Preschool Centers Book Area -Books -Pillows -Stuffed animals Block Area -Wooden blocks of various sizes -Foam

blocks -Play tools -Plastic animals Train Table -Train set -Legos Math Center -Magnetic Numbers -Tactile Numbers - Junk Boxes -Theme activities Letter Center -Magnetic letters -Tactile letters -Wikki sticks, play doh, etc. to make letters -Lakeshore letter sounds tubs -Letter puzzles -Theme activities Art Area -Art and writing supplies Puzzle Center -Puzzles Table Toy Area -Manipulatives -Games -Misc. toys (View Master, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, etc.) Discovery Center -Sensory table Pretend Area -Play kitchen, food, dishes -Baby dolls -Dress up clothes *Prop box changed with themes Fine Motor -Fine Motor Activties Computer Area -Computer games -Story books on DVD

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