Vulcanus in Japan – Selection process

 Eligibility Check Applications are checked (by EU-Japan Centre’s staff), against * eligibility criteria (nationality, studies) * receipt of all compulsory documents (as listed in the application form).  Analysis of all internship offers Traineeships’ contents are analysed in terms of * expertise (field and level of studies) * language requirements * other profile requirements expressed by host companies

Every year:

About 1000 applicants

Pre-selection (shortlist) A. Eligible applications are evaluated (by the above-mentioned staff and experts) against available internships. B. Relevant applications (= matching with at least one of the available traineeships) are ranked according to academic results, relevant experience and personality / motivation of the student. !!! Minimum 9 members in the Selection Board !!! !!! No quota per country !!! !!! Maximum 4 students per traineeship offer !!!

About 120 applicants short-listed

Matching procedure (final selection) Two matching rounds will be organised with the Japanese host companies. Final decision taken by Japanese host companies.

30 students + 30 internships selected