Active and Passive Voice


Verb expresses an action done by its subject Ex. The band teacher instructed us.

Ex. Verb phrase always includes a form of be and past participle of verb. Oils had been used by the artist.   . The song was played well by us.Active and Passive Voice  Passive   Verb expresses an action done to its subject Ex.

 . tell whether the verb is in active voice or passive voice.Exercise #4 page 393: Identifying Active and Passive Voice #1#1-10 on your paper  Read each sentence.

The territory was explored.Using Passive Voice  Passive     Emphasizes the person or thing receiving the action We use when we don t know who did the action or when we do not want to place blame. . Ex. The paper was torn.

Exercise 5 page 394 #1#1-10 on your paper and skip lines between  Tell whether the verb is active or passive. then re-write the sentence reso it is active.  If it is passive.  .

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