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Competitive Advantages Of Business Organizations In Bangladesh

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.

Section : K
Subject : Introduction to Business Course Code : BUS - 101

Submitted to :
Miss. Ishrat Sultana Lecturer & Course Teacher Faculty of Business ASA University Bangladesh

Submitted by :
1. Md. Tahashim Hasan 2. Md. Zahirul Alam 3. Md. Yasin Arafat 4. Jewel Roy 5. Md. Abdulla Al Mamun

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Date of Submission : 14th August, 2007


At first all praise to almighty that gives us the stamina to complete this task in due course. We are really very grateful to our course teacher Miss. Ishrat Sultana for giving us the opportunity to make a report on this specific topic we are also grateful to the managers who provided us their valuable time and cooperation by answering our required Question : 01. 2. 03. S.A.T.M. Badurul Hoque Md. Habibur Rahman Mohammad Tawrit

We are also handful to `Alex Millan the Author of the book Strategic Management (3rd Addition).

Executive Summary

Tele-talk Bangladesh Limited was incorporated on 26 December, 2004 as a Public Limited Company under the company Act, 1994 with on authorized capital of TK. 200,00,00,000.00 being the only government sponsored mobile telephone company in the country. In the same only the company obtained certificate of commencement of Business.

Table of Contents
Sl. No. 1. Introduction


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Background of the Study Methodology of the Study

Limitation 2.

Overview of the Company

Brief history Vision Mission

Our analysis focus


Products & services of the company

Turn around Strategy Finding from organizations


Internal Environment Analysis

Financial Information Employees Offices Achievements

5. 6. 7. 8.

Literature Review Recommendation Conclusion Reference



Background of the Study :

In Bangladesh, mobile telephone was opened to private sector

for more than a decade now and during the period four mobile operators came up to serve the people in this sector, But they could not fulfill the public demand as anticipated, nor could they cover the whole geographical area of the country. Moreover, the quality of service being provided by them is not very satisfactory and, above all, their call charges are too high. Under these circumstances, the idea of establishing mobile telephone project (the Project) in the public sector was conceived. Title of the Project was `10 (Ten) Lakh T&T Mobile Telephone Project (1st Phase- 2.5 Lakh) at an estimated cost of TK. 7.96 billion.


Source of Data/Information :
We have collected information/data from the following source,

which helped me to make this report. The sources was divided by two parts. Such as1. 2. Primary Sources Secondary Sources

I used both the sources.

Primary Sources :
Primary sources include interviews and conversation with officers

and executives of the Bank of different divisions and department. That meansDirect observation Investment outlook Questioning the concerned persons.

Secondary Sources :

Secondary Sources of information include annual report, general report, project profile, journals, periodicals, selected books and other publications etc. that means --

1. 2. 3. 4.

Annual report of BTTB Deals report of the related department Other manual information. Different reference books of the library.

Analysis of data :
Two approaches have been mainly used in this report. Conceptual Approach Empirical Approach


The officials who concerned were reluctant to provide us with some

important data that they believed as ......... personal secret. Since that was limited, extensive data could not be collected so, this report may not be very objective or reflective of the overall situation. The report is also limited by space constraint which restricted us providing more in-depth information about the topic.

02. Overview of the Company

Brief history of the Company :

Once upon a time, there was some private mobile company in

Bangladesh. But the demand of mobile is so high to the people. So Bangladesh Government decided to start a public mobile company. As a result, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited was incorporated on 26 December, 2004 as a Public Limited Company under the company Act, 1994. And now the Company is running with success ness.

Vision :

Basic vision for which this company was farmed are highlighted here under : 01. To provide mobile telephone service to the people from the public sector. 02. To ensure fair competition between public and private sectors.

Mission :
To meet a portion of unmitigated high demand of mobile telephone.



To create a new source of revenue for the government.

Our analysis focus on the following matters :

What are the reasons for the Tele-Talk Bangladesh poor performance ? What challenges does Tele-Talk face in their turn around strategy. What is the competitive advantage between Tele-talk and another mobile phone company.

03. Products & services of the company


Turn around Strategy :

Among some other notable CSR that Tele-Talk has undertaken

during its short tenure, which are given below : e-governance Network expansion Different packages of Tele-talk GPRS Push-pull service SMS ISD and EISD Past-paid service Pre-paid service

Finding from organizations


Teletalk offers a wide range of services to its customers. Following are an outline of the services presently available with Teletalk:

Teletalk offers unlimited internet browsing facility for Tk. 800 per

month or only 2 paisa per minute on actual usage basis for both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers. On can use this facility by using data-cable in computer also. Handsets with GPRS option enable this facility. Through Teletalk GPRS, the subscribers can use the facilities like browsing, email, internet chatting, data transfer etc.

Push-pull services :
Like ordinary SMS, one can receive answer to a question s/he asks.

By using this push-pull service, one can have the latest updates of important cricket matches. Besides, other important information like weather forecast, prayer time, quotes, horoscopes and especially sehri-iftar timing during Ramadan are also available.



An SMS of 160 characters each for TK. 1.00 only available both in English and Bangla.

ISD and EISD :

Every subscriber of Teletalk gets the opportunity of Economic ISD

or EISD in 25 countries @ TK. 7.50 per minute. Under this facility, the subscriber should dial 012, then country code, then area code and finally the desired number instead of dialing access code 00.

Variety of connections .

04. Internal Environment Analysis


Financial Information :
Cash, Cash equivalents and marketable Debt securities year

2006 Tk 7,524 million.

Total assets Total term Debt

= =

Year 2006 Year 2005 Year 2005 December

Tk. Tk. Tk. 31,

14.190 million 1.123 million 6.674 million they had

Total stockholders equity =

Employees :




approximately 3500 employees.

Offices :

Only in Bangladesh .

Achievements :
Tele-talk company has achieved trust of customer. Having lot

of profit from tale communication market.

05. Literature Review


To be successful over the long term, a business must hold some advantage relative to its competition. In the simplest terms, such a competitive advantage can take one of three forms that reflect basic customer values: customers want goods and services (1) better, (2) cheaper, and (3) faster. We refer to these forms of competitive advantage as (1) differentiation, (2) cost leadership, and (3) quick response, respectively, Different refers to the extent to which the customer finds the ...... products or services unique in some way that makes them more attractive and therefore worth a premium price.

Following are some attributes that can differentiate

products :
Product features After-sales service Desirable image Technological innovation Reputation Manufacturing consistency Status symbol

06. Recommendation

Teletalk is a better position now than before. Their market position better day by day. Now they are competing with they market king Grameen Phone but Teletalk has some problems which keeps them behind. Here in Grameen Phone we identify some problems and recommended how to solve it. Grameen Phone provides the various packages with special features where Teletalk provides specific package. They should give the following facilities to the customers. Ensuring proper network Ensuring minimum outage time : : System planning System operations

Ascertaining qualified and competent human resources Generation and distribution of accurate and timely billing : It and Billing. Development of office Automation packages It and billing Preparation of yearly budget, actual as well as forecasted balance sheet and income statement.

Teletalk must raise its level to the stature of other big operators in terms of number of ............ and quality of service.


07. Conclusion

By analyzing this report we have seen that Tele-talk is lightly developing company in our tale communication market. Now they are competing with other market king such as Grameen Phone. We strongly believe that it will reach their own goals. At last we can say that Teletalk is a mile pillar in our tale communication system.


08. References

01. 02. 03. 04.

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