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Printed by: Sally-McLean -ESC ‘Thursday, January 05, 2012 5:04:01 PM Title: From: [il Ketiey Tanner Thu, dan 05, 2012 4:60:26 PM Subject pro statements To: Hisalty-cLean esc Attachments: EM AttachO.html BK Proposition No. 1 (192 words EP&O Replacement Levy Will Fund Essential Programs This 2-year Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O) replaces the current levy. ‘These funds are an integral part of our school district. With another round of state budget cuts coming, local taxpayers can help shield our students from the cuts in Olympia. Passing this levy will go a long way toward maintaining services and programs our students need and Parents expect. Levies bridge the gap between state funding and the actual cost of meeting the educational needs of our students. This EP&O levy enables our district to pay for teaching staff not included in state allocations, additional instructional programs, textbooks, athletics, extracurricular activities, technology, security and transportation. Federal Way is #1 among King County districts in the percent of budget spent on teaching and teaching support. Federal Way homeowners pay the least amount of tax per student as compared with neighboring districts. ‘Our children need these funds to continue to grow and prosper in a positive and progressive learning environment. Your YES vote ensures this will happen. This levy has the specific support of the FW Chamber of Commerce, teachers, school staff and parent organizations. Propo: (212 words) n_Ne Capital Projects Levy Will Rebuild FWHS With Substantial Savings ‘Taxpayers have the opportunity to rebuild the district's flagship school while paying little more than half the actual cost of construction. In addition, aging playground equipment at nine elementary schools will be replaced and 10 will receive upgrades during the six-year capital levy. Printed by: Sally-McLean ESC ‘Thursday, January 05, 2012 5:04:01 PM Title: FWHS staff, students, administrators and independent building experts agree: Now is the time to rebuild. Major systems in the building are urgently in need of replacement and putting expensive new plumbing, heating, roofing or wiring into this building just doesn’t make sense, financially and educationally. While the need is great, the opportunity is even greater. The total construction cost will be $110 million, Our community's contribution will be $60 million over the next six years. The balance will be made up with funds left over from the previous bond measure and anticipated state match funding — money that legally can't be used for anything but construction costs. By running a capital levy rather than a bond measure, the district will save taxpayers an estimated $29 million in interest ~ and the schoo! will be paid for in six years. Vote “YES” to provide high quality facilities fo the children of Federal Way! This levy has the specific support of the FW Chamber of Commerce, teachers, school staff and parent organizations. Printed by: Sally-McLean -ESC ‘Thursday, January 05, 2012 5:07:22 PM Tie: From: [lElections, Operations" 1/4/2012 3:16:.. =@ Subject RE: Federal Way SD - Feb 14th Levy Positions To: Kelley Tanner El” Ce: Pisalty.-mctean esc Attachments: [iJ AttachO.html 8K ED image001.wmz 16K Ms. Tanner: Unfortunately we are unable to accept the statements you submitted for inclusion in the local voters’ pamphlet as your email was received after the deadline. The submission deadline was yesterday (January 3) at 4:30 p.m., and was outlined in documentation from our office as well as emails from the jurisdiction. The email we received with your statements did not arrive until 4:46 p.m. If you believe there was an error regarding the submission please contact our office by 4:30 p.m. today. Thank you, Dave Pohl et mail section Operations Lead 206-296-1565 »