Death in a sawmill summary

Death in a Sawmill by Rony V. Diaz is a story of envy and how it leads to tragedy. Rey Olbes, an assistant sawyer who was assigned to guide Eddie in his hunt, died in an accident in a sawmill, and that is what they believed to have happened. But Eddie was the only one who strongly believed that it was a murder and not an accident. An impotent bastard named Rustico can only be the one to do such acts of murdering Rey. You have seen the chain that holds logs on a carriage in place. Well, that chain is controlled by a lever in which is out of the way and unless that lever is released, the chain cannot whip out like a crocodile s and hurl a man to the wheeling circular saw. The story started when Eddie, the son of Mang Pepe who is the owner of the sawmill, decided to spend his summer at their sawmill to hunt as soon as the school was out. And his father Mang Pepe asked Rey to guide him in his hunt. Rey was tall, a sunblackened young man. He had unusually long neck and his head was pushed forward like a horse s. His skin was as grainy as moist whetstone. In Eddie s first meeting with Rustico, who was a small squat, muscle-bound and graceless man, and his wife Dida with a fair skin feverish lips and a sock of black electric hair, he already witnessed the intense confrontation between the three including Rey. And then the next day reaching the end of the kaingin after a tiring hunt, there Rey told Eddie about his affair with Rustico s Wife. And he told Eddie that Rustico is impotent because his wife is pregnant and Rustico knows that Rey is the reason. Also rustic won t leave Dida, he d chain her. The night when Eddie and Rey passed in their hut, rustic was already angry saying that Dida should drop the baby or else he ll kill her. That happening was the reason why Dida decided to ran away. Meanwhile Rustico planned to go after her but Mang Pepe denied in his permission due to business reasons and because it turned out that Rey already left for town first early in the morning without even telling Mang Pepe. Mang Pepe told Eddie to relay the message to Rustico. Rustico then got up on the carriage and leaned on the chain that held the log clamps. Then asked Eddie about what Rey has been telling him about Rustico. He got angry causing the chain to lash out and fall rattling to the floor. He was tensed staring the chain like a dead snake. He was trembling picking it up, unlocking it, pulling it down with both hands and did it again musing on the way the chain lashed out like a crocodile s tail.

Remember. The lines But the wind keeps on blowing out the light. And it cannot be brought back by time. still he will keep on moving. continue living until he sees his future. It seems to be that for us Filipinos this is a naturally occurring phenomena. even the tears of the fishes could not be seen ( do fishes cry?) These days we are suffering from such catastrophes like floods. This poem pushing the night somewhat wants us to know that we should live an honest life. barefooted pushing his crooked cart for livelihood. This presents a typical mendicant who keeps on living an honest life who wanted to keep on moving. and can we stop it. But the wind keeps on blowing out the light. The ambition that cannot be achieved even if he cries or weep still his dream cannot be fulfilled. It is because even now and then still we suffer from poverty. we can see someone around in ragged clothes. So this poem can also be an eye opener for us to stop polluting the waters. no luck. we are also using water. Because of the dirtiness of that specific body of water. Maybe this suggests that there is already no luck in having that ambition. . and if you can t well then be strong enough to go with its flow and don t forget that every downs you have the ups. And water pollution contributes too. He ignites his kerosene lamp to illuminate or light up the dark in his see-through home. A poverty which strikes our society nowadays. it is our primary need. Just like his cart.Pushing the Night By Melchor Cichon This poem tells us specifically about poverty. He keeps on pushing the night to know the dawn . continues to strike him. somewhat shows that even though poverty strikes. we can have a better future if we continue living in an honest life. maybe not. We can fight poverty. the ambition to become a seaman. no need for robbing because just like the saying try and try until you succeed also he who walks honestly walks securely. continuing his life to see a better future that awaits him. This poem can also mean that there is this water pollution. This poem suggests hopelessness for the ambition of that person. no chance of still achieving to be a seaman. Ti By Rene Juanico This poem tells us about ambition. for a living in a slum area (wherein nobody notices him). if we really want to achieve it. In the poem. There is no hope. a hopeless one. Crying cannot help him to continue achieving his dream or ambition for it has already ended. But I think we can lessen it. So we better start anew and say no to water pollution. better work hard or else it will just disappear in just a blink of an eye. He keeps on pushing the night to know the dawn. those tears are all for nothing. a hopeless dream. Do it while you still can. That is why if we have this dream or ambition. Just like his cart. It can be that it is because of poverty or because he did not try hard to achieve what is to be achieved.

A life without sorrow. ang mapag-on sini nga mga haligi subong nagagabok. we get old and then die. As time goes by. close was weakening little by little. What was the reason why the father went to Saudi? Maybe it is because of poverty. This is what usually happens to those Filipino construction workers in other countries away from their families here in the Philippines. Another life which is eternal. . sorrow. Again. leave Saudi. a broken family. It happens most of the time. playing madyong . Their family is falling apart. nagaamat-amat na hilay. Darkness will come at the end of our lives. But still our life goes on. The lines ang aton balay nga sadto mabakod. We can also apply the quote. This is a story of a broken to be family. Ang linya sa agtang. happiness and sorrow in life and in death. Kasisidmon By Nieves Burao This poem tells us about life. A matter of life and death.Tay. after sacrificing a half of your life working just to let them have a better future. nagsiri nga nagsiri. ang tagsa ka huni sang relo nabatian hasta nga maduea. Pauli na By Eugenio de Pablo This poem tells us still about family. At first we feel happiness and then by the end of time there will always be sadness. going in night clubs. Because here in the Philippines you cannot find a job that can be able to make someone s life a much better and comfortable life. and when we die. thou shall be merry for tomorrow thou shall die. But still that is life we should know how to live life to its fullest. samtang padayon do pagtunod sang adlaw This line tells us that as time passes. we get old until there will come such times wherein we need to go and live another life in another world. time just passes by. Poverty can also be an issue in this poem. We should also be always prepared. We live in this world full of many great things. you ll end up getting hurt. only happiness. very intact. We experience happiness while we still live. having your life destroyed. left alone. In this poem it describes life our cycle of life. mother is getting sick. Dad go home. after what you have done for them. a broken family sometimes happens. She s going out with another guy.nagahuyang presents the idea that their family which was once very strong. The foundation of the family is gradually breaking apart . A suppose to be a family that stands together lives happy together is slowly being destroyed. we live in happiness and also in sorrow. In the line ang inggat sa mata napalong shows that death has took away life. mother s condition is getting worse. we experience sorrow for we wanted to live more. When their wife gets bored with a life without his husband. It is sad to know that after a hard days work. well in another world.

. And lastly the line Sa mga Subay Nga hanggud ang mga busong to the ants with big stomachs . They feed themselves from the money of others. The opposing forces are always doing this kind of nasty things. what comes in to our minds is that they are those people who steals money from the poor and puts the money all for himself(not all politicians are like that). Ang kanilang kaalyado o kakampi o manok sa pulitika . Also this poem tells us that in politics you should have many connections. They are quickly carrying the newly arrived sweets. It is because when we are to describe a politician.Ukal Kamo Subay By John Hingco This poem tells us about the alliances in the politics also somewhat related also to politics. The ants refers to those politicians. The last stanza Basta indi lang magsakit ang buot ninyo kon indi kamo makatiraw sang kalamay nga ato. The dirty politics. to easily win the elections. these description can be referred to as graft and corruption. shows or somewhat illustrates the politicians giving money to their allies in politics. and those that are not in their side or their enemy should not get angry for they are the opposition( kontra partido). This is also a typical Filipino event which occurs every election. I wonder what they were talking about. why? To be able to become more powerful. There are many ants in the municipal hall. that is why most of the politicians have these Big bellies/ stomach . preparing for the arrival of their alliance in politics. the dirty parties. bangud kulang pa ato sa mga subay nga hanggud ang mga busong rugto sa munisipyo .

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