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Mulberries and Figs

Moraceae what?
Commonly known as the Fig and Mulberry Family Moraceae Family , though, comprises a very diverse species can somehow be diagnosed according to the following general categories:

General Morphology
Habit -trees -shrubs -lianas -herbs

Traits and Lifestyle

-usually laticiferous or with colored juice -either resinous or not -perrenial -self supporting, epiphytic, or climbing -mesophytic

Leaf Morphology and Anatomy

Heterophyllous or not Evergreen Medium sized or Large Phyllotaxy: 1. Alternate a. spiral b. distichous 2. Opposite

Leaf Morphology and Anatomy

Either leathery or herbaceous Petiolate Non sheathing, Simple, Epulvintae Lamina : 1. Dissected a. Pinnatifid b. Palmatifid 2. Dissected

Leaf Morphology and Anatomy

Leaves variously stipulate 1. Intrapetiolar 2. Interpetiolar 3. Free 4. Concrescent(or not) 5. Ochreate(or not) 6. Minute 7. Cauducous 8. Persistent Leaves without a persistent basal meristem Domatia occur in two genera, manifested as air pockets, or hair tufts Hydathodes occasionally present Mucilaginous epidermis (may or may not be present)