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) .. However. there are a few drawbacks. or when to “pluck” the strings and play the notes in relation to one another. So let’s get started right away. shall we.How to Read Guitar Tabs G reetings. The rhythm issue is the probably the biggest one. (That’s a fancy way of saying that tabs don’t include information on timing. What are Guitar Tabs? Understanding how to read guitar tabs is one of the fastest ways to get started reading guitar music and learning to play your favorite songs. Since you don’t have to know how to “read music” to get tabs. there’s no way to note rhythmic figures. In tablature.. I’m glad you decided to download this guide on how to read guitar it’s a very popular method for new and experienced guitar players alike. I hope it helps you have a lot more fun playing your new instrument. Future Shredder! Ted Halpeart here from over at GuitarHack.

I’d try them both and see which one you prefer. we have places like iTunes and Napster to give us access to any song we want to hear. Napster (click on the link to check it out) I think is a better choice if you’re going to want to be listening to a lot of songs. I recommend using iTunes for sampling songs and getting idea of the rhythm you’re shooting for. You can easily overcome this by listening to the song you want to play (see below for a couple easy ways to get your hands on just about any song). It used to be. you'll see the notes to play. you can search through millions of songs to find the one you want to play. for free. but that’s where I’d start. Napster is also the better choice in my opinion if you really want to learn to play an entire song. Why? Because it’s one of the only services that lets you listen to full songs. back in the age of the dinosaurs. and both pieces of software are completely invaluable to someone learning how to play the guitar. . because you can listen to 30-second clips for free. 1 2 To hear short clips of a song you want to play. simply download and install the iTunes software (click on the blue underlined link to grab it for free) if you haven’t already. Easy Solution to the Rhythm Problem Nowadays there’s really no excuse for trying to play a song cold from tabs. It’s a matter of choice. It’s not ideal. but you don’t want to have to pay to download each song individually. Once installed. as many times as you want. Not very convenient! Today.In other words. of course. Here’s how I’d use these two services to really make tabs twice as useful to you. but you won't be able to tell from those how long to play each note. that you’d have to run out and buy a CD if you wanted to get a feel for how a particular song was played.

The tabs will show you what frets to put your fingers on. you can actually start playing something that sounds reasonably good very quickly. they’re really simply to understand. but not what specific fingers to put on the frets.The other main drawback is that tabs don't explain fingering. The six lines you see in a tab represent the six strings of your on the link to check it out) it’s not going to be a problem. Simple enough.The Basics Tabs are nothing more than a graphical representation of your guitar’s fret board. you might have a hard time following along with tabs. right? Keep in mind that the bottom line is low “E” string (the thickest string). It never bothered me very much. Take a look at the sample tab below. In this.first. and second. But even with these drawbacks. The second string represents the “A” string (the second thickest string) and so forth. and if you use tabs in conjunction with some quality online lessons (I recommend a site like Jamorama for this -. tabs are still the most popular way to read guitar music for a couple of reasons -. If you’re not at the level yet where you already know what you’re doing with your fingers. you’d . Guitar Tablature . E------------------------B------------------------G------------------------D------------------------A------------------------E------------------------Understanding Melody The numbers you see on the lines show which fret to put your finger on.

the first fret of the “B” string. and play that note twice (4-4). by definition. that means you’re supposed to play them all at the same time. So in the example below you’d play 5 notes at once: The open “E” string. This is the “C” Chord. When you see a “0”. for this example. you would play the open “D” string. and that’s played only once. it means you should play that as an open string. after the 2nd fret of the “G” is played. a chord -.a combination of three or more notes played simultaneously. and often it will be notated above the notation to help you out. C E----------0------------B----------1------------G----------0------------D----------2------------A----------3------------E------------------------- . Then a finger goes on the 2nd fret of the “G” string. This is. So. the open “G” string. and the 3rd fret of the “A” a finger on the 4th fret of the “B” string. If you see numbers “stacked up” like they are below. the 2nd fret of the “D” string. E------------------------B------4---4------------G-----------------2-----D----------------------0-A------------------------E------------------------Chords Chords are easy to recognize in tab.

pull off b . Don’t pick the note you slide to.bend string up – pluck first note and bend string up (or down).slide down v .tap (with strumming hand) x .release bend / . keep pressure while sliding to the next.hammer on p . Most of the time. . Guitar Tabs in Action Now that you have a handle on how to read tabs. struck string Some of these may require a little extra explanation.Pick the first note.muted.vibrato (sometimes written as ~) – shake the note by toggling the fretting hand wrist.slide up. you’ll find a kind of “legend” at the bottom of a tab that will explain any unusually notations you may find. t . “real-time” look at reading and playing a song from tabs. let’s take a look at a view videos that will give you an even better grasp on the topic.Other Symbols you might see in TAB and what they mean: h . \ . Both of the videos below will give you an expanded. r .

Guitar Tabs Video Lesson #1 Click Here to Play this Lesson Guitar Tabs Video Lesson #2 Click Here to Play this Lesson .

com to check out our other free tutorials. You should now have at least a basic understanding of how to read guitar tabs.Wrapping it Up So that’s it gang. Be sure to stop by www.GuitarHack. Happy Playing! Ted .

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