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Official Tarak Itinerary

Official Tarak Itinerary

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Published by Patty R. Tarape

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Published by: Patty R. Tarape on Jan 07, 2012
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The trail is divided into two: a first part involves wide trails, at times dense grasslands ± which are

during summer months burned in kaingin. The typhoons in 2006 damaged sections of the trail, including one which now needs the assistance of a rope to be crossed. This first part takes three hours and ends in Papaya river ± a rest station and water source. Then the next part involves woodlands, steep trails in which you can hold on to branches and roots for support. After 90 minutes, you¶ll find yourself in Tarak Ridge. Set up camp here, then go for the optional assault on Mt. Tarak (El Saco and Tarak peaks). By the time you return, it¶s approaching dusk. The sunset is colorful and dramatic. Gusts of wind, coming from the South China Sea, pound hard on the Ridge, requiring extra pegs for tents at night. Inside your tent, you will feel aboard a sailboat, with the sails flapping noisily with the wind. This extra thrill makes Tarak Ridge a truly breathtaking and exciting destination. ITINERARY Day 1 0500 Board Genesis or Bataan Express bus lines to Balanga, Bataan (P120) 0800 ETA Balanga; take mini-bus to Brgy. Alas-asin (P40) 0930 ETA Alas-asin; register at Brgy. Hall (P20) 1000 Start trek 1300 ETA Papaya river; lunch 1330 Resume trek to woodlands 1500 ETA Tarak Ridge; set up camp 1530 Explore the summit (there is a mossy forest there) 1730 Back at the Ridge; await the sunset; prepare for dinner 2000 Lights out Day 2 0600 Breakfast; break camp 0700 Start descent 0730 ETA Papaya river 1000 Back at jump-off point. 1100 ETA Balanga via minibus.

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