Environmental  Project:  Digital  Poster  Project  

Brainstorming  a  Scoring  Rubric  
  Area  of  Review     Science  Content     Meeting  Expectations     • The  digital  poster   connects  closely  to   the  topic  and  the   essay.     • The  poster  teaches   the  reader  about   the  topic.   • The  poster  has   correct  scientific   information     • Not  Meeting  Expectations     • The  poster  does   not  necessarily   partner  up  with  the   essay   • The  poster  gives   little  new   information  about   the  topic   • The  poster  has   some  incorrect   science   information   The  colors  match   • Colors  clash  with   each  other  (don’t   each  other,  making   clash)   the  design  a   distraction   The  use  of  stickers   and  images  and   • Images  and  other   other  items   items  seem   represent  the   random,  and  don’t   theme  of  the  poster   have  connection  to   the  theme  of  the   The  layout  of  the   poster   poster  makes  sense   and  is  not   • The  layout  is   confusing  to  the   confusing   reader   Videos  and  images   • Some  videos  and   support  the  text  of   images  seem   the  poster   random  and  don’t   have  real   connection  to  the   topic  of  the  project  

  Design  Elements    

  MultiMedia  Elements    


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