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Globally, the local retail segment constitutes a large part of radio's advertising income. As per
the CII-KPMG report, while local advertising contributes 70% of radio revenues in the United
States of America, in India, the share of local advertising is only about 8% of radio revenues.
Ideally, a localized medium like radio can be effectively used for local-level promotions apart
from being bundled as part of cross-media promotion strategies. Thus there is huge potential for
the radio industry to benefit from an expected increase in the share of local advertisements.

Phase III policy

It is expected that after the completion of Phase II Policy, the Government will open up as many
as 700 channels in the Phase III as per some media reports. This phase will witness licenses
being awarded in smaller towns. This could result in radio getting a larger share of the
advertising spends.
Though the radio industry has many growth drivers, there are various risk factors also that could
derail the growth of the radio industry. In the next article, we shall outline the risks to the growth
of the radio industry.

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