Gamma brain waves are considered to be r elatively new in brainwaves research.

This class of brainwave oscillates at a ra te of over forty times per second. It is the highest basic brainwave range that has been studied in humans. Typically this wave is not entrained or used in neur ofeedback practices, but it definitely can be. It has been shown that this parti cular brainwave is useful for focus and concentration. That means people hoping to get into a state of "peak performance" will be able to benefit by increasing the amount of gamma waves that cycle through th eir brains. How can you increase the amount of overall gamma activity? There are a couple of things that you can do in order to access the gamma state. The firs t way to get yourself into this brainwave state is to practice "concentration me ditation" as often as you can. Studies that were conducted on Buddhist monks in the state of Wisconsin showed that their brains were really different from the brains of other people b ecause they had a lot of gamma activity. The type of meditation that they practi ced involved focused breathing. If you want to build up your gamma waves, you ca n simply sit with your eyes closed and clear your mind of all thoughts by focusi ng on your breathing pattern (i.e. in and out). It takes practice, discipline and dedication, but after awhile you are g oing to be feeling much happier and have a much easier time focusing. The reason that you will start feeling happier is because gamma brain waves are also linke d directly to feeling blissful. This means that if you meditate on a daily basis and are doing it properly, you are going to get the emotional result of happine ss. Getting into the peak performance state is also very easy to do when you practice this concentration style meditation. If meditation is just not somethi ng that you are able to do, you can pay money to go visit a neurofeedback specia list and he or she may be able to help you tweak your brainwaves so that you can experience gamma. There are more ways to increase your gamma patterns that scie ntists are just starting to learn about. If you want to maintain full brain stre ngth and brain power, then it would be a good idea to keep yourself updated with the emerging brain news and practices.

Learn more about gamma brain waves and o ther types of brainwaves that help your brain function.

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