Restraint News Network Owner Paul F Onyango would like to announce Restraint News Network is a One-Man Show

that is Global and based in TownHouse Ten Millenium Villas, Riverside Drive. I preside over all my affairs and linked to the Global Financial Repository System. Maybe GFRS perhaps? Paul F Onyango is President Emeritus of GSMArena and the Chairman of Pandora. The War must not be dodged. Which War? Any Global War? Yes. What’s the Recruit? The Last Dodger first. We aint gone die for you. Are you dirt broke with no warmth? A Scrounger not a Producer? Enlist the next worst Scrounger and the next worse Scrounger, like that femme or male optionoppositegender couples so professionally sacrosanct. A Global War is adopted just like that. It is forced. And when it’s over in an evolving Earth we are all better for it. World War Four has began. Let that Penultimate Scrounger get to Barracks. Restraint News Network RNN. &#

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