Second Sunday after Epiphany (1891

John 2:1-11 God has so graciously provided for us and for our welfare in this life by the very foundation of holy matrimony, so we certainly cannot do without married people and good friends. Happy are families who have good friends and faithful neighbors. But these human friendships are uncertain and helpless and not sufficient. Married people still need stronger and more faithful friends. Happy are they who have such a thing that they never neglect, never abandon. Our Gospel shows us who these are. Jesus Christ, the true Friend of Christian married people; Let me show you, 1. how certain this is; which we see from the fact, a. that He follows the invitation to the wedding, b. that He takes care of the wedding guests (here at this wedding, He took care of something that was only for joy, how much more will He care for what we need of necessity?), 2. in addition, why this should excite all married people; a. that they were eager to have and to keep Christ as friend; that they therefore . invite the Lord and pray that He would be graciously present with them, . always walk as in His presence; b. that they confidently trust in Him in all need. G.