Raju's Punishment

Raju was a good boy. He was very good at his studies. His handwriting was also neat and clean. But he wanted to have a good pen as his old pen was not working properly. He spoke to his mother about it. His mother said, “Yes my son, I know you need a good pen, but we do not have enough money to buy a new one.” Raju said, “Well, I am definitely going to get a new pen. Kanu has a nice pen. Manu has a nice pen, too. I am the only one without a good pen." The next day, Raju stole a pen from Kanu’s bag. He took it home and showed it to his mother. His mother was very proud of him. She said, “Raju, my son, you are so clever.” Instead of scolding her son, Raju's mother praised him. So Raju felt that there was nothing wrong in stealing. In the course of time, stealing became a regular habit with Raju. Often, Raju would be caught red-handed while stealing. People complained to his mother, but Raju's mother would always take her son's side and defend him. “My Raju is not a thief. He is a good boy,” she would say. Time passed and Raju grew up. Now he began to commit big thefts. One day, he broke into a bungalow and stole some gold, jewellery and cash. But while Raju was trying to escape, the master of the house woke up and caught him. There was a scuffle between the two. The police arrived and arrested Raju. The case was tried in the court. Finally, the judge found him guilty and sent him to jail. Raju's mother went to the jail to see him. She was crying loudly. Raju went near his mother, embraced her and pretended to say something into her ear. While doing so, he bit off her nose. The policemen immediately caught Raju and took him away from his mother. One of them asked Raju why he had bitten off his mother's nose. Raju said, “The person responsible for bringing me to this state is my own mother. When people caught me stealing, my mother, instead of punishing me, always supported me. She never stopped me from stealing. Instead, she encouraged me every time.”

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