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Morocco Presentation Skills

Morocco Presentation Skills

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Published by: ananthoju on Nov 04, 2008
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Professional English Presenting in English

Presenting information and knowledge to groups of people is probably the most common business activity for people at all levels. It is an effective and efficient way to gain influence and achieve results. Confident speakers in control of the material, audience and themselves command respect and attention, no matter what the context or situation. This highly practical workshop provides participants with a full understanding of how to prepare, organise and deliver presentations. It demonstrates techniques for creating interest and impact that reflect the positive style and personality of the speaker. It shows how to reduce stress, deal with the voice and breathing and how to communicate through body language. By the end of the workshop, participants will have practised, evaluated and reviewed their presentation skills in the light of the new judgements, knowledge, attitudes and skills explored.

Learning Objectives
You can expect to:  Organise your presentation and plan audience interaction  Use visuals, voice and body language to support your objective  Present information and ideas with clarity and impact

Course Outline
Taking control of your material  Determining purpose and content  Organise and structure a presentation  Good techniques for opening and closing presentations  Using visual aids & selecting resources Taking control of yourself  Dealing with nerves and building up confidence  Using your voice: pace, pausing and emphasis  How to use gestures and body language for maximum benefit  Aids to memory Taking control of your audience  How to better understand your audience  How to change topic clearly  Dealing with questions effectively

Who should attend? Anyone of level Upper Intermediate and above who would like to improve their presentation skills and learn more about presentation styles in English. Other information This 15 hour course will run twice a week for three weeks. Monday & Wednesday 18.00 – 20.30 Price: 900 dirhams Dates: 18 June - 4 July 2007 Maximum group size: 12

Customer Quote: “It was very good as it let me discover my own strengths and weaknesses as well as how to enhance my strengths and avoid mistakes next time around” – Retail Merchandiser

British Council, Rabat www.britishcouncil.org.ma

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