My fingers dance on my imaginary guitar. Back and forth, back and forth. Up and down my knuckles tap. My head bobs and hair gently bounces. Not wanting to be noticed, but who cares if I am. The hotpink chord of my Ipod entangled in my jacket, I quickly loosen to not disturb my flow. My head nods forward and back, bangs blinding my eye. I hum the notes of "Crawl" by Kings of Leon. My left shoulder lifts, and neck swings side to side. Damn. I love this song.. while discreetly pumping the air with my fist.. My over the knee purple boots tap, and bangle bracelets jingle. (Another stop) Navy shadows my light, I glance to see. This guy stands, wide smiled and red. Over-sized navy jacket, classic white tee, and jeans. White tennis..Celtic Tattoos on his knuckles, and kind of jittery. He's nodding at me. I fling my hair back, and give him a grin then return back to my mind-funk. "Central West stop, connecting bus lines, #41, #2, and the red line." the conductor announces. I look up, smiley is still eyeballing me. What the hell!? I check myself over....My Jackets zipped, no boob to see. I'm wearing pants, so no peek-a-boo thrill; you know the Paris Hilton show down or the Lindsey Lohan Fire Crotch...I giggle at the thought. I look up at him frowning, as to say "What dude?!, What's up? What the fuck do you want?! I pull an ear plug out, to hear his response. He smiles and leans over.."Ya like it?" with his hands in his pockets. What?! Are you a perv or something..? I squint and think. I lean toward him, "Uh. yeah." I sarcastically remark. Assuming he's speaking of the music. He licks his bottom lip, and says "I can see that." (smile) "Are you always this bouncy?" "Bouncy?" I ask. "You know.. this into music." "Hmm.. I guess so." While sizing him up. Nice hair, nice shoes, nice bulge. I figure I'll indulge him for the moment... " So, umm... what about you? Are you into music?" "Yeah, I like it. I mainly like what it does to people, though." While strangely smiling and nodding. "Hmm..does this guy have a tick or something? What's this weird thing he keeps doing with his mouth?" I nod in agreement, and finish with a final "Umph"... Okay, nice to meet ya..idiot.. and begin to replace my earplug. He reaches forward... "Hey.. what are you listening too, anyway?"

I huff.. "Come on dude, are you really concerned about what I'm listening to?" He smiles.. "Nope". I laugh.. "Thanks." So, what's up? YOU wanna get to know me? You wanna know where I'm headed? Or are you gonna stand here and be my nightlight for the rest of the ride?" He shyly replies.."I'd like to get to know you if that's alright." Cute and easy (I think). Okay, give me your number, and I'll call you later. Well, why don't we just exchange numbers? he questions. I shake my head..and mumble "Classic". Is there a reason why I wouldn't call you? Why would you think that I would take your number and not use it? "What's your story?" "No story.. I just want to make sure that I hear from you." "Okay, so why do you think that you won't?" (I love this part).. "Come on, you know how YOU girls are?" "Actually, I don't so could you enlighten me?" (smile) "You'll take my number and find some dork later in the night, that you'd rather talk to." Umph. I giggle. "Landing"..echos over the train.. "Well, this is my stop". I gather my things.."Maybe, I'll see you around". I grin and walk past him through the Metro doors and onto the platform; with my head fanatically bouncing. My heels mimic what I hear. I strut in my gait. Gleeful. A romp down the concrete steps, and under the bridge. "Hey, do you always go out at night, by yourself?" he calls. I stop with my back toward him.. I shout. "Why wouldn't I?" His voice, is closer. "It could be dangerous. "For who?" I chuckle.... "You" he flirtatiously answers, while breathing right on top of me. Damn, this dude has some balls.. (smirking) I turn to face him.. "Hey Navy.'' I slither. "Navy?" I tug his collar, "Your jacket.". "Oh." "I wanted to give you my number, and introduce myself." He holds out his hand., " I'm Carl." "Hmm.gentleman enough" I nod. "Nice to meet you, Navy" and I laugh. Why weren't you this cordial on the metro? "I thought I was.. I guess I felt a bit intimidated, and I didn't want to get shot down, in front of the vagrants." With my arms folded, I nod and snicker.."Vagrants?!.. your funny".. I mock. I force my hand out in front of him.."Ok.. give me your number." He shuffles, and rummages through his pockets.. Growing impatient.. I say, "Ok. just tell it to me". I take his number, and smile my famous bull-shit smile.. straight eye.. and say.. "Nice to meet ya, Navy, I'll talk to you later, ok?" in a

baby sweet voice. "Uh. yeah, ok." he hesitates. "Well.." Before he could respond, I flip my hair, replace my ear-buds and turn away. All along knowing.. that he wasn't gonna just let me walk away. Like a cat at my heels he followed.. talking sweet talk, that I refused to hear. Click-clack on pebbled pavement.. "Hey..Hey... let me walk with you.. I'll walk you to where you have go. It's kinda late for a girl to be out by herself at this hour." Okay.. he's playing the gentleman role... I'll play. Cool... Thanks Navy, I'm going to Club Vega, around the corner. SO, what do you do Navy? .. Well, I work at the plant on 5th street.. not too far from here. He shifts and scuffs his feet. Head down and hands in his pockets. Were you born here? No, I'm from Indiana.. I've only been here for 5 yrs. Oh..that's cool. You gotta a record or something? He laughs.."No, honey. I don't have a record." Why did you ask me that? Well, you just seemed kind of..antsy. "Hmph". he said while watching his feet. Are you always this cold? he asked.. I laughed. Nope.. If you call this cold..Your getting special treatment.. I marked. We arrived at the club. alright I'll see you later..Unless you wanna come in. yeah, that's fine..but I'm not really into clubs. "Okay..that means that their not in to you..ha. You'll be fine Navy..I'll protect you". We grab a couple of seats at the bar. What's up June? Hey Mikey. and he places my drink on the counter. He nods to Navy.. "I'll have a Budweiser". Navy looks at me.."Ok. so you must come here often". I laugh.. Sometimes. Whatcha drinking. "Blood". I sip and laugh from my glass. He watches ridiculously. No. cranberry juice, a whole lot of grenadine, and a red bull. I don't drink alcohol. I'm crazy enough. all by myself. I finish my drink..slam the glass. and hit the dance floor. Free as always, I dance..flirt, laugh, and mingle. Pretending that Navy isn't watching. Dancing till tired. I finish..and head back to the bar...another one for the road Mikey..He roars.."Aww June...I think you hit your limit.." Dammit..I snap. Ok..well, next time. (smiling contagiously). I grab Navy by the hand.. "come on good ol boy" i joke. out the door I skip. Where too? You up for another? Fresh Meat?..I giggle. No. I'm tired. I think I'm headed home. Aww..Navy. Come on. Naw..I'm not feeling it. But, you had fun. Yep. alright C ya..and I turn. Hey.. look I don't live far from here..why don't you just come over, and we can talk about music or whatever..

Hmm tempting..but no thanks. You can come to my place though. we hop on the train back to my house.

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