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Title of the Internship Report .

organization. . business volume and competitors of the organization.Brief Introduction of the Organization Briefly describe the overview.

departments.Training Program Describe the tasks assigned to you in different departments. NOTE: NOTE: In this portion you should NOT provide the general description of the departments you have worked in rather mention the tasks department wise in bullets form that you have performed during your internship and explain them verbally. verbally. .

this case. profit and loss account and cash flow statement). websites. For presentation of this portion please view the next slide. scanned copies will not be required. However. required. if financial statements are available on company·s website then its URL or web link should be provided.Ratio Analysis You are required to show all the financial statements (balance sheet. This is for those companies whom financial statements are not available on their websites. In provided. statement). .

779.664.You are required to present ratio analysis in the following way: way: Company Name Ratio Analysis Debt to Equity Ratio Formula Year 20XX 9.5 0 20XX 20YY 20ZZ .5 1 0.83 times Debt to Equity Ratio Year 20ZZ 14.56 times Year 20YY 13.926 = 1.410.49 times 3 2.631 =2.536.082 / 7.784 / 3.5 2 1.657 / 9.554 = 1.444.095.

analysis. NOTE: NOTE: You should write points in the form of bullets and explain them verbally.Conclusion You are required to describe the organization according to your evaluation/assessment in the light of your learning experience and ratio analysis. verbally. .

. verbally. organization.Recommendations You are required to suggest solutions for all the problems or discrepancies (you have pointed out on the basis of your ratio analysis and internship/learning experience) in the organization. NOTE: NOTE: You should write points in the form of bullets and explain them verbally.

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