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State of California, County of San Francisco Search Warrant and Affidavit ARFIDAVIT 1, John P. Keane, swears under oath and penalty of perjury that the facts expressed by him/her in the attached and incorporated Statement of Probable Cause are true and that based thereon he/she has probable cause to believe and does believe that articles, property, and persons described below are lawfully siezeable pursuant to Penal Cocle Section 1524 et seq. as indicated below, and are now located at the locations set forth below. Wherefore, Affiant requests that this Search Warrant be issued. WA OBES SEALING REQUESTED: YES. NO poet NIGHT SEARCH REQUESTED: YES NO Gare of Affiant SEARCH WARRANT ‘THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO ANY SHERIFF, POLICE OFFICER OR PEACE OFFICER IN THE COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO proof by affidavit, under penalty of perjury, having been made before me by Insp. John P. Keane, that there is probable cause to believe thatthe propery or person described herein may be Found at the locations se forth herein and tha itis lawfully Seizable pursuant to Penal Code Sect on 1524 et seq, as indicated below in that: it was stolen or embezzled- 1524(a)(1)PC it was used asthe means of commiting a felony- 1524(a)2) P.C itis possessed by a person withthe intent use i as a means of committing a public offense ori is possessed by another to whom he or he may have delivered it to for the purpose of concealing it or preventing its discovery-1524(a)(4) P.C. X _ittends to show that a felony has been committed or that a particular person has committed a felony- 1524(a)(4) PC. You are therefore COMMANDED to Search: Hii Webster Street, San Francisco, CA described as a blue house with the number HEEB ilixed to the right of the door. Webster is located between Fulton and Grove. For the FOLLOWING PROPERTY: 1) Panasonic Model HDC700 TM video camera with a serial number KOHX01464 and 2) a black I phone 4 with a phone number of 415 HERE 21«\ after the recovery of these items that they be searched at an off site forensic examination center. AND TO SEIZED AND EXAMINE IT/THEM IF FOUND and bring itvthem forthwith before me, or this court. This Search Warrant and Affidavit and attached and incorppgated Statewent of Probable Cause were sworn tobe as true ard subscribed before me on this G* "day of Ja7, 20/7 at Ft SNL JEN) Wherefore, [find probable cause forthe issuahoe oF his Search Warrant and do issue it CZ— FS. C77 ronmssenmensouesray xe See Te aaaarior Yes. NO Signature of Magisirate ude ofthe Superior Cut of Calon, County of San Francisco, Superior Dept. “& favzems STATE OF CALIFORNIA-COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO RETURN TO SEARCH WARRANT _Insp. John P. Keane _, being sworn ays that he/she conducted a search pursuant (Name of SFPD Officer) tothe below described search waran, SEARCH WARRANTICASE NUMBER /ZAXBO 9 ¥S 7 hen y Issuing Magisate:_Téo//p ~2- ‘Magistrate’s Court: Superior Court #_ , County of San Francisco. Date of issuance: 7 4/7 2 Date of Service: —_Z, we Aotsc efion ( es nto Wc ce 4 San Gere'ses CK ‘And seized the following items: One (1) Paoesone Video Gnu HOG ROTA ed peaarded —j mapte — Ebars Gomara | bon ert mccrepe comytysate | further swear that this isa true an€ detailed account of all the property taken by me pursuant to the search Warrant and that pursuant to Penal Code Sections 1528 and 1536 this property will be retained in my teustody, subject to the order of this court or of any other court in which the offense in respeet to which the seized property is triable. Be advised that pursuant to California Penal Code Sections 1539 and 1540, you may file a written motion I the court of the above-named magistrate who issued the search warrant, seeking the return of the property sat pry won or fry arch ‘warantcohact LnspeTe baa a wine at telephone number a Signature of At TET VGL eI EHS Pel tel cae int Signature of Magistrate Judge of the Superior Court County of San Francisco State of California Affidavit in Support of a Search Warrant My name is John P. Keare. | am currently employed as an Inspector of Police in and for the City and County of San Francisco. | have been a San Francisco Police Officer for over twenty (20) years. | am currently assigned to the Domestic Violence Response Unit, which investigates various types of crimes, including domestic related assaults. | am specifically assigned to investigate domestic violence related stalking incidents. | have investigated hundreds of domestic violence cases and numerous stalking cases including intimate partner stalking, stranger stalking, and the stalking of public officials. My training includes the Basic P.O.S.T. certification courses while attending the San Francisco Police Academy, and on-going instruction throughout my career in Advanced Officer Training courses. | have successfully completed the following courses: * 20 hour search and arrest warrant class 76 hour Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation * 40 hour cellular Core Skills for the Investigation of Cellular Devices by SEARCH in 2011 * Stalking training from AEquitas (The Prosecutor's Resource on Violence Against Women) and the Stalking Resource Center «Membership in the International Threat Assessment Association and have received assorted training in the area of stalking including their 40 hour annual conference in August 2011 | attended the San Francisco District Attorney's “Stalking Summit" on September 29, 201°. | also presented a block of instruction called “Build a Case: From Initial Response to Prosecution” at this summit. * _F.B.I’s Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory webinar: Decoding Digital Evidence: What Every Law Enforcement Officer Must Know (11/9/11) « Telestrategies’ webinar “Mobile Spyware: Fact or Fiction” presented on 42/14/11 by Thomas Slovenski.