A Little Gallery of M. C. Escher (For those interested in his litho prints and wood cut prints.





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.I wasn’t going to shrink this one. Some things just have no plane of dimension. thus. . Like the Relativity Print of everyone in the hall walking up a differently inclined staircase. the angle of the viewer must 172 . . . They aren’t wrong. . Wow! OhmiGod. because all planes are relative to the angle from which the image has been rendered and presented. only.

I’m only filling this page so I don’t have to add another picture and shrink this one. “What a Paradise! Here. have an apple! How bad could it be?” 173 .therefore be discontiguous.

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another of Escher’s famous Improbable Geometries. Note the use of Improbable rather than 185 .Again.

Perspective.Impossible. parallax shifting and vanishing points in space are the keys. 186 .

187 . Reflux.Another of Escher’s postulations: pay attention to the spirals (it’s easy to forget that any spiral flowing in one direction is actually unflowing in the other – Greek: Flux.) It almost puts one in mind of the Japanese painter. Hokusai.

for whatever reason. making people feel challenged and unsure of what they think they know – since too much of what we know in life has been set in stone by the preconceptions we absorb from others without even realising it. It might be a very different world if people would learn to act from their own instincts as determined by a child’s natural development and ways of learning from what they find. 188 . since names seldom are either invocative or evocative of the kind of emotional simulacra the act of studying them actually builds.Herendeth the lesson. As I said at the beginning of this document. misdirection. rather than by swallowing the lessons they are taught whereby. unease. It isn’t even about each picture’s NAME. it isn’t about my opinions. rather than investigated by first-hand information. or a message that hasn’t properly sunk in because it is doubtfully accepted from second-hand information. These have always been the weapons in the artist’s arsenal. sometimes someone hasn’t worded something helpfully – either by accident or design – and has passed over a mixed message.

no-one is truly ever really happy. Why is this? Because we are all travellers in time and space and dimension and plane. and that because energy is more volatile in temperament and motion than even time. but neither to sacrifice the attempt to understand a larger. because for some times when depressive tendencies engulf us. and gaseousness are all lost in a principle known as energy flow (Greek. like the expanding spiral of light and the Universe itself. there is more than enough fine details in any one part of a drawing to absorb the time of the most imaginatively challenged and anally retentive of students for a long time. The only distinction is that the layers of it that happen are so compressed and so fine in ever-decreasing scale. artists are legitimately very external. Space is infinite. And Escher is. we have to balance the needs of the natural and the synthetic. more all-encompassing view of the collective whole. How many of us have found ourselves in life. flux – flowing forwards. A word or a musical note can be heard and repeated in sequence. but no less micro-engineered. time is infinite. and then. and every single thing’s problems are actually a mirror of everything else’s. that in the end. the distinctions between solidity.From this point of view. If we were asked as artists and designers. In making images for years. The world is huge. Look at the perspectives and the landscapes. after the compression wave has dissipated. as demonstrated more properly by sound waves. and to understand the minute workings of all things. we’re unable to connect with the empathies and sympathies that we need to remind us that in their own ways. and reflux – flowing backwards. I suspect that many people have tried – possibly in vain. to come up with a new insect. the analytical and the artistic. but more transitory. unable to see past our own problems. But having been received. numbers are infinite. there is a greater form of beauty to be gleaned by looking as a bird or a cloud would look at things. no doubting it. liquidity. it is lost. then some really fine knowledge of micro-engineering would be required. a very good example of this. but also. rather than as a worm might look at them. the right KINDS of compression wave act with a Force known simply as 189 . and incredibly internal at the same time. the thinking and judging and the feeling and emoting. perhaps not. only time will tell for certain – not to ignore the fine details. the physical stuff it passes through is continuously destroyed and remade to help with the stipulations of housing and purposefully directing it. like the dissipation being spread through ever smaller and more refined layers.

as in winning by having the sharpest riposte and foil. this is also just another matter of fighting. We share many whimsical notions about form and the way perception plays around with what is really there. Which means that if they are worthy of it. Or the reflections of things in water almost being astral in their representation. of course. for me. because the separation or division between different minds cannot find a ground for argument in it except for deliberately creating a differing platform of opinion to be able to argue the toss from. not to be objective about the subjective. and those who think any of them crude haven’t understood the time and effort necessary in the original production methods to end up with the finalised prints. a potent platform for my own ideas. and knowing the softest spot at which to lunge and press an attack for an advantage! In this case. then its own rhetoric becomes a more Spiritual or Universal Common Sense. not solid. just by looking and making internal notes and evaluations? These works are all really fine and really good. sometimes the implicit mathematical order displayed through crystalline growth and the matrices of ‘crystal. because of the way the planes shift in the prism. anyway. and the ripples in the water represent how solid things would appear if their substance wasn’t truly solid and the ambient fields of energy flowing in the air around us would have as much influence on the reflected object’s evidently projected ‘self’ as the energy has – through such forces as wind and impact – on the amorphous substance of the water. but if something has inspired and taught us. which state that the higher ground is usually the better vantage-point to have (as Escher’s own landscape prints seem to demonstrate) and they who hesitate are lost. the sharpest blade is always the sharpest synapse that gets the most concise and quickest word in which can leave another feeling flummoxed. would make a planetoid parallax which would make it difficult to understand any shape being seen through it. But then. This is part of the reason why I’m not fit to comment too much on his work. ripping apart and rebuilding. Such reasons beyond such arguments are ultimately self-serving.stars’ for instance. But Escher remains. and never once managing to find a shred or grain of what we might call ‘common sense’ in any of it. some minds will analyse and re-analyse. what can I tell another’s perception that they haven’t already noticed as mine has. Besides. And. 190 . and in such cases it becomes ‘a wash’. to distort the space between the object being viewed through it and the prism.Resonance. and the only lessons such arguments need take their cues from the hierarchical pecking order.

Why? By being able to spline the dimensions so that another can understand implicitly and explicitly what they’re trying to depict. the counteracting force must apply within the spaces where the vortex isn’t. They aren’t the be-all and end-all which make it unnecessary to do any other work forever afterwards. to be able to offer as educated a reply – only the hope for originality and individuality should be ours. “oh. as long as the prevailing dynamic force is available 191 . Why? Because Nature abhors a vacuum. and the hidden explanations of contour and form are intact and relevant to the image. they instigate temporal conversations – or arguments. These people are to be respected and revered. I have to apologise to anyone I may be unaware of who may still be earning an income from the late. This is how any of us can take things out of the Dream-World (which is only the Communal Juxtaposition Point between the Manifest and the Unmanifest. because if the physical matter didn’t shackle it. What I hadn’t considered is the ramifications on what we term as ‘reality’ of such thoughts and ideas. This is all I’m going to say. great Mr. I’m skipping back to a point where I said that within any dynamic vortex that spirals outwards. all that matters is that the strands of the lessons their souls carry through our minds and hands have allowed us to properly depict the images our own minds have felt the need to seek expression of. so it’s up to us to take on board their perceptions and add them to our own life lessons. Escher. nothing is allowed to remain static. but I’m simply spreading around what he’s done – not for profit. like storms – and they have already given us the first word. but to help reconfigure people’s minds to different ways of thinking and perceiving things. it doesn’t matter if someone says. and dissipation through any one thing. the Potential and the Kinetic anyway. but not taken for granted or being complacent about. It doesn’t even matter if it exists or not as long as the balance of light and shadow and the feelings of flow and direction. Don’t forget. This linkage might actually help to clarify the idea that water reflection is a more accurate estimation of the reality of the dynamic properties of energy flow. where order and chaos converge and probability and improbability manage to pull a blind-fold over both possibility and impossibility.The three dimensional artist is a Mathematician First Grade and First Rate. and admired. so that our response is worthy of having studied them. swell. to enable the dynamic flow of energy spiralling outwards. and everything is seen and perceived from more than one angle at any given time. trees DO bend in the wind. that looks like a piece of work by so-and-so and so-forth”. the dynamic energy flows in the air would have MUCH more noticeable influence over it.

Again. and secretly gaining the riches of Imperial Japan by catching and eradicating any butterflies and sending back evidence of this – presumably not by carrier pigeon. The simplistic explanation of Chaos Theory. That spark is no different for a Sun than it is for a Star or a Comet. Time. or an individual organism as part of any divergently and widely linked system (such as us!). I actually started to write a comedy skit about this. states that a butterfly flapping its wings in New York can begin a swell of energy with a single wing-beat which is amplified across the atmosphere to rain hurricanes down on Japan. the energy has much flow and influence over the solid forms – whether they have realised this effect and influence or not – which depends on the measurability of any given reaction to any given antagonistic force which washes against it. through which all other waves have been unified. skills. I deliberately thought as perversely about the error of 192 . or attributes they possess – are all linked at the level of the subatomic or quantum. How is this? Because the Fifth Dimensional form is the Living Spirit of All Things since the first explosion of energy. The Secret Ninjas of Central Park. This also helps to give us a more clear understanding of something I believe Escher was hinting at through his art with regard to the processes of Evolution and Natural Selection. since this might well precipitate what they are trying to avoid – to keep their Natural Homeland safe. the sketch is called. as denoted in Darwin’s work. where some unwise fool of a ten-year old Emperor of Japan has disbanded the Samurai and sent them all to New York to earn daily incomes with their families as Japanese restaurants. or a Planet. We already have the inkling that all forms – no matter what gifts. and to any who doubt something’s validity in existence. properties. they only have to remember that Existence is ANYTHINGS validity for being here in this shared experience we call Life. This is a theorem that helps give ‘solid-weight’ or ‘resonance’ to such things as Chaos Theory. but divided by being divergently spread across the infinite and incalculable number of different forms spread across the Universe. Dimension (whatever words you want to use to adequately try to describe it). and the Forces we might justifiably call “Natriation” or Nutrition.and amassed against the seemingly immoveable object to alter its natural growth rhythms and move it. The Solid World of Living Forms is influenced by both the flows of energy and the flows of liquid passing through it. This is true because every individual unit exists as a complex balance of sub-systems of varying degrees according to mass and energy expenditure and absorption. therefore.

and each form that does this by design represents a different calculation and set of variable equations that have to be factored into the overall working. the more impossible – or improbable. because as soon as we get to the latter point. How? Because depending whether the analytical mind 193 . The amount of variable is too great and no system really could measure the effects of the spiralling forces of energy through them all simultaneously. but also that everything is Chaos because there are so many different forms on Earth.misunderstanding a complex theorem as baked into a barely sufficient nutshell as I could. so their souls are met and conjoined. Energy spread and dissipation can only be properly measured when calibrated equipment is sufficient to measure it. and positive or negative polarity acts similarly to the same effect. suddenly the subconscious flashes the warning up that the opposite side of any coin may also be applied at any given instant. This spiralling of dynamic forces in both the forward and the backward explains another phenomenon that humans are experiencing – and presumably animals must be experiencing as well – whereby they find it hard to articulate their feelings. how easy it is to forget that feeling the first tinges of an emotion and letting it flow through you aren’t the same as trying to analyse it and break it down. the facts of Evolution and Natural Selection have meant that so many forms have evolved which assimilate and dissimilate energy at so many different rates. that they might actually hate each other instead. as well – even though. whilst sometimes becoming so hard to divine in practice. because in applying the logical mind. at the very least – the task of predicting the outcome of any given indicator then becomes. I don’t believe that the literal interpretation was what the author of said theorem was actually talking about – although I haven’t read the Chaos Theory Codex for myself yet – and I suspect that the intimation implicit in the subtext is therefore that small energy dissipations can have large results. But then. and the more of these individuals there are. I’ve heard it said by some that they find some emotions troubling and confusing and hard to accurately pin down and express. as their bodies are met. Familiarity does this. I also believe this is why the Theory works so well as a hypothetical. the manifestation of this love often seems to be a point of numerous grating exchanges that seem to imply to the casual onlooker. the act of analysing and dividing factors in the things that make up the emotions have already had enough influence on them to change them. Its meaning has become a Chinese Whisper. So many married couples love each other so much that they are the other half of each other.

the reaction will be proportionate to the action – hopefully. the faster you approached the speed of light. the harder it gets to remember those things temporally located further back towards the beginning of our cycle. my mind churned up the more accurate estimation of the situation. on facebook. the harder the things we thoughts of as more ‘fixed’ when our system had less to deal with remain in our awareness sometimes. we call it dissonance or disharmony. When it isn’t. the more things our own mental systems are aware of. the more time passes. and the more things our mind has come into contact with and been filled with and sometimes concerned by. Agreement and Argument. to think. it wasn’t there. and Natural Selection within the argument or conversation is that which provokes new ways to exist. that was twenty years ago’. they become more ‘variable’ in Nature to our minds which are dealing with the energy vortex of more information. and Nature as hating things that remain the same. Two halves of the energetic Cosmic Conversation. then we know that these two forces coexist and work together. or reached a state of demise when coming to rest. Also. Instantly. and spurs on greater understanding of things in their context. which meant most Ambiguous Puzumas either died of acute ankle strain caused by chasing females who weren’t there anyway. People also tend to be driven – on occasion – by forces that are equivalent to Chaos Theory. which meant no-one ever saw one because. there was the problem of it becoming harder to know WHO you were and WHERE you were simultaneously. and others said they had to tag people before they forgot. Resonance and dissonance. to be. It’s another case of saying. some of my friends posted pictures and said ‘bloody hell. of course. I remember Terry Pratchett coining what he comically called “Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle”. just becoming aware of new things in the world doesn’t necessarily exclude anything that is already there unless we receive some conclusive report that can tell us otherwise. then the sound is the extensive part of the big bang that breaks apart Dark Matter to reorganise it as light spreads throughout the broken structures in tandem with rotary or spiralling forces to reorganise them into the Universe’s ‘Forms’. I was about to say light and sound. which is this. if they did. usually about a mile into the rubble of the mountain they ran into at near light speed! Chaos Theory rhetoric at its finest! 194 . The more variables a system contains the harder it is to see the resulting factors on any one independently. involving an animal called the Ambiguous Puzuma who could travel on the Disc’s Magic Field at near light-speed.has supplied a positive or negative energy force to something it’s been given to cogitate on. which was a seesawing loss of equilibrium. but for those of us who can accept the Universe as a Phoenix.

more power. The partial bits are important.My thanks to Escher for helping small and narrow-minded people like me grasp the concepts of the Over-Logic as divined in his Geometrical Practical Guides shown here. Don. More light. but more so is the whole. LOL. 195 . X.

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