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Alabama Tornado Relief

Alabama Tornado Relief

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Published by: Karena Bowers Morrison on Jan 07, 2012
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Florida Patriot - Convoy of Kindness Alabama Tornado Victim Relief May 2011 Pinellas Patriots, North Pinellas & Tampa 9-12 Projects gather supplies and caravan up to the Christian Service Mission in Birmingham, AL by Karena Morrison

It all started when I heard the reports of the tornados that were barreling through the parts of Alabama where many of my cousins reside. While waiting for word from family members, I knew that I had to do something... A few days later, Stephani Scruggs of the 9-12 Project developed an idea that the Florida Patriot groups could gather relief supplies and caravan up to the tornado victims in Alabama. In Pinellas County, there are MANY AMAZING Patriots that I’m honored to know as friends. After putting the word out that I would like to fill up my son’s truck and drive up to Birmingham with my daughters to deliver the donations that were gathered, the organizers of Pinellas Patriots made the announcement at their meeting. We organized a gathering place for patriots in Pinellas County to bring donations. Kathy Haddon offered to collect donations at her business and was very helpful in collecting money to help defray the cost of gas for the trip. Another patriot with connections to the local media put out the word about what we were wanting to accomplish. The next morning, the story was mentioned on a Tampa Bay area radio show. On the day of the collection, Kathy & I met at a mall parking lot in Clearwater, FL. We had also connected with Karen Jaroch of Tampa 9-12 Project, and she offered the use of a trailer for the donations that all of the patriot groups in the Tampa Bay area were collecting. Another great patriot, Bill Thomas (in picture), offered to help tow the trailer. Instead, Kathy & her husband offered the use of their truck and Bill followed my daughters and I up. While we were collecting and organizing the donations, several patriots came out to help and they brought more funds to cover the cost of gas for both vehicles. A few volunteers waved signs and passing cars pulled over and either donated money or asked what was needed and went to purchase the items at the store to add to the donations. At the end of the evening, we had completely packed one truck with food, drinks and two chain saws. The second truck was filled with toiletries, clothing, pet food, diapers and various items. We had also collected enough money to cover the cost of gas for both trucks.

Bill and I were directed to back up our trucks to the loading dock. The volunteers at the mission were amazing. The “dock master”.” So a lesson from a stranger for the teenage boys that had helped unload the truck with Florida license plates. I noticed there was a truck parked next to mine and the man that was loading it was getting ready to leave. water. It’s A Wonderful Life in America when neighbors reach out to help those less fortunate and when people choose to only accept what is needed to guarantee that everyone can be helped. “No thanks. The warehouse was very busy.. and we didn’t want to get in the way of the volunteers. and teams of volunteers were ready to help us unload. and for myself. AL. While preparing to leave. and directed a group of teenagers to help out. Terry encouraged the man to fill up his truck with more and told him that there was plenty for everyone. The man’s reply touched my heart. The parking lot across the street was packed with cars and the stream of people showing up to help was inspirational. “This is plenty for my family... They were a terrific group of kids (pictured below) and had the truck emptied in minutes.. so my daughters and I decided to continue on our journey to Mobile. and some other food items. saw that I had jumped into the back of my truck to hand the volunteers the supplies. “ he said.The trip began at 9:30pm on May 6th and after driving straight through to Birmingham.. Through all of the turmoil in Alabama. for my daughters that were watching from the cab of the truck. We delivered the monetary donations to the office and were greeted very warmly. we arrived at the Christian Service Mission at 8am on May 7th. It was only 1/3rd of the way full and contained things such as diapers. He got on his bullhorn. Terry.. Karena Morrison .

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