Civil War 150th Lecture

Sponsored by the Alexandria Black History Museum

“Confederates of Color: Not Quite a Figment of the Neo-Confederate Dr. Daryl Michael Scott, Imagination” Howard University Professor of History Thursday, January 12, 2012 7:00 p.m.
Addmission: $10.00
per person (Payment may be made at the door) To most contemporary Americans, the idea that people of African descent served in the Confederate Army is something that has to be explained, if not explained away. For Civil War buffs and those who keep alive the memory of the Confederacy, the topic has become a significant preoccupation. On the one hand, some neo-Confederates are eager to put an inclusive face on the Lost Cause of the Civil War, and the image of black faces in gray uniforms. That idea suggested the war was about a way of life and states’ rights rather than slavery per se. Join Dr. Scott for an in-depth discussion of both sides of the story behind the African American Confederate soldiers. Due to space limitation reservations are requested but not required to attend the event.

Alexandria Black History Museum 902 Wythe Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314


Events Line: 703.746.4710

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