Get Set for School® Language & Literacy: Observation Checklist

Directions: 1. Fill in child’s name. 2. Fill in observation date. 3. Mark child’s progress. 1. Listens Listens and responds to directions and questions 2. Engages Engages in conversations using sentences 3. Uses Uses words to express feelings and needs 4. Understands Understands important signs in our environment 5. Recognizes Recognizes parts of a book 6. Imitates Imitates reading books
(front cover, back cover, title, pictures, words) mark date mark date mark date mark date mark date mark date

(front to back, turns pages 1 by 1)

7. Recognizes mark Recognizes own name and/or names date of friends and family in print 8. Predicts mark Predicts what will happen next date in a story 9. Retells Retells a familiar story
(beginning, middle, end) mark date mark date mark date mark date

10. Tells Tells steps for a simple activity
(take a bath, make a sandwich)

Ch i

ld ’s


am e

11. Chooses Chooses books for areas of interest and uses specific vocabulary to talk about them 12. Uses Uses pictures and play writing to express words and ideas

Progress Marks — early, emerging growing meets expectation
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