Professional Development Effective Negotiation Skills

We are all negotiators. We do it every day, though not always with success. This workshop provides practical tools and a clear assessment of personal values to help you predict and control outcomes with a win-win approach. The workshop introduces manage4rs to a systematic staging for negotiations at all levels of interaction. It is highly practical, involving role-play, analysis, feedback on performance, and action planning. We examine negotiating from various perspectives, looking at personal styles, allowing participants to map themselves against others, and evaluate their preferred style against achieved outcomes. We give practical guidance on how to create a win-win proposition that works. Participants gain a powerful understand of why setting personal styles and approaches within an organisationally aligned framework, allows the negotiator to draw on strengths not usually available in most negotiation settings.

Learning Objectives You can expect to  Apply successful negotiation techniques to your business situations  Organise negotiations and control or influence outcomes  Learn how to put your views across in a non-confrontational ways

Course Outline Introduction  Types of negotiations in organisations  The cultural aspects of negotiation  The art of negotiation
Prepare  Principled negotiation  Wants and needs  Preparing to negotiate Discuss  Making openings work  Listening  Questions  Managing emotions Propose  Proposals that work  Creating options Bargain  Bargaining techniques  Closing When things go wrong

Who should attend? Manager, executives, buyers, procurement officers and other staff who negotiate. Applicants should have a level of Intermediate 2 or above. Maximum group size: 12 Customer Quote: “I really enjoyed the course – it did not seem too heavy- going, yet at the end of it there were many lessons to take home.” – Research Institution’s Laboratory Technologist

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