Wa Ode Sari Budiarti (D1B504038) Legume Nodulation Albizia splendens Miq inoculated with Local Arbuscular Mychorriza Fungi of South East Sulawesi. Under supervising of La Ode Alimuddin, S.P.,M.Si as first supervisor and Faisal Danu Tuheteru, S.Hut., M.Si as co-supervisor. Albizia splendens Miq is one of legume trees which have highly economical value. It can be used as ground coverage vegetation and also as nitrogen resource for natural balance. Most of legume can be associated with FMA. FMA as natural fertilizer gives many benefit such as mineral absorption from the soil especially P and water, nodulation process, and nitrogen fixation. One of the role of FMA in nodulation and nitrogen fixation is improving P absorption needed by Rhizobia in nitrogen fixation. Legume nodulation has a vital role in nitrogen fixation by rhyzobia since rhyzobia can only be able to fixate nitrogen on the atmosphere if it is in the nodule of host plant. Nodule can help to release nitrogen in soil, therefore nitrogen addition can exist which is able to increase fertile of the soil. This study is aimed to investigate the nodulation process on A. splendens Miq. which is inoculated with Local Arbuscular Mychorriza Fungi of South East Sulawesi. This study is conducted in Rumah Plastik at Laboratory of Forestry Department, Agricultural Faculty of Haluoleo University, Kendari. Design of this study was based on Rancangan Acak Lengkap (Complete Random Design) in factorial pattern which consisted of one factor of 2 level : control (without FMA inoculation) (A) and mixture of Glomus sp. 1, Glomus sp.2, Acaulospora sp.1, and Acaulospora sp.2 (B). The result of the study showed that it gave real effect towards all the variables observed. The application of FMA could increase plant growth, biomass, and nodulation process on Albizia splendens Miq. Inoculation of 10 gr/polybag FMA increased by 126, 36% of nodule number and 129,41% of effective nodule percentage on 12 MST compare with the control. There was colonization of FMA both on the plant inoculated with FMA and plant without FMA inoculation (control). It was supposed to be the effect of mychorriza¶s availability in nature which is easy to spread through water, organism in soil and soil dust brought by the wind. Key term: nodulation, Albizia splendens Miq., Arbuscula Mychorrizal Fungi.