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Project Introduction Data flow diagram

2. Project Description

4. ER-Diagram 5. Data Structure 6. Tools/Platform/Language 7. Hardware/Software Requirement 8. System Design • • • UML Data Flow Diagram Entity-Relationship Diagram

9. Further Development


Resource: The money problem will be solved and resources from which collected. There are seven letters in the word “PROJECT” each character has its own technical meaning. OR It represents a temporary task .Chapter-1 INTRODUCTION Starting the project we should fully know about the meaning of project. Technique: .A well-educated engineer can do this work in a better way to find out better result.It must as it gives a better shape. Joint effort: . Planning: This deals with the idea at thinking and which are required for the project.To make the project successfully. Hence the project is as engineering function. Operating: The procedure from which the getting job is prepared in a systematic way is known as operation. in a scientific manner carried out by group of engineers to achieve a goal. Co-operation:. The project is a system that gives the systematic way of planning and working. Engineering: .This is directly proper to a operation output is made of several person working sincerely is known as JOINT EFFORT. . it is necessary for its success and completion of project. It is not possible to complete the project without technique.

It is also of paramount importance that tried and tested practices and techniques from the field are adhered to to ensure that no common development project mistakes are reproduced. online training. with its emphasis on a more strategic decision making process is fast gaining ground as a popular outsourced function.1 Scope of investigation The aim of this project is to design. Project management is a key factor of this task to ensure the strict deadlines are adhered to. and therefore the project. This project ‘Online Recruitment System’ is an online website in which jobseekers can register themselves and then attend the exam. 1. Based on the outcome of the exam the jobseekers will be short listed. 1. That is if a company or organization needs employees they make an announcement through newspaper. the exam will be conducted at some venue after short listing of the preliminary Aptitude Test. they are called .Online Recruitment Overview This Synopsys documents the process of designing. This will be a vastly complex software development project which will take approximately 5 months to complete. The piece of software. The project will be split up into stages and documented thoroughly throughout. venue & Date of the examination will be made available to them through the website. After tests company has to do short listing manually. From these applications they are called for interviews or tests. dawn of video interviews and emergence of professional Internet Recruiters. OnlineRecruitment System is an online project. From these shortlisted candidates. building and testing a software system to be used for marketing cyber space. For fresher. People who are eligible send application to the organization or company. A quick look at the overall trends in Online recruiting shows the rise in the importance of marketing the web site. build and test a Cyber space marketing system. is known as a OnlineRecruitment system.2 Problems With The Present System Presently recruitment is done manually. The details of the examination. Online recruiting and online recruiting systems.

It may take one month or long.for interviews. Online Recruitment system very convenient because in the manual system there are lot of difficulties in conducting and managing a recruitment exam. Recruitment is done manually. short listing. So it’s all a time consuming procedure. maintaining staff etc. . After interview short listed candidates are employed. These tasks are time consuming. People around the world cannot apply.

venue & Date of the examination will be made available to them through the website. he will be directed to his homepage. He can view all the registered users and have the power to delete them. Company: A company can register itself.2. the exam will be conducted at some venue after short listing of the preliminary Aptitude Test. The details of the examination. Company Brief description on the modules: 1. . DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT This project ‘Online Recruitment System’ is an online website in which jobseekers can register themselves and then attend the exam. Jobseekers 3. He can edit the web pages and update them. 2. Administrator 2. Administrator: Administrator has the full authority over the website. Jobseeker: A jobseeker can register himself. Based on the outcome of the exam the jobseekers will be short listed. conduct online examination. change password and see the examination details and all. For fresher. He can view all the company details also. Module in this project: 1. 3. After registration. Here he can update his profile. approve or disapprove candidates attending examination and provides results about the selected candidates.

about the single process of the 0 level DFD The second level DFD can show even more details and so on. The 0 level DFD states the flow of data in the system as seen from the outward in each module. The first level DFD show more detail.DIAGRAM DFD 3. It is generally made of symbols given below : (1) A square shows the Entity : - (2) A Circle shows the Process: - (3) An open Ended Rectangle shows the data store : -- (4) An arrow shows the data flow :- The DFD can be up to several levels. . DATA FLOW The Data flow Diagram shows the flow of data.

Zero Level DFD CONTEXT DIAGRAM Administrator Company Online Recruitment System Candidate Database .

1 User Managemen t 1.2 Data store Short listing of Candidates .1.DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Admin Login Username Password Category TblLogin If authenticated user Company Mangement System 1.1.

Level 2: Company Management TblLogin Validate Company Update user Statu s Admin TblLogin View Details .

Level 3: User Management TblLogin Validate user Updat e Resume of Admin View Resume TblLogin Registered users User details Experience details View Details TblLogin Education details TblLogin .

Level 4: Company Login TblLogin Company Change Passwor d Update Passwo rd TblLogin View Result TblLogin Update Company details Edit Profile Insert Job details TblLogin Job Details Add TblLogin Questio ns View .

Level 5: Candidate Jobseeker TblLogin Edit Profile Update User details TblLogin Chang e Passwo rd Update Password TblLogin View Job Details Job details TblLogin Attend Exam TblLogin .

some are very similar to UML class diagrams (with the exception of operations). E-R An entity-relationship (ER) diagram is a specialized graphic that illustrates the interrelationships between entities in a database. Diamonds are normally used to represent relationships and ovals are used to represent attributes. The database schema for this system is shown in figure.Diagram Definition: 4. the order receipt is stored as a hard-copy and not regenerated when reviewing past orders because things such as the restaurant name or VAT percentage are subject to change. the notation the used here is slightly different. Receipts stored need to be exactly the same as the customer copy in case of . Boxes are commonly used to represent entities. _ Similar to the previous point. This is because the price of menu items could change at any time. Some important database design decisions are as follows: _ To store the total price of an order with the order rather than calculating it on the fly when looking at past orders. as proposed by Elmasri. et al. The table object has been left out of the diagram because the table management feature set had been dropped from the requirements before this stage of the design process. ER diagrams often use symbols to represent three different types of information. Entity Relationship (ER) diagram: This diagramming technique is used to visually present a database schema or data model and was original proposed by Chen in the 1970s. However. so the total price at the time of ordering must be stored so that the total price is not incorrectly calculated in future. There are many different data modeling notations.

Data Structures 4.5.5 TABLE SPECIFICATION Table Name: Login Fieldname Username Password Status Data Type Text Text Text Key Primary key - Table Name: Details Fieldname Username Name Gender DateOfBirth CollegeName CollegePhone CollegeEmail Branch Mark Degree Email_id Telephone Address State Pincode Category Data Type Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Key Primary key -- .

Table Name: Experienced Fieldname Username ExpYears Company Designation Salary ComAddress Table Name: JobDetails Fieldname JobId Post Criteria NoOfVacancies Salary LastDate Data Type Text Text Text Text Text Text Key Data Type Text Text Text Text Text Text Key Primary key - Table Name: Exam Fieldname JobID Post ExamID ExamName Cutoff Data Type Text Text Text Text Text Key - .

Table Name: Question Fieldname JobID ExamID QuestionNo Question Option1 Option2 Option3 Option4 Answer Data Type Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Key Primary key - Table Name: Com Fieldname CName CAddress CPost CCriteria CUsername CEmail CContact CCutoff Data Type Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Key Primary key - .

Table Name: Result Fieldname StudentID examID JobID mark Table Name: Temp_Data Fieldname StudentID QstNo Qst Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ans Data Type Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Key Data Type Text Text Text Text Key - .


LANGUAGES Front End • • User friendly GUI Java Server Pages2.6.TOOLS/PLATFORMS.4 • Separation of work (designing & coding) • Written once run anywhere Middle-Tier Back End Oracle10gXE • • • • • Security Performance Scalability Reliability Support RDMS concepts .



Large database and space management.FRONT END We have implemented JavaScript for all the Client side validations.Manageable security . platform independent. -BACK END We have used My SQL.High transaction processing requirement .SOFTWARE INTERFACE .2 Use case diagram .Portability efficient/effective solution for major database 8. MySQL provides tech. event driven. The form is not submitted until user fills in correct data. It is object based.Industry accepted standards . It is extremely useful to restrict mistakes by user.High Availability . Client side JavaScript is designed to reside inside HTML document & ensure they run properly. . . These are important parts of any Web application to implement Client side Validations and the invalid data is not submitted. .Many concurrent database users.

These system functions are known as use cases. . and will be used as a base to design the system from here on.A use case diagram is useful for showing which systems functions are carried out by which stakeholder.

Further development The most notable features which were not implemented in the system are table management and a more intuitive order item notes interface.9. . The process of removing features from software when time is running out is known as feature cutting. A drawback of removing features at such a late stage in the project is that some time will probably have already been wasted on the design or partial implementation of these features. These features were not implemented because of time constraints.

. Multiple concurrent users would be common in real-world usage but have been difficult to test for considering there was only one tester involved in this project. The author feels that those last few remaining features would round off the system. in particular a more comprehensive real-world testing environment would have to be adopted along with some real-world usage. If the author was to try to sell this system then more system testing would have to be done.Project future: The future of this project depends on whether the author has enough spare time over the next few months to continue with the development. in return for a subscription fee. This type of system would benefit from being sold via Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS would allow support would be provided for the hardware in case of a system failure and for the software in case of newly found bugs.

http://systems. Whittaker. W.REFERENCES References 10.almyta. April 2003. Point of Sale Patrick Haughton . Stakeholders: Who is your system for? IEEE: Computing and Control Engineering. [5] M. .by O'Reilly . 13(6):289{297.BPB publications.asp. [3] Almyta Systems. Cambridge University Press. [1] I. Alexander. . Alexander and T. Accessed on 20th October Apress publication. R. A.Allen Wyke [7] Java Servlet Programming [8] Pure JavaScript [9] [10] HTML complete Java Server Programming . December 2002. Zink. IEEE: Computing and Control Engineering. Ambler.14(1):22{26. Process Patterns: Building Large Scale Systems Using Object Technology. Introduction to systems engineering with use cases. How to Break Web Software: Functional and Security Testing [6] Java-2 Complete Reference .com/Point_of_Sale_ Jason Gilliam. 1998. [4] S. [2] I. Andrews and J.

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