Strategic HRM

³The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.´ Michael Porter

SHRM Evolving Discipline. .

.Processes People Policies ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS Linking Strategy with Human Resources.

OpenSourc ing yLinux ySkype Linking Strategy with Processes«. .

³We Replace «We don¶t Repair´ .Reflections of Strategic policy in Recruiting Practice««.

Globalization Globally Rooted Businesses« .

Diversity Strategic HRM to Handle Diversity in Workforce and Business .

Reflected in Compensation Practice Strategy Reflections«« .

´ Winston Churchill y THE USB MAN . ³However beautiful the strategy.y People are not detachable units which function when µplugged¶ in««. you should occasionally look at the results..

µPtydepe¶ The scientific Language to replace the µnatural¶ subjective language .