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VibroAcoustic Therapy (VAT)

in Treatment of Psychosomatic
Disorders and Depression

Dr Riina Raudsik
Jyri Health Center
Brain of Human Beings.

external brain

internal brain-
emotional brain
The external brain controls our:
• Thinking
• Concentration
• Attention
• Consious movements
• Moral behavior

Inhibiting impulses and instincts

of the interior or emotional brain.
Prefrontal lobe

External brain

Prefrontal lobe –
The part of external brain

emotional brain
“ Treat the soul of a person, then
their body is healthy ”.

Our physical health reflects the

state of our mental health!!!!!!!
The internal or emotional brain:
Is very much older in its
Is quick to respond to dangerous
Controls automatically the function
of all organs of our body from the
lacrimal gland of our eyes to the
This is very important knowledge since chronic
conditions of stress mainly develop as a result of
long-term overexertion of the emotional brain,
where the body has not been able to balance
disturbance of the metabolism of tissues and
organs caused by emotional tension!!!!!
Emotional stress has exactly the
same effect on a person, as:

• Physical...
• chemical...
• medicational..
• cultural..
• and other types of stress
In its initial phase, chronic stress always
expresses itself only through functional changes
in the body. An over-acidated body working in
oxygen debt continuously applies its resources
in order to balance the metabolism.

Medical tests do not show any abnormalities

and there are no changes in tissues during many
years (3-10 years).
Such conditions are easy to treat when attention
is paid and treatment is started at once:

• unexplainable tiredness
• headaches at weekends, which turn into
tension headaches within 3 to 4 years
• heart palpitations
• anxiety
• panic disorders
• problems with falling asleep and fragmentary sleep
• positional vertigo (dizziness) caused by chronic stress
• cramps in the legs
• general exhaustion
• stuttering in children
• tics in children
• enuresis in children
100% effective treatment with VAT
without after-effects:

 children with a tic syndrome (treatment started 1

to 9 months after the occurrence of the
 stuttering children (treatment started 1 to 15
months after the occurrence of the symptoms)
 sleep disorders in children
 cramps in the legs
Medical condition of 30 to 90% of
patients improved as a result of the
treatment with VAT:
• adults with sleep disorders
• tension headaches
• anxiety and panic disorders
• numbness of hands and arms
• fibromyalgic pain (muscular pain caused by
psychological reasons (psyshsomatic disorders),
e.g. low back pain, pain in neck and shoulder area
and other places)
• dry eye syndrome, which may be also be explained
by over-acidation of the eye tissues
(antidepressants also improve the condition)
Good Results of VAT:
 patients with Parkinson’s Disease have reported a
reduction in tremor already after the first session of
treatment. The treatment does not heal a person, but it
improves the quality of life and is extremely good as a
supportive treatment.

 initial phase of depression until antidepressants take

effect (2-3 weeks)

 in people with mental and physical disabilities who

have strong muscular contractions.
VAT: Conclusions
 mechanically moves our tissues and enlivens the
metabolism; acid substances caused by chronic stress
are removed more quickly from our tissues.

 influences directly ( by vibration) and indirectly (over

nervous system) the work of our organs and muscles
by influencing the body and at the same time influencing
our emotional brain because they work together.

 improves the blood supply in tissues and organs

because of its vessel-widening influence, which in turn
improves the metabolism and facilitates faster oxidation
of acid substances by means of improved oxygen levels.
In the book ‘God always comes on
time,but not earlier’ an Indian
shared his experiences saying:
“At the moment our medicine
treats consequences, medicine of
the future is VIBRATION and

I would like to add 2 more things:

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