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Junior Recount

Junior Recount


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Published by sharpjacqui
This is a presentation I use with Junior children to explain how to write a recount
This is a presentation I use with Junior children to explain how to write a recount

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Published by: sharpjacqui on Nov 05, 2008
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Tell a story

Write in first person

Write in third person

• • • •

I Me We My

• She • Her • He • His

• Their • Him • Them • They

Write mainly in the past tense
Add ‘ed’ to most words to make them past tense


Mum Dad Sister Brother Teacher Friend Aunty Uncle Cousin Policeman Fireman Next door neighbour

Yesterday Last week Last night An hour ago Last year At 2.30 pm…

Home School Playground Supermarket Rainbows End The Town Centre The school field

Birthday Special day or event Wedding Holiday Christmas Easter Ceremonies

What was happening?

• What happened first?
We got on the bus. We arrived at the zoo.

• What happened next?

• What happened last?

We saw the giraffes.

Connecting words
• • • • • • • • • • • • A few minutes later Meanwhile Afterwards Then Next Finally After that First When Later The next day After

Awesome adjectives
The dog ran after me. The ferocious dog ran after me.
Pleasant Delicious Tender Lovely Gentle Special Sweet Cute Kind Fine Excellent Brilliant Outstanding Tremendous Okay Terrific Dazzling Marvellous Amazing Incredible Great Awful Terrible Dreadful Shocking Ghastly Horrific Unpleasant Poor Frightening Horrifying Horrible Great Wonderful Awesome Fantastic Brilliant Depressing Miserable Unhappy Dejected Gloomy

Instead of said
• • • • • • • • • • • Whimpered Interrupted Sobbed Mumbled Squealed Asked Explained Objected Warned Continued Pleaded • • • • • • • • • • • Screamed Whispered Shouted Yelled Roared Stammered Bellowed Exclaimed Laughed Answered Replied • • • • • • • • • • • Told Teased Added Raved Gasped Yelled Demanded Responded Muttered Admitted Moaned

The End
• What was the last thing that happened? • How did it finish?

Self Assessment
I have written in first person by using words like I, me, we, you, she, he, I have written in third person by using words like them, they, him, their, she, her, his I have written mainly in the past tense using words was, were, saw or words that end in ‘ed’ I have written an introduction that has told the reader ‘who, when, why and where” I have written all the events in order of time that they happened in I have used interesting adjectives to create a picture for the reader I have used strong verbs to describe what happened in the story like scream, plead, shout etc I have described the feelings of the person telling the story I have written a conclusion that says how the writer feels, how things went and have mentioned something that might happen later

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