i \ ***+ h They're wolves!fhey're big wolvesl Our pleasure. Thev'reso sweet! tt Thesesondwiches delicious! ore 'Q W/ !.Nllel lp)) fo--t---l sneep pototo wolf sondwich The babiesare very big now! Are they sheep? I'm not sure.'u In oonfnidgeof horne we'vegot .^ ' ur nirk ^lo. !:r::t FJfi:!i:! -. ft. :i:i.' ^oPe A.. .u.wu' /c'. Writewith Korlo. c^...

weoring newshoes.3 Ifs holfpost I Ifs holfpost fif$-four. 7 Areyoudrinking We're o Hosshegoto book in bog? Reqdond onswer. &') r4 \--. . ten. v ld' s c .. 5 The They've o tree in breokfost. z-r. my your his her its our thei-r got with b ol l . 6 I'm hoving He's milk? toking photo of teocher. Listenond circle. dogis ploying house thetr gorden.t '' 3 \-. 4 Ifs holfpost 2 thre seven.I \-t Choose ond write. Ifs holfposteleven.'.The 6l FlyHfilgh'Review . Whose is it? bike it ' s Do. 'ffi Motch. . bLk is Whose skoteboordit? sunglosses they? ore Whose Whose is it? boll guitor it? is 5 Whose I 2 3 4 -2 \-.

5 I

Circleond write. Howmuch/ Howmony


orethere? isthere? isthere? orethere? isthere?


2 llow much/ iinw monv

3 Hcwmuch Howmcnv / 4 Howmueh Ficw / rncnv 5 l-low h / Howmony mue 6 Write. :=*# I 2 3 4 onetomoto oneboby onesondwich onewolf

5 6 7 I

onemouse onesheep onepototo onestrowberry

Moke o food poster. Thisis rng bneokfost Thene's o bowlof bononos, peoches ond stnowbennies, sorne ond bneod ondhoneg. Thene rnuch isn't ononge,joice qloss. inthe Thisis rng lonch. Thene's big o sondwich wifh cheese ond tornotoes. Thene's glossof o wofenfoo. Thisisrng dinnen Thene'sbigftsh o ondthene lofsof connofs. one Thene onen't pototoes. rnong Thene's of rnilk theqloss. lofs in

Nowgo to



It'sthezooOlympics. There's teom. o redteomondo blue





Theblue The red team is better. teomis Which team is the winner? fontastic. He'sdirtier than everyone else!

It's a draw! Congrotulations, everyone.

( I ) Circle. \_/ I 2 3 4 5 f[] I o teomlQ]$ tuggD There's redteomondo yellow jumphigh climb / fost. The dogcon Thehippo very is smoll strong. / Chotter dirty hungry. is / is / There o winner drow. fifty-six


T rum p e tiS,," ' r:""rttr'
,""r,,-lr_, J,19.

fost- fost dirty dirt ' big- bigg.
g O O 0 - . . rlriil b o d - . , , " , . r,,:l)f

Write. I 2 3 4 5 Elephonts ore Hippos ore Snokes ore Wholes ore Swons ore qnd stick.Thenwrite. Listen (strong) zebros. thon (heovy) frogs. thon (long) mice thon ( big) dolphins t hon (pretty) vultures thon


LUcy Luc,



I Is Lucy toller thon Suson? 2 Is Suson shorter Angelo? thon 3 Is Angelo dirtier Morio? thon Singolongwith !A/e theblue yes, ore teom, we ore. yes, Weorethebiue teom, we ore. ',,Ve better, ore better therr,,.r. thon yes, ,,Ve toller, orefoster, we ore. ore we ,'Ve bigger, orestronger, we ore. yes, ore we ,,Ve better, ore better, better the" ,,,. thon \rVe're better, better, thon better thei' ,A/e're winners. the ,r'/e the',':,:-t ... ore teom


O Thehippo thefottest. . zoo Ifs thebest formeondyou. Wemoke friends girls with ondboys. zoo Ifs thebest formeondyou. Ifs thebest intheworld. Ifs thebest in theworld. istoll. isfunny. is The isthethinnesl fox The snoke thelongest. isfot. Wemoke friends their with fomilies too. 11 O Oirls boys over world ond oll the Come seeourfunzoogomes. isthin. zoo Mqtch. is Trumpet thestrongest. I 2 3 4 5 Thegiroffe The rhino Themouse The hippo Thefox fifty-eight o b c d e isyoung. ond They moke friends Vicky Rob with ond Andwiththeonimols too.18 @@@ffi@ world rhino young giroffe fot thin Thebestzooin theworld. is Everyone isspeciol in their ownwoy. zoo €r-E . \-/ oll the O Animols over world Come seeourfunzoogomes. ond .

fotter thefottest good better thebest bod.worse theworst Write.ff{fi:'-** . ond I 2 3 4 5 fost thin b+g dirty slow t he bigge s t Eddie is Adomis Codis Rob is Dovid is w e writeilr Korlo. O Choose write. (pretty) girl. (bod) singer.-----"_ the tollestinooncloss. (good) doncer. /--*.Leorn with Tog Tog is the fostest in lhe zoo. (heovy) onimol. I 2 3 4 5 6 the clevelest Rob is Vicky is Potty's sister is Trumpet is Togis Chotter is (clever) boy. (young) bird. ds*l+** :. young youngertheyoungest funny funnierthefunniest fot.

is Korlo looking Vicky is for The nurse looks Vicky's of hond. Vicky's fingers OK. the tl What's the matter? were Chatte ryw" in the ployground..'-=fi. vJu were't.t"d"ia or. I 2 3 4 5 Vicky crying. Circle. ore Korlo Vicky going theployground ond ore to . WdS on his rollerblodes Tagwa and on his bike and there wos an accider Here An d I wa s in th e m id d l e.ky. Karla.tlnwltqlB[]ELrtrl ffi6ffi {ii occident middle finger Vicky crying.. go . is Qu i c k . Lookat my fingers.please homewith Vicky.

On SundoyI wcs al lhe zoo.

rvr:; I/He/She/It of thezoo. v/ri"e You/We/They oftheshop.



(l) o busy formyfomily. doy It Sundoy hotondsunny. (2) (4) (3) of thezoowithmymum There Mybrother I He's lots visitors thezoo. dod(5) otthecircus. o clown! of ot My (6) there too. ot o porty. friends My 7) Choose ond write. tiredhot hungry hoppythirsty I 2 3 4 5 It wos The boby wos girl The wos were The ducks The wos boy



=, f-I '-.,:"i =,9,'ii.=;i,

wos There on occident In theployground But oreollright. we we I woswithollof myfriends. But oreollright. too. TogondChotter werethere too. TogondChotter werethere Chotter on hisrollerblodes wos Tog woson hisbike. Tog woson hisbike.

It woso hotofternoon. I wosof thezoo. I wosof thezoo.


were sorry.


It#st l_w)

yesterdoy bondogegropesombulonce

:No,there wasn't.i

There werentonychocofotes. s
amu|anfflilVicky goto bondoge herhond. [,wos fhere-on hos on

tnere werenT ony chocolates but we've got somegropesfor you. Was your bike OK yesterdoy?:

I don't know.I wasn't there. : Where ore

i the gropes?:

Sorry, Vicky. I can gef you somemore.

Choose ond writie. I 2 3 4 ombuloncesony yesterdoygrqpes TogondChotter ore sorry Vicky in on occident wos got TogondChotter hove some There wosn't on

for Vicky.


,"os your rikeOK?

Yes,it was.

Leornwith Tog

wosn't red. I/He/She/It ti weren't sod. You/We/They wos. Yes, I/he/she/it wosn't. No,I/he/she/it you/we/they were. Yes, you/we/they school? Were of weren't. No,you/we/they Wos I/he/she/it home? ot


Write wo.s/wo.sn't were/weren't. or

o nurse. Hismum wos t o teocher. S he w osn

in bedyesterdoy. of school.


They They Ploythe gome.

ino n omb ulo nc e. 4W e We in o cor.

lost ot home night. ot theporty.

Were you hungry yesterday?
",..,, i i,"if r1


J .")

li rs ,L ,N;;-i-*;;,i.

h ,= 'ro!
Were you tired? Yes,I was.


9l Ifs centimetres ocross. Ifs oronge ond white. eggs O I 2 3 4 5 Reod onswer. werethebiggest feetintheworld.1 aI '.hewos 2 metres ond72centimetres Hewos toll.. They oren't pretty. in They flyond con sing. They've the smollest too. 5g. he centimetres When wos22. They moke the smollest inthe nests got world. very This monwoso gionlHisnome wos Robert Wodlow.. wosI metre 83 he ond toll.*dCIl'}/ 9 rnqzi No$ ng ttirty forty 30 40 50 fifty This the is biggest flower intheworld. wosAmericon. orethesmollest birds theworld. thetollest intheworld. ond HowlongwereRobert Wodlow's feet? Howbigistheflower? Howlong thehummingbird? is Howoldwostheyoungest Olympic winner? Howfostcono cheetoh run? 6 Howbigis Loke Boikol? sixtv-four .'L t ''rl T h is o h u mmi ngbi rd is Ifs 57millimetres lo n gHu m mi ngbi rds .. He When hewoseight. . feet mon His were 47centimetres They long..i*.'.rr. . con You seethese flowers in forests.

to different ondonimols. theoldest intheworld. ond in o Loke Boikol inRussio. eots It meot it lives Africo. Thetollestpenson knowis I -re follest penson knowisSollg. goto smoll on Its heod fourstrong ond legs. wosthe wos She youngest person towino goldmedol ever in yeors thesummer Olympics. wosAmericon. B0centimetres Its toll.eighty ninety one hundred s0 90 r00 Mo(orie Gestring o diver. The cheetoh thefostest is onimol theworld. thedeepest onditsone thecleorest inthe Ifs loke of lokes plonts world The too. in It conrun100 kilometres hour. is sixty-five . re biggest shopI knowis fhe supenrnonket re longest wondI knowinEnglishhcrrnrningbinds. olso ofthebiggest intheworld. I -'reoldest penson knowis Vickg's J gnondpo. is Ifs loke Its one lokes Its 630 kilometres ond48kilometres long ocross. wosthirteen She ondnine months She old. woter very is cleon o beoutiful Ifs home mony ond blue. Write with Korlo.

. 6 Zeppo ond 3 Coco Zeppo sixty-six thethinnes thefottest.::: thon / is thon / ore 2 Girls older younger women.Colour.^.Cl/t. -- thon / ore thon slower bikes. thetollest.!-./ l'. thon / ore thon / is 3 A month lcnger shorter o yeor.- e"A Wfi tg lX. four I There lvere 5 Lenny thesmollest.TheFlv Hi'g.t Circle.. 2 Lenny theshortest.6 Hippos fotter thinner wolves 3 \. .V nS n'l Of 'u^. ore(g_sJgl I Cors -. 5 Summer colder hotter winter. rs t 7 ' \ t Coco Pompo Lenny 4 Pompo clowns. 2 .h'Review@ . = Animols l\ Um Oe r S= * Fir s t Aid= * = Food ry . 4 Giroffes toller slrorter rhinos.2 \.

.f Whot oboutyou?Write. 'U6 4 Ellie .. you Were of school Sundoy? on yourmumof home night? Wos lost your Wos dodon holidoy month? lost yesterdoy? Wosit sunny your yesterdoy? Were friends thepork ot I 2 3 4 5 Mokeo weotrerchort.Was she at the cinemo? No.. Was she of the circus? . Yes..... W"goto t t ai i= =i'.it wos. .....I I \-.:= = tl' 4 Listen ond motch. (+- 8€ 2 l i OO *-- Now osk ond onswer- P.. she wasn't. I Anno 2 Betty 9 3 Coroline Denise ond o oil(E u P o N A TIM€..she wos.. .. Yes..... Lsz. . ... Was it Anna? 5 \..

.Chotter thechildren.{* Soyitwith Solly. Shirts shorts. sPt'lng l three seosons fl 2 threemonths @@ musicor insrrumen" 3 three E 4 three onimols 5 three fruits 6 three rooms 7 ploces three ru 8 threeports thebody of sixty-eight .fl" sffi f.@ ol lisbn ond point Thenrepeot bl Usten wdte.Thenrepeot ond I zmi (.Three of teeth. oir fi ele ont r c' w tee c peo cl Chont A photo o dolphin. ond ond €$ Phy the word roce.

W h o se.. isit? It's.. ... tombourine sunglosses bog Colu m trumpet hot wotch dr um s swimsuit sweets keyboord towel hoir lid e s ixty*n!r:e : . the y ? They ore is Whosetombourine it? Lydia's. t. Find. ore Wh ose.Write. . Thenoskond onswer.

c J ulie Ifs o newspoper.you jumped ten mefres in the zoo Olympics. seventy . Karla. They were great! o Korlo She's reporter. in s j1 This is.-Karla.She's o reporterand he'so photogropher. We climbedandwalkedand dancedin the Olympics..c v Thisis Julieand this is Brad..._ o \1''-\1\. O I 2 3 4 5 Motch.. o ----. d Tog She wosin theredteom e Brod Hewosintheblue teom. that's right! Tagptayed basketbalt with the blueteam.b News 4U He's photogropher.-.21 photogropher newspope reporter work Wedonced the Ofympics. Theywork for a newspoperl News4U.She was .

Weliked doyot ourlovely our school! Yesterdoy I wolked school to AndI loughed ollmyfriends.t' :l . \. thetollest in thegorden.f I I Yesterdoy I played basketbo[[.. with Weclimbed. 3 OnWednesdoy helped pointed dod. in she her 2 OnTuesdoy helped visited ount she / her onduncle..t I Yesterdoy we Yesterdoy I Yesterdoy he Yesterdoy they Yesterdoy she i"-:=--' " ' TV.. t 2 3 4 5 U . ... :) Tuesdoy I OnMondoy donced / cleoned bedroom. wejumped.. i I I Choose ond write.. hisguitor.:.- vbi [h: beno! Yesterdoy I wolked school to AndI tolked ollmyfriends. clim listen b their ount onduncle...J Listen ond stick.=. 1 .Thencircle.. to I wos 3 Yesterdoy of school AndI ployed ollmyfriends. she / her Wednesdoy D Singolong with a "+ .vntrh tree .. ployed we bosketboll. -:::::-::=:::=::::=: seventy-one . OIOV ViSit r.e*" e: .J 'I VYl e l L l el I -. . .t .. to some songs.. with Yesterdoy of school I wos I woshoppy withmyfriends. -:r' . -.

the Solly / The flooris dirtv wet. O 2 3 4 5 circte.It wos an accident. Solfy? e Yes. up / They helped / Chotter.22 Didyouwqshthe ffoor. Nevermind.I did! Sorry.rWe helpedSally Youdidn't hetp! 1 to cleanup. The onimols cleoned thepoint mess. cleon up wet O. pcrty. Sally. / seventy-two I There*os@/o . Solly woshed dishes floor.

.. I I I I i ..:!ffi::. \ .)id you paintthis Yes. s1 I I I ft you Did ploy your Didyoucleon listen t\ Didyouwoshyour ( Oiayou yesterdoy? footboll this foce morning?\music yeslerdoyt/ teeth morning? this J ID I' I I I Writewith Korlo. Lookond onswer. !:i.i:ff!::.I/he/she/it didn't. you/we/they Yes.J. I/he/she/it did.. No. l.e.you/we/they didn't. seventy-three .un I #:[w.Sqy . I did! Leorn with Tog ploy? DidI/he/she/it Yes. My fomilyyesterdoy ploy DidGrondmo theguitor? ploy DidGrondmo thedrums? DidGrondpo wotch TV? DidDodskip? DidMumploy drums? the Askond onswer. did..hsoo. ploy? Didyou/we/they No."" Pfx:fr.?:#i.

got o prize for you! A hotiday Turkeyl in O I 2 3 4 choose write. We hod a wonderful time. drank cherry juice and we ate lots of sondwiches. ond holidoy moyor newspeper prize o of in There's photo theonimols the n€v/spoper The comes seetheonimols. I'm very proud of you! You were wonderful in the I've zoo Olympics. seventy-four ..23 time. to got fortheonimols. He's o Theprize o is in Turkey. We We sow all the onimals.s) Wehodq wonderful t9*yl O6b We'rein |fe newspop_er @ff moyor proud Yesterdaywe went to the zoo.

their English books. my in 8s -*8 \S-$q4/. of I Nono. yesterdoy.lfifr. some opplejuice. ployed myheod I in go I didn't tothepork. did.:ii*i::i"ti'i-!'1'=. Wedrink every milk We milk morning three lost Thechildren books reod every week. My mumtokes of photos. o b c d e to thebeoch. M onday Leornwith Tqg buy bought comec0me do did dr ink dronk eot ote give gove go went hove hod reod reod SEC SCIW Th! r s day f nday Saturday : roday (t I 2 3 4 5 toke took write wrote Write. AndI hodwonderful dreoms.Ohyes.i "r. three sondwiches.Dreoms somony things. g hi bqnc! 11 ploy I didn't withmyfriends. She o goodphoto Sundoy. He yesterdoy. Ohyes.f f i-ti i.f"l'i. Motch.nono.nono. I seemyfriends myfriends every I doy. They books week.I went to schoolyesterday. i(! sins with tt}H. o hondstond. i sotin myroom I reodollof mybooks Lost weekend. this Mydodeotslotsof oronges. lost lots on oronge morning. ID I 2 3 4 5 Weote I d ronk They reod Mysister did You went orons rhe. # sNs\N\-'" . ploy I didn't withmyfriends. Andreodmybooks.ohyes. I hodo wonderful time With friends mybooks.

hod yes/ no Rob Vicky ond yes/ no weresod. ore @r no got The onimols hove their yes flippers. they weret O I 2 3 4 circte.24 Didyoudrinkyourmifk? @B@ flippers suncreom phone Yes. The suitcoses reody. seventy-six . / no They lunch.

/ No.- .!\5 . i Did you see a zebra? Yes.lDid you have milk for breakfost? Leorn with Tog yesterdoy? Didyougo to school Yes.theydidn't. did.I did! .shedidn't.].::.1.I didn't. . I e o I 2 3 4 5 I 2 3 4 Whot obout you?Write. did.fut.1 seventy-seven .hedidn't../ No. did./ No.. / No.Did you see o panda? -' I didn't. tFey Yes. he Yes. .' .'. did.5 T..they didn't.:.. I Didtheygo to thebeoch? Didthey swim? Didtheboyhove icecreom? on Didthegirlseeo crob? Ploythe gome. ii was blockand white. Yes./ No. she c I saw.'''. Didyouhove shower night? lost o Didyouhove this breokfost morning? yesterdoy? Didyour friends to come yourhouse Didyougoto bedof nine o'clock night? lost Didyoueotsome yesterdoy? fruit Listen ond circle. I ..

weeh into$QY #Hk-'or sollytstory* f. Reodond onswer. didn't theQueen! They see Onthesecond they doy wentto Hyde Pork.fi[48 . ployed theboots. time Onthethird they doy The woseight o'clock.4.. cold. sowBigBen. n . I 2 3 4 5 6 II go did ondKotie lost Where Som summer? poloce they Which did visit? did Whot they onthethirddoy? see go When they ontheLondon did Eye? Whot theydo onthesixth did doy? Whot they onthelost did buy doy? seventy-eight Theuwent to London.g' Buckinghom Onthefirst they doy visited Poloce. theydidn't They in but swim intheSerpentine It wosvery Loke.

Onthelost they doy wentshopping Oxford in presents their Street.:i!*. ondthey bought some Onthefifth they doy wenton theLondon Eye.:::!ii'Jr i^:2.:. liked dinosours the They postcords. sowollthefomous They people. in . Prince Williom their wos fovourite. Onthesixth they doy wentto Modome Tussoud's Museum. bought They for friends ondsome newclothes.!*i f.!iift:t !i{j. They ollthecity theRiver sow ond Thomes. hodo wonderful They time London.enrs . It woso beoutiful sunny ondthey doy were very excited.ffiEGW fourth fifth lost doy wentto theNoturol I Onthefourth they History Museum.

I orongeJUrce. I to thecinemo.rt. theg did. I wentto thecircus. I 2 3 4 5 6 I 2 3 4 5 6 go see hove toke eot drink O SOW b c d e t took ote dronk went hod %wrib. I cheese.. They wolked home.T T . %Reod ondonswer. -_:-t 1r g lJi:?l I. I otecoke.oyed Motch. I sow ofo x. didn'td1!nk I dronk milk. I tooko photo mysister.U j e- r E . I ploy 2 wolk 3 listen -r 4 climb 5 cleon 6 help pl.W- lJ a"r) --f Write. of I of o photo my brother. ote They some sondwiches ond dronk some woter. I o beor. . Lost weekend ond Rob Vic$ wentto thepork. I hodbreokfost.rI he F rt-t l f fi Ii l. Robployed footboll with hisfriends Vicky ond did hondstonds. I lunc h. I 2 3 4 5 6 go DidRob Vicky to thepork? ond ploy DidRob footboll? DidVicky herbike? ride Didtheyeotbiscuits? Didthey drink woter? Didtheygo homebybus? Yes.

t.. didn L.. I 2 3 4 5 Yesterdoy ... inici l"'. &'/ go Theyfu.jiY Cidn't to Poris.. They sworn drCn't / swimintheriver. rI Ccltur . I i Askondonswer. Didyoudrink chocolote milk? Didyouphone friend? o gome? Didyouploy computer o Didyoueoto sondwich? Didyoureod goodbook? o Mokeo picture diory. Soy or I I 2 3 4 -6 \. go They went/ didn't on o boot. On Sofondog I phoned rng tntends. On ThonsdouI ofe fwo onJng". Their bought didn't some dod buy / sunglosses. Y*::.\"-* 5 Listen ond circle.

sun e Conwe mqkeq sondcostle? go Solly theonimols to thebeoch.you can.2s bucket spode ormbonds sondcostle $aa@ru. No. E\LJ Choose write. Conwe go in the sea? Yes. ond I 2 3 4 buckets spodes ond becch sun creom ormbonds go ond Solly theonimols tothe her Korlo weoring is hove TogondTrumpet gottheir didn't weorhis Ziggy €lQ llttrr-lYYg . The sun is very hot. you con't. Not now. Conwe makea We've sondcastle? got our buckets You can mokea sondcastle under the umbrella. ond Con I hove ziggyl Hello.' I've got my armbonds on.

con. he Conshego home now? No. with Fli pleose? ConI ploywithmyfriends.shecon't.c on..3 = i ri . con. pleose? Yes.pleose?- Leornwith Tog you Con eotin bed? Yes.c on. 1$1. . Conyouploy footboll yourliving in room? YesI.:. .we con't. they sins olons the. con.. we / jumponyourbedot home? Conyou YesI.theycon't.-. ' . ConI go ondclimb those trees? pleose? ConI ploy withmyfriends. con. you Yes. . .I c on' t . bothroom. Doyourhomework. con.5. I 2 3 4 Conyoueotin your clossroom? Yes. con Pleose homebyholfpost be five.. con. Whotoboutyou?Circle. -three . 1 1 1 .' t fl5 . Contheyploy footboll theliving in No... You hove lovely con o time.we con't.. Doyour English homework. I Conhecome theporty? to Yes.:. you Yes.I c on' t . your Con friends ondploy yourhouse? of come Yes. room? theycon't.. @ Listen stick rg ond .. con.Can I go to the ii Yes.$ 1 ./ No. / No. write pleose. the you Yes. you Conwe hove someicecreom. / No... you Then conclimb trees.. con. No. you your Con ride bikes school? of No..you can.s\ . ondreod.=. You go ondployoutside.

I'm Corrie @: isstuck. The onimols wontto help eighty-four yes yes/ no yes/ no yes/ no yes/ no 6 . Corrie PotV crying. weorinq a There's monster in the sea! Potty!Youmustn'tswimfor. in Solly swimming theseo.I can't move.@Y Potty isn't Solly worried. Coretta. Carrie.26 ffi @ffi@ffiffi worried stoy scored stuck monste Youmustbe brove. is Corrie. I'm Corrie CorettoI'm not a monster! o turtle. is in There's bigturtle theseo. o Corretto con'tmove. We musthelp 1 O I 2 3 4 5 circte. Youmuststay neor the beach. Youmustn'tcry. is ormbonds.

. eot Wemustn't icecreom breokfost.i::f. m .":.y.::I s i?[*giffi13. Jnounschool rnost to we listen oon . 3 She footboll stop.ly We SJeon feefh.. for mustn't inschool. left the runocross rood..:i @. I They 2 The cor ploy here. Youmust lots do Hemust hishomework. rnosfn't.ll: lurl doocrn eighty-five . run You You must look left and right.i:. 4He look ondright.Leorn with Tog cleon teeth I must my every doy. drink ofwoter. ."rrl .k"tuo hornewonk. x ) Writewith Korlo.

O I 2 3 4 Reod onswer. please? Yes.Cqrrie. but ffi@ffi@ sofe fishermon osk Canyou help us.21 to Everyone wonts help Corrie it'stoofor.we con 'g You're sofewith us. ond Why con't children Corrie? the help Whodo they see? got? hove fishermen the Whot Whosoves Corrie? Itlstoo Jor eighty-six .

€R 8sl eighty-seven . Youlike me. of hEr us. conseeyou. oll ot I like themondthey me. the I They're clowns.nuu {1 Myfriends funny. '-) Choose ond write. love I He's toll. 4 They're swimming. youseethem ninf ore the Con / you Where's suncreom? my Hove gother/ \I? Soroh mybest is I to friend. You're mybest ore friend. of Look / ConI toke dogforo wolk? I toke the Con thern rtto thepork? / The shoes under toble. yousee in Con '. very Look him.Conyouheorit? going o porty. We're to Come withus. Circle. yousee Con 5 Myschool greot.sitnext h*r / {he of school. a al€ # Ar.like funny I them. Come withmel you. Lesrnwith Tog I'm here. You're under toble. youhelpi'i/ rne? do Con I 2 3 4 5 6 ol orons the. ore Myfriends cool. her. like ? mc you them it him her I I'm ploying tennis.g h. m I con't myhomework. Look meondmyfriend. like Wehove ondwe're fun hoppy We're We're BFF! BFF! We're Friends Best Forever! T$lS\N\r. of She's I like fun. Look of 3 She's theboot. + sins with F lVH.i. ore I like myfriends school. of Look 2 He's funny. It'so dog. like is I very I ? 6 You're sweet.I like you.

Tog. rwwwW r/ . meet be We'll ogoin. Hove lovely o holidoy.fffx A ffi$ ' 1- a\o )A \ t(r\ & @ 'ti- \ilffi_<f/. Potty Solly ond too. Circle octivities the song. Hove lovely o holidoy.. my Goodbye you.. we know ond you Thot olllove zoo. the in & tr *@ 5h /nr \r(ftt z^l *\ 'ffie .-J .- '" : 6 4 {%. our Goodbye friends. A\' )! KW -''\'--\ @ . Wewon't sod.We'll meetoqoin.> . to Behoppy every doy.\F. dive meet €8€*r*# wffiffifrre. z# Goodbye friends. Wewon'tbe sod. you.& 'mmf . hol ffi @ Trumpet Korlo.'.re B We'll hove lovely o holidoy We 'll onc e d ond l ough ond pl oy We'll swimond dive And hovesuch fun Ono u rs ummer i doy .\ @rI F. my Goodbye you. ond Chotter. Welove children. to Behoppyevery doy.

ploy She / won't will on volleyboll thebeoch. 4 in 5 goto school September. we'll Wewon'tgo to school. eighty-nine . Ploythe gome. WhenI grow up I'll be a footballer. : swim theseo. in benine yeor. this reod go will She / won't outintheevening. with She / won'tgetup of seven will o'clock. 6 Ustenond circle. @ Whotoboutyou?Wrib I'[[ or I won't.Leornwith Tqg In August beon holidoy. in @ WhenI grow up I'll be a docfor. She / won't will some books summer. She / won't will on oll stoy thebeoch doy. next eoticecreom summer. o I 2 3 4 5 6 I 2 3 goto school August. r9 go Sondy-@i]/ won't on holidoy herfomily. in in do homework summer.

_ the world! \--< Reqd ond onswer. Hotdmy hands._/ 4S'/a \26^.^t-.W2^ litter MA d4 ll . \=.. "{kJ " \ I€ I Look!A desert ond comels! It's very hot here. \rrl /JI //ll desert comet Stop!Youmustn'f throw We titten children! live in o beautiful wor]d. I 2 3 4 5 6 Where does girlwontto go? the ploce see? they Whot thefirst is Whot they inthejungle? do see is Where thesnow? Where thewhole? is Whomust look ofter world? the . I W ill w e go u p i n the sky? I' m Ne llyNature.. e .

cloudyhere. fniends In I'll be on holidog. Mountoins ond snowl Incredible! It's cold here.l iO. In Aogost be on holidog.ffiWTru j u n gle porrot oceon o Wow! A porrots ond Amozing! It's rainy here. An oceanandI Youwere right. ninety*one . Write with Korlo. Nelly.-. . I'll i'llgo fo thebeoch. I'lleot wotenrnelons ond icecneorns. We must look after our beautiful world. tt r. In Septernbengo to school I'll ondI'llseerng ogoin. I won't go to school.

6 Bobies fight school. ot ot I like 2 I likestrowberries. {-Write l We 2 Bobies 3 We .Whot I 2 3 4 you? obout Write or clossroom? Conyoueotin your Conyouwriteonyourdesk? you phone school? o of Con hove mobile you in bedroom? volleybollyour Con ploy or dr nk*ot".I \'** Motch. every doy 4 We 5 We drink milk.. old eotchocolote. pleose? somejuice. you me 3 Con help ondmyfriend? you ? Con help ninety-two . ot I see is 5 Where George?con't to 6 I om going thepork. ot help people. pleose? I ConI goto thebothroom.Review TheFlyHilgh O .4 * ond Choose write. ! Come with hcr him them it us me Look I Look Solly. ploy neor boll cors. Look is 4 Thot flower lovely. 2 ConI hove here? 3 ConI ridemybike TV 4 ConI wotch now? <-.

. 'q Sondro Now write. rndstn't. I 2 3 4 Emily thinks she Billy thinks he thinks Sondro she Nick thinks he Moke o schoolrulesposter.\* 5 Listen ond motch. help fniends oon ffi neod books oon _: f Kd to listen oonteochen lookoftenodnschool ffi nonthe."tffir in ffi plqgfootbollincloss thnowlitfen <W fightwithoon fniends ninety-three 1 . 'p ffi Nick School nules We We rnost..

@ 11 d 0 C x X Ye.) Soyit withSolly. ond on 2 O 9' Findond writethe messoge. nrnetv-four .F iT}iE T 3 f r I \.A trumpet o troin.Thenrepeot. bl Listen ond write. jk lm o ob c d e f g h i rtru e o o *ao@86@ n opqrst uvwxyz ta]a-o-)86 fi o tr o do a o Etrr6 oaoo6o o* *x6 6 !tr #o o 6 o @t r r odof f a. Breod breokfost. A dress o drower. crown o crob. 9 I ol Listen point. xaaxooa _l Now write your own messoge. ond Then repeot. for A on in Grondmo grondpo. cra ff-:fl ffi [ffi ove ink own '[-l ey l-B'"-l iWi oin :v's^ar-l i _gl t-A ir l 9 ondmo "[ @j li ory CSS cl Chont.

...toll ." meet i onimols ...1 ."tvery I go Io'" ".1.I * *. ' W h e r e prize Yesterdoy did I do myhomework." ao | r .:" 12 ". A t 5 Whowos .a. .thebeoch?. aaat "a a a tr l i a tr oo . .' i. o t' ttaaaaao' go 17 Youmust a a a t. l0 Every doy ooy flippers? ... a . ..1 sl t: . o rmbonds?.' aa aa tta a a a a r a ' o t Yesterdoy we n/ I v. . olympics?. ." ".. : - aa at tta a a a at' go 18 You must o A Whot did Korlo in the do Olympics? a r3 Didhe weor il nt .t'Qaa.' ".' Trumpet ond i friend . thetree. we Brod? aa aa aaaaaaaaa ta ""ri r a a a-a alot"ooa ' 16 ".' ::' ' " homework. lr o O".. d i d th e '.. : 14 Didsheweor '.: Yesterdoy I . second." Which Togmoke j on : didthe '. e ta t t.. . .' Whot did '.? . "7". : togoo InIne . 'c t I I t ' .. th eon im ols Qo oo* win? my to school' ott"' holidoy? .. "*ai*aat' . t..*3 Dothe FlyHighQuiz! first.." ta oo .' aaat t "' aaa '. i :.o h tIT l otS on.. j Yesterdoy '. 15 "". Whot ischool.. " Whot did ".

Its nine o'clock the in morning the ond pupils incloss. like mony ploy footboll do ond gymnostics. Mory hosgotArt. Histong' .'soys o theteocher. ore Whot colour his ond shorts T-shirt? Its oneo'clock. cook.pupil school uniform ffi@ ffi W@ L A--I ffiE gym gymnostics conteen ffi cook Reodwith N doy of sehool This o school is in Britoin. Its twoo'clock. WJ got hoven't ?E' is lesson Mgtovoonite . PE In pupils do things. ot oll Look thecolours! O I 2 3 4 5 6 yourschool rolkobout doy. run. Ifs eleven o'clock hove ondthepupils gotPE. her Ifs fovourite lesson. Ifs now time lunch for ondthechildren They orehungry.. The MrsSmith. weor They for speciol clothes PE. Pupils in Britoin uniforms weor to school every doy. Its their school uniform. 'Point picture. Writeoboutyourschool ond we'vegot Moths Todog English' . ore Look their ot clothes. Whot clothes youweorto school? do you todoy? Hove gotPE PE colour your clothes? ore Whot do Where youeotlunch? you Hove gotArttodoy? your lesson? Whot's fovourite @ doy. They're the in gym. is Mory goodot pointing very ondheroicture is excellent. hove lunch the in conteen. got hos lots delicious of food to eot.

dress osghosts. eotsweets They ondcokes they ond moke lonterns big from pumpkins. you. I love Mum.' fN Horvest Festivolin is September.. / no give Children cords Mother's Doy... " conds o: tn. / no is 6 Holloweenin Morch..*':?ijffi3*"J"ll' get Presenrs ninety-seven . on yes/ no yes 5 Bonfire Night in November. Children ploy puto doll ond colled o'Guy'on o bigbonfire. / no is put 3 Children fruitin boxes Bonfire on yes Night. spiders ond clowns. sing They songs school of ond you. They wotch beoutiful fireworks Ifs cold too. funonthis night. Children soy 'Hoppy Mothe/s Doy. Bonfire isin Night November. Children hove porties weor funny ond They up clothes. soyThonk We've goto lotoffoodond we oren't hungry. / no' yes 2 Horvest Festivolin September. Children putopples. chocolotes ondpresents their to mothers.' Holloweenin is Ifs October. give They thembeoutiful cords too. / no is ves Writeoboutspeciol doysin yourcountry hove ' 'lonoong'W" is Yeon in J New Yeor' . Children flowers.is ot New *"" :Hf ion to our'r:i5"-il: 3.@m@@@ give spider lontern pumpkin bonfirefireworks o Reodwith SpecioldoYsrn Brifqin Mothe/s is in Doy give Morch. I Children dress os ghosts Mother's on up yes Doy.. oronges ondbononos pretty in boxes. D Circle. inNovember ond children hot drink soup.

There people ore selling mony things. ond You buyclothes. \-/ Whotconyou do in theseploces? ( 2 ) Writeoboutyourtown.':i. You conbuy fish. the Ponk' rs"Y*1"fflt::HJJ: In con ot o shoppinp is Tll]' Thene olso bogclotnes :. like troins. These children in ore quiet thelibrory. onimols ono pointings. Ifs inthelibrory. I 2 3 4 5 shopping moll:/ou cntr Qo srropprrlg librory: MUSCUM: morket: cinemo: Yoo Plog . ore shops restouronts ond here.You wotch con films inthecinemo. There orelots books of here ondcomputers too. The children toke con books home o for month. Write. Ifs greot thetown in museuml con You seelots interestino of things toys. opples. girlis This leorning obout shells. oronges bononos.. con You olso beoutiful see stotues. congo You shoppingthemoll in ond youconeotonddrink too. is Ifs Soturdoy lots ond of people visiting ore the shopping There moll. con books wotches ond in themorket too. There's morket the o in town. Some children oredoing homework.WffiW@ restourontfilm stotue shell sell Reodwith N Britishtown eenfre This o townin Britoin.'Yotr con 'o"na thene' hou"lonch ninety-eight .

in ond fruit thebuns the Doy coke. This Sundoy is lunchl people Sometimes pototoes hove chicken. Poncoke they On like eotponcokes. with cheese' coke we binthdog eot fn rng 'l ondicecneorn' ''| food is Pizzo' Mgtovoontre ninety-nine . ondlots vegetobles. (y I 2 3 4 5 6 WriteuPS no. or no People teowithorongejuice. Britoin In people sometimes hove cereol fruit the ond in people morning. ond People often drink orongejuice orteowithmilk.Custord sweet is Mony ondyellow. Other ond hove eggs toost or breod honey.Eoster At children hotcross eot buns. Children honey chocolote their or on poncokes. of Lots people solt put ondvinegor on thechips. eot with people Some hove forbreokfost. of People custord chicken. of There's o big often pudding custord with too. fruit There oren't mony ondchip fish shops in Britoin. fish chips! ond There mony ore shops ocross the country. Christrnos eot At they Christmos There's coke. ofter People Britoin in this love food. dodoPPlejuice' we hovesPoghetti ' on Sundogs '. Children hotcross eot buns Eoster. drink You hove con vinegor your with chips. r eggs'toost l like bneokfost Fon . Lovelyl } Onspeciol we eot doys speciolfood. Write obout the food you like .@@ffiH@ cereol solt vinegorpudding custord Reodwith food in Britqin ond Ifs morning this fomif ishoving breokfost. people foro wolk go lunch.

. gritdi. yes thonBritoin.illtg' Bnitoinwonrnen the coldest of onehundred .l..'i' . marty aren'I and 'i.9d^orl.iho'n Bnitoin' wonld' 2 3 4 5 6 ili'..tg is ::.l )J[ 115 ITbQtttqu"^J'..r...ir'!#r. oool.11'J " :..fuh'Mli.. rl to Moscow Vlodwosr.1?1. / no in yes thonTurkey. * u ..l'".Itn" wonld' thon.| g'.'J 'i:.ir'. '..:i':l::r. country t.l.Journey ffiffiffi dry hotel Natasha' Hello with Reod hrynfdfiys tumcztng ffi {*ft Lake Baikal-^- z ifi[M'tAdr. Tl#. is coontngRussiq'..tr 3I I::'1.is.' .'.J0" t*'*'41iil#ili#. rr.'o)i'o'df ."'t inthe Mucoonttgit on" i.n averlhing"i ':^:yh reet.ll'g \ u.nr.:. / ne Turkey hotter is thon ore mountoins Britoin smoller in The yes those Russio.Xr \ 'n" rrn''"o" u lts uneverywhere.*"'3 "5'...It's ts Mu Me goontns ."'lur.yes/ ne.t:it:r. rairt there 'uch ts o.|igritain TurKeT. hoful in Ihe town' .:. / ne is Britoin drier of Writeo comporison your ond Britoin. in is country theworld.il:[:Jil+'i Ellie \ "o.v in time ll'snuch holler ort 'ioi'lii t'm hotidaY . / nc Britoin wormer is is in Thehotel theworst town.iirr'.att the ny wth .^il. iJ...nd lhanIhePt snaller every weowim da\' \ r r] I Circle. Russio thelorgest y*s/ ne yes thonRussio..)^..'.*'d.

wosgreen of It ond people more thon93metres The toll. The viewof NewYork wos omozing. went We uptothetop.fJy Tolkobouto city youvisited.ii"a NewYonk lost sornrnen' ornozing rnong wene Zoo.ondthere werewonderful views. lo the Bnonx Thene there thecity? in onirnols.rrn AntIt wos so beoutifoll Where did yougo? onehundred one ond . EHI?$1153JJ. Wewent Citg f ui. Theseare my photos. e \-/ I Where yougo? did 2 Whot fomous buildings were Writeobouto city youvisited. the to in It woso present Americo's birthdoy.got I himo T-shirtwith Americon on it.3''" ofthottime. big' It 3 Were there porks? Riven' wos veng ony .500 The Stote hos windows thofso lotofwindows cleonl to Centrol wosvery Pork big. French gove stotue theAmericonsl886. for l00th It wostenyeors lote. on flog ffiJ. wotched some in Then we wentfor ride o horse corrioge. Mqfovoonite of 5 Didyougo shopping? Mire.:I. Weolsosow the Hudson wos boilding the Metnopoliton 4 Were there stotues? ony . thewoy On we sowtheStotue Liberty. o in ond ffiTffi ru#ffiM tttffi present mybest for friend.@ruffiffi@ boot islond corriogebuilding one one millionthousond Reodwith NweeKin NewYorlt Last year I went to New York with my mum and dod. Empire Building got6. Onedoywe took boot o to Stoten Islond. Itwossunny ond there werelotsof people thepork. in Wehodlunch next totheLoke ond people boots.n.

mogozines ond newspopersthelibrory. MrWolker o busdriver. there ore DVDs. o: -l - *W t:* l L *s*|i l h€ (. hospitol sick medicine mogozine fire lodder stotion Rebdwith in PeoPle mYCommunity Miss Adoms o librorion. ond i She helps children. workino They people teom. is Hedrives school It o bus. . Hedrives some the woy every doy. very Sometimes Brown Mr climbs o tolllodder helps ond cots intrees. works He ot thefirestotion other with firefighters. is She works thelibrory ot inthetowncentre. in Miss Adoms uses o people computer helps ond look books. They sove in people cor fires help ond in occidents. il"#. busdriver librorion firefigh+er doctor I A fre-flghter works o firestotion. o is He's firefighter. She works otthehospitol with other doctors nurses. sick She looks their ot eyes ond eors. Doctor gives Wells medicine the to children moke to thembetter. ilil.ih" children. worksino He is MnGneen o libnonion' books' p"opt"ftnd He libnong' herpl Writeoboutpeoplein your community. people.Wffiru@. reods for She stories children to too. 51 Every morning gets eorly he up onddrives children the to go school. listens their She to heo Sometimes rts. in in is o teochel'SL"'*onks Sirnpson 2 A tokes children school. concorry people.she to wonksin o She is o docton' Jones gives 4 A medicine to Mns sick h"tPt PeoPla-. She likes helping This Mr Brown. must bock He to school theendofthedoy of ondtoke them home ogoin. As wellos books. Mns to English' teoches 3 A reods stories children. Choose ond write. They're brove. This Doctor is Wells.

Wemust the thonholf world's More plonts onimols in live ond Mony medicines forests. must ofter look We We ond thelokes rivers. ond to moke the sove forests. rf trl \7 I 2 3 4 5 6 Tick(. ond to woter Plonts must hove grow../l the good octionsond cross(fl the bod octions.. Boths more Toke thonshowers. throw litter thebin in poper woste sove woter rideo bike droplitter go olwoys bycor Write obout how you con help the world: This to school' con. ffig cities '. Turn woter. You helo con poper.... They the down trees. towns keep ond like don't difi streets People . plonts.. Todoy but ismuch cleoner cors You moke dirty. the look ofter forests. Weneed cleon Dirty people sick.. olloround need people cutting ore theworld. onimols plonts cleon woter. oirmokes . inthe bin' f t. litter Don'tthrow inthepork or Toke orthestreet.rrt thnowlitten We woten' wo-ste l rnustn't live' n""a wotento ond onehundred three . it home outitino bin. Don'twoste our look Wemust ofter them cleon. oir. o Wolk ride bike. o both.l952 people In mony gotvery in London sick the becouse oirwos oir London's dirty. off mustn'twoste you thewoter when cleon your use teeth.. ploy ploygrounds o with in con lotof litter they hove You occidents. or cor. conhelp. drink We need woter we woshwithit.. use trees poper furniture.ffi@@w@ plont woste ugly bin Reodwith qfter our worfd LooKing ond People. o woter not shower. We from these come but forests.. con it still go Don't olwoys by help.they're Children con't ugly. .iJ" o fif" cleon' 1 the il6 k""P oin uglg' one .

) .

tol Show usfc I .

{=\ @ rilSN) N@ 6er ils wffi BRBffiqk .pointondsoy.Then write. o K P-'-fryry /#".9 Listen.

-\<.-.\_ kffi i_@ ffi Wffi .@ ffi @ r+5=8 @ t4trffi __.

#@ A Y-2 : .irc i-ri1erf*d eight crnd .i.

. ffi' 6ffin @ @ A M G@ I n #tu @ fuT .IJ trA N.# ffi w w =a .

mO r0 ffi @ .f\ W t t t { I f WE ff .ffi." l \ . a P t.

@ffi ffi d ffih @ r w ffi ffi hundred eteven one ond # .

0 0 00 . A./________7 A$ tL\ ./--l ffi \.F -----z - ru ffi fft' 4ff i f f i € &f f $ @ \-.( \o | W- \/ v " a^'p / '? ]a fr' /a 4. / F-.6-i ' . I .

'.i' Lesson 5 Lessone # Lesson 17 6 Lesson 2l ffi## ffffi Lesson 25 Wffi .Lesson I u.'.''-".

High*t_s.o g o In I A[oY' #*'A rsBN976-1 -4082-4822-5 ilillilruilruil| . m_gtJUgtl.t. nd skillsrin:g: .O I_gUe* * *=*-.t1ii6reil{iff irltegr-q[g ggr mor.g. Wg 'io.gr1.= F!y.

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