Substitute Teacher Instructions

August 22, 2005 Dear substitute, Thank you for taking my class in my absence. Please take attendance and let me know who was absent. If you would, please also leave me a note telling me how things went, who was most helpful, and what the class accomplished. The following information will help you navigate the day, which I hope goes well! Sincerely, _______________________________________
[ ]

Class roster School supplies

Resource Locations
Lesson plans Audio/visual equipment

Teacher’s handbook/guidelines Teachers’ lounge

Principal Secretary Nurse Librarian Music teacher Art teacher Gym teacher Custodian

Administrative Contacts
Room number Room number Room number Room number Room number Room number Room number Room number

Phone Phone Phone Phone Phone Phone Phone Phone

Water fountain Hand washing Restroom Pencil sharpener Illness

Classroom Policies

 Quiet signal Classroom rules Managing the Classroom  Rewards Behavior Behavior Behavior Reward Reward Reward Consequences Behavior Behavior Behavior Consequence Consequence Consequence  Exit to use Destination Location of evacuation diagram Emergency Drills Fire Drill  Earthquake Drill Instructions Civil Defense Drill Instructions .

 Time Time Monday Tuesday Weekly Class Schedule Time Wednesday  Time Thursday Time Friday .

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