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Operation Paradise Orgonite

Operation Paradise Orgonite

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Published by Jonathan Benjamin

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Published by: Jonathan Benjamin on Jan 06, 2012
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Orgonite CB from Orgonise Africa

The Don Croft-style orgonite CB or

chembuster consists of 6 copper
pipes 28mm (2 3/8”) in a circular
placement. Length approx. 1800
mm (6’). These are mounted in an
orgonite base of approx. 9l. (2 gal).
We use normal household buckets
as moulds. Each pipe has an end
cap at the bottom and a double
terminated crystal mounted in that
end cap. The crystal works as an
amplifier of the energy exchanged
through the pipe.
Strong positive effects have been
observed for distances of over 150
km, after placing a CB.
Other than the Reichian CB, the

The tools of the trade


Croft CB is not so much meant to
be used for active weather
manipulation, but rather as a
general healing tool that needs no
attendance or operating. It will just
create a positive orgone field in its
wider surroundings, stimulating self-
healing processes on all levels:
climatic, biological and mental (!).
Contrary to what many people
think and even publish on the

Internet, an orgonite cloudbuster
does not need to be grounded or
even to stand on soil. Frequently
we find alterations to the original
design that are promoted as being
“better” than the original design by
Don Croft. So far, very little of this
has been demonstrated to be true.
We recommend that you stick to
the original, which is amazing in its

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