A Beacon of Hope

y A Home for the Orphaned and y y y y y

needy destitutes Estd: 28th Sept 1996 Close to Maharashtra Border Located in tribal belt Education, discipline and Health Vocational and self help

Destitute home for Boys
y Home to 19 children y Orphan / destitute boys y 8-18 yrs Age group y Schooling at Saraswathi Sishu

Mandir School

From Destitute to self reliance
y Children supported for self y y

y y

reliance Empowerment & Life skills Inculcate dignity of labour and self-reliance the children stayed with the local carpenter mechanic and such 5 different tradesman 10th class completed-9 5 children studying Intermediate in Warangal, Bodhan and Nizamabad.

Life Skills
y Imparting life skills y Personality development y Extra Curricular activities y Slum dwellers y Making a level playing field

Support the home Per child per year Sponsor education for child: Per day food expense: Sponsor for mangalnidhi: Rs 18,000/Rs 5,000/- p.a Rs 1,500/Rs. 15,000/-

Support the buiding construction Sponsor a room: Rs 2,11,000/Sponsor the place: Rs 6,00,000/-

Mail Your Contribution: Donation by personal check, payable to "Sewa International" and mail it to: Sewa International USA PO Box 14622 Fremont, CA 94539

y Sri Vivekananda Awasam y Bhainsa y Adilabad Dist, AP PIN 504103 y Mobile:94401 52454

e-mail: sewabharathi@gmail.com http://vivekanandaawasam.blogspot.com/ y http://www.sevabharathi.org

To donate in Indian Rupees, please send your contribution to: Sewa International 49, Deendayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi -110002 India Tel: +91 11 23232850 +91 11 23232850 +91 11 23232850 or 23684445 Email: sewainternationaldelhi {at] gmail (dot) com

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