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Atlas Copco 072010

Atlas Copco 072010

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Published by Frederic Salazar

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Published by: Frederic Salazar on Jan 07, 2012
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Brief Description: * Product Types: * Service News #: Model: * Part Description: Part #: Safety Issue: Response Required: Reason: * Parts Required: N/A

Status: Released
Atlas Copco Technical Service - LHD 06/24/2010

General Safety Issued By: Information LHD Loaders & Trucks Issue Date: * 100624-972 General N/A N/A No No

Replacement Part #: Replacement Part Description: Primary Use: Reimbursement:


General Safety Information For All LHD Products Tools Required: N/A

Text A mining machine has many components and implements that are controlled by a hydraulic system, either directly or indirectly. Before working on or inspecting any part of a mining machine, it is important that the individual knows how the components move and are controlled by the hydraulic system components including the respective control circuits. Before working on or inspecting any component, it must be physically constrained from any movement that could cause injury to the worker. The worker must be alert to not placing any part of his/her body where movement of a component could cause injury, unless that component is physically constrained from movement, if the hydraulic system fails, is disconnected, or is signaled to cause movement. It must also be recognized that there are occasions where component and or vehicle movement may react to the release of potential energy. Where applicable it must be confirmed that all measures are employed to ensure that any and all sources of potential energy are released and/ or physically restrained. It is also the responsibility of those involved to insure that all local, state and federal safety regulations are followed, prior to, and during any work or inspection. For More Information, Please Contact: Dale Harnish Technical Manager, LHD Phone: (303) 217-2817; Fax: (303) 217-2840 Cell: (303) 506-9983

5 EST-5B EST-6C EST-6CN EST-8A EST-8B FB-645 FB-650 HST-05 HST-1A LMTT-414S LST-5 LST-5-14X LST-5-25X LST-5S LST-5S-14X LST-5S-20X LST-5S-25X MM-400 MT-406 MT-408 MT-411-30 MT-413 MT-416 MT-420 MT-420B MT-420N MT-422 MT-425 MT-425 MT-426 MT-426-30 MT-426-42 MT-426B MT431 MT431B MT433 MT436 MT-436B MT-436BR MT-437 MT-439 MT-444 MTF-28 MT-2000 MT-2010 MT-5000 MT-5010 MT-5020 MT-6020 MTT-415-15 MTT-415S MTT-420-27A MTT-420-27B MTT-F17-145 MTT-F20-24 SST-2.5 ST-2 ST-2D ST-2DR ST-2DS ST-2G ST-2LS ST-3.3A ST-1.5Z ST-8 ST-8A ST-8B ST-8BR ST-8C ST-1000 ST-1010 ST-1020 ST-1030 ST-1500 ST-1520 ST-1530 ST-1800 ST-1810 ST-600LP ST-700 ST-710 UT-42 UT-45A UT-45AS UT-45B .5R ST-5A ST-5AS ST-5B ST-5C ST-5DS ST-5H ST-5R ST-6C ST-6CN ST-6CNR ST-6CR ST-6L ST-7 ST-7.3AS ST-1.List of Atlas Copco Wagner Models Applicable to Service News 100624-972 E-988B EST-05 EHST-1A EMT-422 EMT-439 EST-2D EST-3.5 ST-3.5 ST-13 ST-15Z ST-1.

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