Second Sunday after Epiphany (1905

John 2:1-11 I. The Lord Jesus reveals His glory at the wedding at Cana. He has there proved to be the right helper and bringer of joy, Who sanctifies all joys of His children, banishes all their worries and makes an end of all their distress. But He has not only done this back then, He still does this today with all married couples who invite Him as a guest, i.e., who begin their marital estate in His name and continue, etc. How does the Lord Jesus still today reveal His glory in Christian marriage? 1. Not that He keeps the couple from all adversity, but rather that He transforms their sorrow into joy. 2. Not that he saves them by faith, but rather that He teaches them to remember the Word. 3. Not that he helps at the hour they mean, but rather that he teaches them to wait patiently for His hour. II. O blessed home where one includes You, You true Friend of Souls, Lord Jesus Christ! 1. Because You sanctify all joys of Your children. 2. Because You drive away all worries that frighten Your people. 3. Because you make an end to all adversity. J.A.F.

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