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Published by: Neha Jain on Jan 07, 2012
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A value is something that has worth or importance to an individual. It is moralistic in nature. It can be related to obedience, freedom, pleasure, self- respect, equality, punishment,etc.


It influences the individual¶s reaction and response situations.

to various

Ganesh Patidar


) As long as the level of satisfaction of needs is higher than the used resources ( staff. $. etc ). time.time . etc. $. Ganesh Patidar 2 . then the value is in the positive side.Satisfaction of Needs Value = -------------------------------------------Use of resources( Staff .

Value management framework Ganesh Patidar .

` ` ` Refers to belief that particulate end state of existance Socially worth striving.etc. freedom .g.etc. E.TYPES OF VALUES Instrumental values ` Terminal values ` Refer to single belief that a specific mode of conduct. Mean for reaching terminal values. courage. ` Ganesh Patidar . honesty. happiness. E.g.

skills development. The main aim of this technique is to the whole organization/ maximize the overall performance of department. promoting synergies and innovation. Ganesh Patidar .Value management Value Management (VM) is a management technique putting big emphases on employee motivation.

‡ Monitoring methods.  A strong focus on deliverables ³ maximizing innovative and practical outcomes´.WHAT-WHY« . and ‡ Controlling methods.Value Management technique  An awareness of value for the organization/ department. WHAT.  A strong focus on the objectives and targets .WHY. ‡ Setting up measures/an estimate of value.

Ganesh Patidar .

They need to develop the following values: Optimum utilization of resources Attitude towards workManagers have to develop the visionary perspective in their work. Work commitment VisionManagers have a long term vision. The visionary managers must be practical.VALUES FOR INDIAN MANAGERS Indian managers are moving away from the concept of values and ethics. dynamic and capable of translating dreams into reality. Ganesh Patidar .

high professional education and specialization. Professional efficiency and work disciplines are the conditions under which western managers perform. Western managers follows a proper code of conduct and work in the structured formal atmosphere with no place of modesty in their behavior.Values for western MANAGERS Western managers are highly professionals with excellent analysis power. Ganesh Patidar . Western managers value principles above its privilege and they consider this as the best strategy to win. They consider rules as sacred in their value system.

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