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A Recession Proof Guide To Making Money Online

A Recession Proof Guide To Making Money Online

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Published by Reinaldo Lopez
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Published by: Reinaldo Lopez on Jan 07, 2012
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info ==== ==== Whether you have given up your corporate job to spend more time with the kids or want to augment the household income, work-from-home online jobs can be one of your best options to bring in steady profit. Setting up a home office sends the idea that you are committed to the family and your career. But as good as it is to make you both professionally and domestically functional, working onlineand at homecan present some problems. What are you supposed to choose between a wailing kid and a project nearing deadline? How are the kids expected to behave when mommys working? And whos going to wash the dishes? Moms working online are sometimes torn between work and household duties. So, how do you draw the line? Families are as diverse as the individuals that make them; therefore, parenting and running the household greatly vary in style. But though thats the case, online working moms should follow specific rules to allow productivity. Here are some of them: 1. Discuss the setup with the family. It should be agreed upon by the husband and, in case they are all grown up, the kids. If the kids are still toddlers or need close attention, decide if you are going to hire a caregiver, and if you are, identify if its going to be a fulltime or a part-time caregiver. In most cases, part-time sitters are more practical since mommies wont work the entire day anyway. 2. Define your work schedule. It, of course, depends on your preference, family, and other duties. But whatever your schedule is, make sure everyone knows it to lessen distractions and interruptions. Setting definite working hours also gives your kids the impression that they have a space in your schedule and that they can wait for their time rather than barge in your home office any time they want. Stick to your schedule at all times, unless of course urgent events merit your attention. 3. Decide whether you will have a closed door or open door policy. A closed door policy works better if you have a hired sitter. This allows you to work with little or no distractions and your sitter to comfortably assume responsibility without your constant inquiry and checking. The open door, on the hand, is advised if you dont have a hired caregiver. With this policy, you can instantly check how the things are going with your kids and the house. But since this can invite noise and distraction, you can close the door whenever you need extra concentration and are talking over the phone. 4. Orient yourself, the kids, and the caregiver about the possible interruptions that you can and cannot respond.

Be as specific as possible and show sturdiness. Dont go out of your home office at the sound of a whimper; instead let your caregiver do her job. If the kids are grown up, tell them the kind of environment you need and how they can help you achieve it. Children just need to be talked to and constantly reminded. 5. Lay out your expectationshow the kids are supposed to behave, the amount of household chores you can assume, the level of noise you can tolerate, among other things. Then, set out a plan. If, for instance, your kids are older, you can ask them to tidy their rooms on their own. Or you can work far from the living or TV room. Moms working online and their families, at the start, need to make certain adjustments. Plan For Success - Planning Sets Working Online Success There are too many people attracted to the idea of making it big online. Many of them probably got enticed with the multi-million dollar testimonials and the get rich quick scheme. It is true that there are those who found online success, given they are connected to legitimate sources, but they never made it that fast. The thing is, working online success doesnt happen in an instant. You dont get rich overnight. Achieving success in an online job is the same with any other career path; it takes a lot of time, a lot of work, and a whole lot of planning. Step one: The planning stage Theres no better way to plot your success than planning. The problem, however, is that some people are overtaken by their ideas that they tend to jump headlong without careful planning. Just a word: Dont skip step one. Take a time out to consider your motivations and the involved risks. If you take a look at the most successful online ventureswhether a job or a businessyou will see that meticulous planning was part of the whole process. So how do you begin? You must first identify why you want to work online. Is it because you want to have additional income? Is it to replace a 9-to-5 job? Is it to gain employment freedom? Whatever your reason is, make sure it is justifiable and is not just a whim of the moment. Nailing down early on the reason for working online will also help you get motivated when the work seems overwhelming. It will help you stay focused and driven. Set your goals. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go? How do you intend to get there? Write down both your short- and long-term goals. There are times, however, that you tend to draw more big goals than small ones, which can sometimes be quite unrealistic. Its okay to have big goals, but make sure they are achievable. Then find out ways to reach those goals. The online community, which of course has become almost like a global community, offers a lot of varied opportunities. You can choose to put up your own online business and start selling, or you can maintain a blog and earn from advertisers. Numerous companies are also hiring online workers as web content writer, proofreader, tutor, among many other things. Of course, what you should consider are the opportunities that allow you to do what you enjoy doing. Dont just fall for those that promise quick and big cash because most likely you will feel like leaving them as soon as you feel exhausted. And doing that brings you

nowhere near your goal. Do a thorough research. Once you have identified the right opportunity, find out what is expected of you, how you can actually generate money, the necessary adjustments, the risks, and the potential income. Many failed to do this and in the end were deceived by online job scams that promised the world but delivered not even a pebble. Step two and onwards As you know, having the grandest plans alone wont bring you working online success. It can only set the stage for you, and all the rest depends on your hard work. When you work, remember to double all the time and effort you put in planning when you are already in your actual working stage. If you do, success is inevitable. Keep The Following In Mind When Setting Up And Working For An Online Business The number of online job opportunities is growing exponentially. Some people, in fact, get a great chunk of their income from doing online jobs. However, not all online jobs can deliver their promise of big salaries and rewards. Worse, some are scams. But there are more online opportunities aside from online jobs. Starting an online business is one. Working for an online businessyours of courseis a good way to earn money while enjoying your independence. The advantages Starting your online business means you work for yourself. And because you are your own boss, you set your own work schedule, you dont answer to anyone, and you most likely determine your own success. Your promotion and raise are not in someone elses hands, but in yours. In other words, you control your own pace. An online business is also the easiest avenue for you to start the business venture you have been brewing in your mind, as it is much easier to fund than to put up a brick and mortar business at once. You dont have to rent a space, hire regular staff, or pay for utility bills; you only need to have a decent computer and Internet connection. So if, for instance, the business you are interested in requires huge start-up capital, you can first try it out as an online business and expand it once you have established its presence and credibility. Because an online business can be run anytime and anywhere, it gives you some kind of flexibility. Respond to queries while taking a break in some off-map island. And do inventories way past the regular working hours. You can control your time, work any time you want to, and take a vacation if you see it fit. Create the heart of the business Setting up an online business, however, is not as easy as you would have wanted to. You need to do comprehensive researches, careful planning, and critical decision-making. And the first thing you have to decide on is the type of business you want to put up and the product or service you are going to offer. Only then can you create the heart of your online businessthe website.

Following are the things you need to consider when making a website. Study them well and see how you can work them out. 1. Domain name. A good domain name is one that is strongly associated to the offered product or service. It should be short, has good recall, and easy to read. Though it should be unique, the domain name shouldnt have complicated spelling. Its also important to make as many versions as you can in case your first choice has already been taken. For a few dollars, have your domain name registered. 2. Web host. Having a web host would cost only a few dollars. Though you have the option to host your website using free blog sites, paying for a web host gives your business a professional and credible appeal. Only make sure to get a first-rate web host to ensure that your website is always functional. 3. Web design and layout. The overall web design and layout should reflect the nature of your business and your product or service. It should be easy to browse and easy on the eyes. Since the general look of your website can also draw or fend off visitors, you have to be very meticulous with the design and layout. Remember that without visitors, working for an online business isnt possible. Lastly But Most Important - Working Online Scams And How To Spot Them There is always the possibility of scams in almost any kind of job, yet, it seems that online jobs are easier to scam these days. If you are vulnerable, you will easily fall for their promises, rewards, and easy hiring procedure, which all turn out to be empty. The presence of these online job scams, unfortunately, makes finding the real jobs rather hard. This is because scammers have defined more sophisticated schemes to make their phony online jobs appear legitimate. And usually, you only find that out come payment time. So how do you avoid such working online scams? How can you tell an online job is genuine or is a mere scam? Here are some of the warning signs of online job scams. If you spot any of them in your potential job, trash it. You might be looking at a scam. 1. Asks for money. If a potential employer charges fees for more job and company information, start-up kit, training, software, or hiring you, it is most likely a scam. In the first place, you are not supposed to give money to an employer; its the other way around. 2. Describes itself as legitimate. If what is said about a job is more on its legitimacy but less on the company, pay, nature, and other important details, beware. This is probably just one of the marketing strategies.

3. Promises big and quick cash. Forget the job that says, Get rich quick. Earn $1000 weekly. Or anything of that sort. The truth is, no job can promise you fast financial success. It takes time. It takes hard labor. Such claims are typical to scams. 4. Requires no experience or skill at all. A real job needs to be done by qualified individuals. If an employer says there is little effort on your part, forget it. A legitimate employer wouldnt entrust an important job to unreliable people. It would be a waste of their money. 5. Comes from an unsolicited email. A job posting you know you havent applied to and which appears in an unsolicited email message is most often a scam. Coming from an unsolicited email message, in itself, is quite suspicious. 6. Has a questionable website. A legitimate company normally provides complete contact details in its website. The absence of which might be an indicative it is a scam. If it also tells less about the company history, nature, and what it stands for, be careful. What to do: The rule of thumb when looking for legitimate online jobs is to do a thorough research. If you find a company rather dubious, look it up in the web by typing the company name and the word scam in the search box. The search results can tell you whether a company is reputable. You can also contact the employer. Ask for important details about the job such as the salary, mode of payment, and other job details not mentioned in the ad post. If the response is somewhat shady, you may want to skip that job out. An employer can tell all the job details upfront if it is legitimate. To be more assured of the legitimacy of the job, you can ask for a list of references. It should include the companys employees and contractors. Inquire from them how it is working for the company. Their responses should help you determine whether a job is a scam. Remember, you need to be very careful and decisive when taking on a potential job, as working online scams are growing in number.

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