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COMM470 / COMM 470 / Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Communication Consultants Presentation

COMM470 / COMM 470 / Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Communication Consultants Presentation


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COMM470 / COMM 470 / Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Communication Consultants Presentation
COMM470 / COMM 470 / Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Communication Consultants Presentation

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Published by: Number1Tutor on Jan 07, 2012
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To make a versatile and adaptable ecommerce business Consider the following:  User requirements and specific customer needs  Functional requirements  System requirements  Design Specifications .

 Build a secure and efficient ecommerce site  Based on the communications capabilities of social networking. focus and direction  Offer an excellent service to all customers  Provide a technology which consumers can trust  No unsecured networks  Secure and safe work platform or OS .  Gives structure.

Social Network Sites Facebook LinkedIn Twitter .

and events. messaging. . family.Facebook  Enhances the user experience online  Stay connected with friends.  Great marketing tool for all goods and services worldwide. acquaintances  Connect several people around the world  Uses several applications  Calendar of events.

 Build connections if jobs are available. .LinkedIn  Professional Networking site on the internet  75 million active Users.  Keep users informed on their industries.

Twitter  For Professional or Personal contacting purposes. or traffic.  Informs the public on weather.  Users are connected throughout the globe. . shopping.  Informs individuals on current issues or trends.

 Captchas and codes prevent hacking. Main concern – identity theft  Social media security apprehension among customers.  Training and policies for personnel regarding security.  Encryption – a great solution for security problems. .

 Add an HTTP authentication to browsers  Use tools like Security Scan plug-ins. Keep updated  Monitor and protect similar sites  Periodically change passwords  Clean or refresh all plug-ins. .

honesty and credibility is important  Otherwise customers will refrain buying your products  Social network sites has advertising methods that builds businesses  Consumers wants honesty in an advertisement  Helps consumers compare products . To maintain trust.

and search engines  These gives consumers an idea about product information  These allows businesses to know consumer comments . and integrity are essential  Consistency makes companies a potential leader  Timeliness in addressing concerns is important  Blogs. social media. Consistency. timeliness. profiles.

 Launch a new ecommerce unit  Create Mission and Vision Statement  Formal documents organized  Summaries and Plans .

 Competitor Analysis in the market  Pet Co  Pet Supplies  Great Dog  Pet Smart .

convenient locations and good service is what the Fashion Dogs should be. Fashion Dogs is can become the #1 shop  How?  Leveraging the Social Networking tools  Provide trust and security to customers  Increase the efficiency or effectiveness  Great products with great price. .

facebook.bytelaunch.php? Statistics. 2010)  (http:/​/​www. (http:/​/​en. 2010)  (http:/​/​twitter. from http://www. Ethical Issues in Advertising with Social Media Marketing Retrieved September 2. 2010)  Craig. August 24.com/bytelaunchblog/misc/ethical-issues-in-advertising-with-social- . (2010.com/​about. M. 2010)  (http:/​/​www.linkedin.com/​. August 25. August 25.com/​?ref=home#! /​Press/​info. August 25.wikipedia. 2010.org/​wiki/​Social media. February 2).

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